OT-Suggestions for a large group meal

I have a multi day trip coming up and I would like to get some suggestions on what would make a good, easy to cook group meal for 9 people for one of the days. Will probably be cooking it over a two burner Coleman stove. It has got to be simple because I won’t be able to take much to cook it in and don’t have much for cooking skills.


For me
I would take care of my own meals. That way I can eat what I like and not have to deal with what others want. No matter what you cook not every one will like it. So why not just have people get what ever dehydrated food they want want and you just have to provide the boiling water. Not much space taken up either but that is just me.

These guys have been real good to me
on my trips up North and I would like to make a special meal on this next trip as a way of saying thanks.

mexican taco/burrito
One pot for black beans or kidney beans. Maybe add some salsa in to it. Frying pan for meat (sliced chicken or beef are two suggestions) and veggies (onions, peppers, maybe some squash if you have folks who prefer veggies to meat). You can get pre-marinated meat from some markets, or just squeeze some lime juice on chicken breasts and that could be a simple way. Have shredded cheese and salsa on the side. Also some rice (you can use boil in bag and prepare that before cooing the other items. And tortillas, of course.

Get good quality meat, veggies, and sides as a way to show your thanks.

Hey Ken,
with 9 folks going, won’t you be able to share stove and cooking pots? Would make sense to me.

Anyway, a simple meal could be made out of canned chicken breast (which is quite good), maybe some stove top stuffing dressed up with some dried cranberries and almond slices, and a veggie, maybe green beans, fresh or canned. Call it Thanksgiving dinner.

Simple and most folks should like it.

Where ya going?


Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers
We eat these on trips when we want a satisfying meal after a long day of backpacking or paddling, and they are surprisingly good. No refrigeration required, and no real cooking involved; just heat and eat, you can even heat the sealed packages in a pot of hot water, just flip a couple times to ensure even heating. There are three varieties, plus beans and rice side dishes. one pkg fills three good sized burritos, so one per person plus maybe a couple extra is enough. top with shredded cheese, salsa or hot sauce, sour cream etc. as desired.


best camp meal…not really
Appropriate amount of zatarans red beans and rice mixed with summer sausage, and chicken in the pouch. Serve with copious amounts of bourbon.

Or go with the thanksgiving meal above. That sounds like excellent camp food.

Ryan L.

spaghetti. Ragu doesn’t need
refridged.Great camping meal. Don’t forget the bread.

We will be sharing stoves & cookware
when needed. Most of use have single burner stoves and they are kind of hard to balance large pots on. That was why I mentioned using the Coleman stove.

Get Michael Gray’s Cookbook
Title is “Hey, I’d Eat This at Home!”. Michael is a paddling guide and first rate cook. His recipes come scaled for 2 to 12 folks. He has meat, vegetarian, and vegan dishes. You can get the book at his website: www.uncommonadv.com. Here is the quote from Nigel Foster on the cover: “Michael’s expeditions, camp-cooking demonstrations, and seminars at sea-kayaking symposia have become legendary.” I agree.

llama stew.

Fajitas !!!
take the meat, onions and peppers already cut up and frozen

Just need big tortillas, black beans in a can.

Really tasty after a big day on the water.

Fried Rice Need big pot or small batches
Rice can be pre-cooked and all seasonings ( black bean sauce, oyster sauce, lemon pepper, ginger powder, touch of sesame oil etc. ) … can be mixed together in a pack … Slice and cook 2 of those sweet Portuguese Sausages in your largest pot, and no drain, add veggies and 1/2 seasonings, quick stir and then drop in rice and quick stir while add rest of seasonings as needed … Final tweak with Fish sauce.

Do this for them later … : )

From Boy Scouts
We called it “Mulligan Stew”.

For 9 guys in the condition we’ll be in at Umbagog:

5 boxes of spiral or tubed pasta, boil until ready. Drain and add 10 can’s of a variety of canned soups (progresso canned soup is pretty good). cream of mushroom, tomato, beef soups, chicken soups…get creative.

Stir the soup/pasta mixture, continue heating a bit and stir regularly. Hearty, simple and a tasty meal!

Ferry service…I love it!


Troop 28, 1965

From the Girl Scouts

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Girl Scout stew:

Crumble and fry ground beef. When meat is browned, add canned minestrone (the kind with both beans and pasta in it). Simmer, stir, and serve! Improve by frying onions and peppers with the beef.

Banana splits for dessert:

Put banana on a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Slice banana longitudinally, with skin on--not the entire length but most of the middle. Carefully pry open the banana flesh, insert chocolate chips and marshmallow minis (and peanut butter if desired). Wrap the thing in the foil and heat on coals. Can also sprinkle in chopped nuts and shredded coconut after removing from coals.

I make a big pot of chili at home the night before a camping trip. If it is not the first night’s meal I freeze the chili.

Canned chili can work as well.

A meal to remember
Vent a can of Hormel chili and heat over coals.

Dump it in a bag of Fritos.

Eat with a side of sliced onion.

Fruit flavored Rolaids for desert.

Red Flannel Hash

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Cubed potatoes, corned beef (or other beef I guess) and onions. Add ketchup or hot sauce. You can get a lot of this stuff dehydrated now. Can add other vegies if you want to abandon the classic.

It was the first-evening meal for our scout group, the day we arrived on site. It cooked up fast, involved one pan over the fire and was a hearty reward for our little band. We were always the first in any gathering to have the tents/cabins up and a weekend of tinder, kindling and fuel stacked and ready to go. So we were ready to eat a house when that was done.

There may be ways to use tofu-based substitutes if needed.

Bannock and beans with whiskey.

or you can make some potatoes and onions cooked in tinfoil, mac and cheese, and sausages. Serve with copious amounts of Beano and bourbon, and enjoy the night.

Or just push them hard all day and serve them some crackers and they will think its a five star meal.