Oakley sunglasses

Wondering if anyone has experience with Oakley Straight Jackets with black iridium polarized lenses, and Fives 2.0 with grey polarized lenses?

Many thanks…


Ask coffee, He loves them, He says they good when you wear a Tilly hat, while relaxing in a Hennessey hammock!! L

i’ve had other oakleys with the polarized black iridium- it’s a nice lens. i’m sure you’d like them. one thought (and i’m not a “go to walmart and buy the cheapest thing you can find” kind of guy) is that oakley spends an enormous amount on advertising, which is reflected in their prices. i’ve found that you can get equally good high end lenses and glasses from bolle or julbo, often for far less. also check out sierra trading post- they have some incredible deals on “last years model” sunglasses from all high end makers.


Buy a strap
Regardless whether you buy an el-cheapo brand or a yuppie brand, invest a couple dollars more for a strap to retain them in case you flip or get ambushed by a bending tree limb.

Stay safe on the water

don’t forget Campmor
They have huge savings on closeout models of sunglasses.

Yuor making me turn red with laughter. You sound like some of Coffee’s friends with that kind of talk.

I use a strap and a float

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and have needed them fron time to time. For those who kayak in winter, two thin vertical strips glued on each side of a hood near the ear to hold the temple, and a loose retainer strap will hold the glasses to your hood. Thanks Lai Y.

Oakleys are nice if you have the bucks. I use Bolle's fron campmor. Good quality, great scratch resistance and a moderate price.

COFFEE!!! Attack time!
I agree with Swedge, this is an attack magnet. Or have we worn you out?

for the frugal buyer(Coffee), Walmart has a large selection of Fishing polarized glasses.

have not used those Oakleys,
But I use Oakleys exclusivly for Sunglasses and Reading Glasses frames.

Oakley is a great company to deal with and they stand behind there product. I Like em, I will always buy em.


Love my Julbo’s
I bought a pair of Julbo Aquila sun glasses (from France via web) and love them.

Great on the water and comfortable.

Worth checking out at http://www.julbo.fr/

I have some sort of Oakley jacket sunglasses, I forget which… I used to work across the street from Oakley Corporate in Orange Co., and they really are a great company to deal with. They twice changed my frames when broken without any question, and you can get replacement lenses for cheap as well.

I only buy Oakley, due to their quality and service.

Ya must be a newbie
Anyone that paddles alot knows that you buy the cheapest polarizing shades you can… Even with chums you lose them left and right in this sport.


Oakley and Native
I have Oakley’s I love on land (Square Metal 2.0).

Had some Oakley Zero’s that were super light and great on the water - but are now great in the water somewhere in the Atlantic. I have gone to cheaper shades.

I find so little differnece between polarized and non with the cheap ones that I gave up on finding cheap polarized - they’re mostly UGLY and uncomfortable. Maybe they help on calm water, but with even a little chop I really don’t see a difference. I’m watching traffic and surroundings more than looking into the water.

Next time I feel like spending big on shades for paddling - think I’ll try NATIVE. They are polarized - and vented - and come with 4 differnt lenses to cover different conditions:

Polarized (grey?): for superior glare reduction

Orange Crystal: 57% VLT for moderate to low light

Yellow Crystal: 80% VLT for low light.

Clear Crystal: 98% VLT for very low light to night time

well call me newbie, but
I have never lost a pair of sunglasses, and I am upside down and sideways a lot…


Buy Quality, You won’t regret it…

LMAO!!! My sentiments, exactly!!!
I like Oakleys. I even had a pair for about a week, till I lost the stinkin’ things! That is when I realized $120 for sunglasses… What the hell are people thinkin???

Paddle easy,


Hey now fellow frugilist!!!
Where did you get your glasses??? Hmmmm… LMAO!!

Paddle easy,


LOL… Not worn out… I haven’t been
online much lately… Spring preperation. Camping season opened up last month & after our first trip (beginning of March), I relized I needed to get my stuff prepped…


Paddle easy,



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Hey most of the time I agree with him *L* I too think some things are WAYYYYY over priced. I personally like my Wally world polarized fishing sunglasses. cost less then 15 bucks. But hey if you like Oakley’s get them what ever floats your boat so to speak!! *L* I was wondering if Coffee would read this *L* on a side note I am currently working with a person who is building a hanging deer skinner, after all the time and effort he has put into it, I showed him the one i got form cabalas. Mine was better and Cheaper! I don’t want to be the person who spends 10 bucks to save 5!!!

with the bucks I can save by NOT buying okleys, I can get a pair of NVG’s!!! Now that would be cool.