Northpoing Paddles GP - anyone used?

I was wondering if anyone has used these and how they compare with other wood GP options?

Today is the deadline for me to order with the Canoecopia sale price and free shipping and my wife was really pressing me for one at Canoecopia after she held one and got a little instruction on holding it and usage.

So, any feedback?

I couldn’t even find the word Northpoint in the search function for the last year.


P.S. personally, I’m looking at carbon two-piece options and Gearlab looks like a contender.


not used one…I make my own…sorry

His work is very pretty.

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How does
the end price {discount} compare to others {Lumpy paddles, Don Beal , Jill Ellis Paddles etc}?

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You also have a local producer of carbon Greenland paddles not that far from you in Wisconsin, Superior Kayaks {1,2 or 3 piece options}{Mark Rodgers}

Haven’t investigated end price, yet.
His GP is the only one that I’ve even held, other than a Mitchell of a friend that I used for about a half hour about 8 years ago and that one felt good.

I was very surprised to see only one vendor of GPs at Canoecopia, this year. A couple years ago, there were at least three and two of them were carbon.

The one thing that felt a bit odd to me was the significant oval shape of the loom, but I didn’t have any others available to compare different makers looms.

Pygmy is selling them with their kayaks on their website and they seem to really like them.

If you
…I think the person with the largest selection of Greenland paddles made by paddle makers all over the world is Christopher Crowhurst. If you were ever going to be in the area of the twin cities {Minneapolis/St Paul}He would be a good person to contact. Then you could try all the different cuts available…he has both wood and carbon.

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I’m Also leaning towards two-piece,
since I often switch between kayak paddle and short bent shaft canoe paddle and can’t fathom storing a one piece GP on the deck of my boat in a way that wouldn’t interfere with my paddles stroke.

You are going to be a Carbon type person …

Here is a list the Christopher made up

gives you an idea what is out there…things to study

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No idea about the guy making the wood GP’s but if you decide to get a carbon GP I would recommend Superior brand carbon paddle. I have a 2 piece and its 22 ounces. It has a solid bite in the water and the lendal 2 piece lock works great, solid as a one piece. BUT there not cheap.BUT the Gearlab ones are as heavy as most wood GP’s Plus for me there a little to skinny as I think the length i wanted is only 3.1 inch wide, I wanted at least 3.25 and the Superior are 3.5 which I really ended up liking even more than my wood GP at 3.25 wide at the tips. Oh My wood GP weighed in at 32.5 ounces which is right around what Gearlabs carbon ones are I believe.So if its not lighter why bother with carbon?

When I use my back up wood GP now it feels sooo heavy.

Superior looks best, but $250 more to
save 3oz. ($288 vs $550). That’s a lot of premium for 3oz.

Some wood GPs are nearly as expensive as the least expensive carbon 2 piece Gearlabs and my experience has been that my carbon canoe and euro kayak paddles are much more wear resistant and lower maintenance than my wood paddles.

Regarding weight, I would expect the swing weight of the hollow bladed Gearlab paddles to be less than that of laminated or solid cedar paddles, but I haven’t actually handled them side by side.

I appreciate your input and will review it more later.

I missed the Northern Lights two-piece carbon paddle that was in’s classifieds until yesterday or today.

Thanks again.

now that was just cruel
But that hangs it. This may be the year I finally bite on a Superior 2 piece.

7 ounces
Just checked gear lab website they say 820 grams + or - 20 grams at 820 that’s 28.92 ounces compare to 22 ounces. 7 ounces is ALOT. Look at regular Werner paddles 7 ounce difference can change the price hugely. Just want to make sure the correct facts are out there. No affiliation to superior paddles.

Now my wood paddle at about a 213 cm length with 3.25 width at tip is 32.5 ounces so Gerlabs is only 3.5 ounce less than my wood plus gear labs are only 3.1 wide at my length. Just saying.

Superior says 26oz for 215cm.
That’s what’s posted on their website. Yours is lighter than what they publish.

So, a difference of 29oz - 26oz = 3oz according to published weights, which is all the average shopper has to go by.


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want to refresh your page....

advertized at 22 oz

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I was using this link

which I got from your first link

The new link looks much more impressive and consistent with Celia’s experience.

Thanks for the clarification. The website obviously hasn’t been kept up to date.

Is 22oz for one piece or two piece?
It’s not clear on the website.

my 2 piece is 22 ounces
My 2 piece is 22 ounces. When I hand it to people to try out they don’t even realize its a 2 piece paddle. I don’t usually take it apart.

So yes its about 7 ounces lighter than a gearlab model. Thats a BIG difference but there not cheap.

I had a Novorca before they went under and that paddle sucked compared to the Superior paddle I have now. Here is me with the paddle in the pool, except at end with pin pong paddle,

I used one almost exclusively last year. I put my 224cm on the scale and it only weighed about 28 onces as I recall. As someone else said it has a very light swingweight and being hollow is incredibly bouyant. Very pleased overall with workmanship and value. Superior’s looked awesome but,yikes, the price! Note: I have no connection or financial interest in GL.

NorthPoint Paddles

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