Ocean cockpit kayak list

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I'd just like to know how many kayaks there are out there that even have the ocean cockpit as an option. I know of the VCP Anas Acuta and Pintail, the Boreal Ellesmere, the Qaanaaq 512 and SS, and the new for '06 Outer Island. Any others? My boats are all open cockpit design or keyhole, both truth be told, they're wasted on me. I'd rather have the deck space for a map and paddle park than a knee slot that I don't use. Thanks in advance.


Update: If you're searching the archives and just want a raw list of boats with OCs, a condensed list is at the end of this thread.

Betsie Bay Kayaks…
although they are modified ocean (slightly larger than standard ocean) cockpits.

Right! Forgot BBKs.
I forgot to mention any wood/glass boats for that matter. I’d like to see those too.

CLC/Superior Kayaks Arctic Hawk kit
Perhaps not as small as a traditional SOF cockpit, but the standard AH cockpit is pretty small, and generally considered to be an “ocean cockpit”. There is a keyhole cockpit option for the kit, but I built mine with the standard cockpit, and it’s quite nice.


for wood boats…
The strip built Outer Island, the Sea Spirit, and I believe the North Bay all have ocean cockpits.

Stay Away From North Bay…
the complaints about its handling (extreme weathercocking) is overwhelming.

If you gonna do wood, Jim, go ahead a do a SOF. I think you’ll enjoy it.


yup although the severely modified ones
seem to have nice reviews. I’m referring to Bill Whitcomb’s modified North Bay (rolling machine) and Bobby Curtis’ own design inspired by the North Bay.

Those boats almost make me want to build a boat… almost. :slight_smile:

NDK Greenlander
The Nigel Dennis Kayaks Greenlander has an ocean cockpit. The Pro version has a keyhole.

can be ordered with one, and it use to come standard on them

When building a boat…
you can build any type of cockpit you choose. When I built the carbon/fiberglass cockpit coaming for my hybid Night Heron I built a keyhole cockpit based upon dimensions of my old Diamante and the Night Heron dimensions suggested by designer Nick Schade.


P&H Sirius
The Sirius used to although I can’t remember for sure if it still does or not. The first Sirius I paddled had the ocean cockpit and it was a nice fitting cockpit.

Ocean cockpits and rescue practice
While the subject is being discussed, I’m curious to hear from people that have ocean cockpits if it’s a problem to “cork screw” back into the cockpit during a “T” rescue? If I ever came out of the boat I would probably prefer a re-enter and roll but it’s good to have a few options.

(I’m in the process of building a boat and will need to make a decision on which type of cockpit to go with. Quick exits after landing in the surf is a nice advantage with the key hole cockpit, but it would be nice to have that extra deck space).


You’re Not Much Bigger Than Me…
Bob, I think the ocean cockpit should work for you. I have no problem getting out fairly quick on a surf landing. I too prefer reentry and roll and haven’t worked an assisted rescue in my ocean cockpit boats. I suspect that It would not be difficult. The caveate is to not use a backback, a foam backrest against the rear coaming is better. A lousy backband gets in the way even in bigger keyhole cockpits. In an ocean cockpit, it would really be a problem.


You say that you don’t want a keyhole

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But wait until you're trying to pop out of the kayak in a hurry after landing on a steep cobbled beach with surf. It is a perfect opportunity to watch friends with ocean cockpits struggle, then beach roll, and then get washed out to sea/lake while you deftly pull your kayak above the waterline.

lol, I love the beach roll!
I’ve become quite skilled at it. Actually the proper way to beach roll so that you don’t got pulled back out is to broach and side surf onto the beach, and then roll yourself (still in the kayak) to the high water mark. Sure you’ll have chunks of sand and gravel imbeded in the back of your head but dammit it’s ROLL OR DIE!

I’m a total clutz when getting out of an ocean cockpit in surf but I figure getting in and out is 1% of the time I’m in my kayak and I enjoy the ocean cockpit the other 99%. With that said my sea kayak has a keyhole and there’s a good chance my next boat will have a keyhole. I love the ocean cockpit but it isn’t a determining factor for me in regards to boats and I won’t pay significantly more for it.

not a problem

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corkscrewing into an ocean cockpit. I'm 6'3", and have a Pintail with an ocean cockpit That said, it's important to practice being rescued in an assisted manner.

I thought I had have a "bombproof" roll, but recently, in very heavy seas (6'-8' foot waves), I became exhausted and ill, could not reenter and roll, and had to be assisted on the rescue. No problem getting back into my ocean cockpit with assistance.

First ocean cockpit
I’ve never had a kayak with an ocean cockpit and my next addition is going to be a strip-built Outer-Island. I was going to put in a keyhole but Jay Babina told me to “act like an adult” and use the ocean cockpit so I am. I was wondering about rescues and surf landings so I appreciate the information. Thanks.

Ocean vs. Keyhole
I used to own a Nordkapp HM with an ocean cockpit. I got hammered several times while trying to egress after a surf landing. The worst time was on a rocky shoreline. With the keyhole cockpit in my NDK Explorer, I get just as good thigh contact as I did with the Nordkapp’s ocean cockpit, plus I can get out and start to pull the boat up in less than 5 seconds. At 6’2", it took me quite awhile to get out of the ocean cockpit. I doubt I would ever go back to it.

why would you let someone
else tell you what is comfortable?

I wouldn’t let you tell me what size pants to wear?

most people wind up happier with the ocean cockpit and since I’ve never tried one, I’m game. I can always make it bigger but I can’t make it smaller.