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We will be bring home this Border Collie mix in a couple weeks. I’m hoping to name her something nature/ wilderness related (after a park, river, trailhead etc) but totally blanking. Anyone have any creative dog names for a girl dog?

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P.nutters named our first Std Poodle puppy. Reina lived a happy , active life. She’s been gone awhile , but never forgotten. Her successor , also a Std is Lilly.IMG_20201111_125206339|666x500
We have some creative people here so I’m sure you will have some great suggestions for your new baby.
PS: Reina means Queen is a few languages.

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She looks like a Bella to me!

That puppy is adorable. I believe that it is recommended that a two syllable name helps with recognition/obedience (but as a coonhound owner I’ll say that obedience isn’t guaranteed). Reina seems like a perfect name. Or Eddy.

Reina would be proud to have a puppy named after her.
But she looks like Babe to me.

Let her earn her name, sort of pick it out after you get her by her personality or actions. My pets have picked out some strange names…

One cat named “Sony” was born in the Japanese Gardens.and was named Sony because I couldn’t spell Mitsubishi… :sunglasses:


That puppy is seriously adorable. I agree that pets can find their own names, and admit to finding a stray cat and naming her Schmoopy, since she actually answered to it (found the day after seeing the Seinfeld episode). I could call that puppy Schmoopy, although maybe not in front of people…


I like Shmoopy.

NOT Farfel.

Thanks everyone, lots of good stuff there! TomL I once heard coonhounds mainly listen to commands they can smell.
Glad Reina had a good happy life and sure Lilly is enjoying hers as well. We are of the thought that we would wait until she earned her name. But with the anticipation of her coming home it feels like we should have a name to refer to her by.
We also realized (or made the excuse cats and male dogs are easier to name). Mainly with cats you don’t have to worry about telling strangers their name…but who can resist calling a fuzzy little puppy Schmoopy.

I suggest a two syllable name with a first syllable that will stay the same regardless of how you cute up the last half.

Also something with a clearer set of starting pheonetics than Schmoopy, cute as that is, so she will be able to hear her name over the noise in a dog park. Or other distance.

? Bella (just a traditional Scot name), Carly (Carlsbad), Ellie(Roosevelt), Josie (Joshua Tree)?

My grandmother always said that pets and kids names need to pass the porch test. Ie You need to be able to yell it off the front porch without sounding like a idiot.

For a outdoors name my first though was Alum for Alum Cave in GSMNP

also Raven for Raven’s rock my favorite walk near where my parents live.

Though as others have said Bella looks like a solid choice

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Agree…I seem to invent names for our dogs that are not acceptable in polite company.

I wanted to name our coonhound Psycho because that’s the name she earned but my wife wouldn’t go along with it.

My favorite “yell off the front porch” name is Babaloo.

Willow or Lady (Evelyn).

I think it is best to live with a dog for awhile before committing to a name.
I like BCs a lot and have one named Ruby Begonia. I had one I named after the big lake Chelan. Place names can make great dog names.
I have had dogs for over 50 years with names like Poncho, Cisco, Blue, Snuffy, Chelan, Bonnie, Dewey, Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Boudreau, Monte, and Ruby Begonia.

I’ve had several pets named Dammit , esp during their chewing phases.


What a sweet little doglet you have there. Such a beautiful face.

Name after that famous river that starts in Minnesota and ends in the Gulf of Mexico:
Mrs. Yippee

Maybe we should have a thread for good dog stories.
We had just gotten Reina and were discussing names, among them Reina. I laid down on the floor and she jumped on my back and started chewing my ears. She thought she was in charge from a very early age.
It took awhile to convince her that she wasn’t the boss. Sort of. For her entire life, sometimes she would question my commands until she thought it over. She was a one in a lifetime dog.

That’s an adorable pup you have there… She’ll, no doubt be a paddling dog. How about something like Naiad?
" Naiad , (from Greek naiein, “to flow”), in Greek mythology , one of the nymphs of flowing water—springs, rivers, fountains, lakes. The Naiads , appropriately in their relation to freshwater, were represented as beautiful, lighthearted, and beneficent."
Perhaps there are particular Naiads whose names might appeal also.