Orders through the Paddling.com store?

Hey there! I’m new to kayaking this summer and in my enthusiasm, ordered a bunch of swag from the paddling.com store on August 13, 2021. The website says items ship within a few days, however, i have not received a shipping notification, nor is anyone responding to my emails, phone calls, or messages to them on Instagram. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience?

Sorry I didn’t see your post till just now. Looks like the new owners aren’t paying attention if you’re still being ignored. Will try to get their attention so you can be helped. @VSAdmin

BTW I always had great customer service at the store before the site was sold. And welcome to the community!

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Thanks so much! Appreciate it! I had a feeling after I read that the site had been sold that it might be an issue of things falling through the cracks with the new owners. I’ll give it another couple of days before I dispute with my credit card company. I’d much prefer to just have the shirts!

Did you send email to
orders@paddling.com ?

I sure hope the new owners are paying attention. Got to wonder if they realized they also bought a store when they acquired the site.


I did. I also messaged them on their Instagram account, which appears active, and tried calling the phone number listed on the site - but it went straight to a message saying no one was available and you couldn’t leave a message.

I hope I’m wrong, but it appears VerticalScope has no interest in any of the sites it acquires, other than the income produced. The people they assigned to this group rarely visit or read the posts.

Before @brian sold to VS, I think he handled the shipping, etc. of the merchandise. I ordered several CDs and they arrived quickly. At this point I have no idea if any of the listed merchandise actually exists.

Was your credit card charged??? If so, by whom?

It was charged. The transaction posted on 8/16. (It was charged by “paddling.com”)
I think at this point I’ll just dispute the charge through my bank.

Absolutely dispute the charge. It’s unconscionable that you’re being ignored and haven’t had the courtesy of just a simple acknowledgment of your order.


Dispute has been submitted. Thanks so much for your help and guidance on this!
Any ideas where else I can purchase kayak loving shirts???

Hello @deirdrehamilton

The order ships tomorrow. All orders are still being fulfilled this delay was an error from transition to our systems.


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Thanks Jeff! Appreciate the update.

So glad this has been resolved. Enjoy your new shirts!

Thank you!

If I have to beg to buy I just cancel it.

Car forum on FB people gave huge dollars to people get jerked around forever. Jerked so long they have no Credit Card dispute left or they sent checks. I’m talking in the thousands even one guy out 10 grand plus. Multiple customers. I have little patience as I age. We’ll never had much anyway. Good luck!