Old town Discovery 174 vs Guide 147

Looking at two options for canoes, an older Old Town Discovery 174 and a little newer Guide 147. Both appear to be made out of the same Polylink material, the guide would be a little heavier I would assume. Will be mostly using it for lake/slower river fishing and overnight trips, sometimes solo but otherwise tandem with a dog. Does anyone have experience with both to have a recommendation on which would be the route to go with? Is there a big difference in how well they track or maneuverability? Thanks!

I have the OT Guide 147 and I started a thread of all the changes I have been making to it to be more of a solo canoe. First off both canoes have molded seats and normally people turn the boat around and paddle sitting backwards from the bow seat. These are not very comfortable doing that so I figured out a way to flip the seat around and move it 8” closer to center, then I added a new bench seat ahead of center. It worked ok but really needed weight in the front and I don’t know how big your dog is. It worked pretty good without weight unless there was wind and then it was a bear to keep on track. I then decided that where I made the bench was perfect if I paddled the proper direction again but that put the center thwart in my knee. I removed that thwart and added some new ones, lowered the bench and mounted a seat back on top. Kind of inspired by how the pack canoes are set up only a little wider and a little heavier. It is wonderful set up like this and tracks great, is very stable to the point I was able to stand and pole a little the other day. I wouldn’t want it any longer for just myself.

I bought it for 150 bucks and maybe have another 150 into it as I also added DIY air bag flotation and a few other things. So for the price it does everything I want fishing and floating and easy lake paddles.

Here is a link to where I’m at now. :canoe:

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