Northern Passage Rock Climbing; Lake Huron

I am planning on doing some paddling in Lake Huron’s Northern Passage over the summer of 2024.
Is anyone familiar with any good sport climbing or bouldering on any of the Manitou Islands? Was hoping to find a crag above water.

Not a climber. There are cliffs at the cup and saucer trail but they aren’t on the water. Bruce Peninsula has them though, so do the Garden and Door peninsulas in MI and WI.

In the North Channel I highly recommend paddling the granite side over the limestone side, esp. Croker, Fox and the Benjamins out of McBean Harbour.

Great, thanks for the input!
I meant to say North Channel, not Northern Passage :sweat_smile:

I also came across this post which shows some images of rock climbing, but does not specify which island it is on exactly, but I’ll check out Croker, Fox and the Benjamins islands!