Ozark Spring Rendezvous 2023

I know it may be a bit early to talk about Rendezvous but wanted to see what everyone’s thought was on location and dates. I know we typically do the first weekend in May but I am going to try and take Arkansas Canoe Club’s whitewater clinic and that is the first weekend in May. Is there any objections moving the date to May 10 to May 14? And location, thoughts on that? Buffalo River, Current or North Fork of the White? I would love to do the Buffalo again but I’m open to whatever the group wants to do. Look forward to hearing some feedback from everyone.
Looking forward to spring and seeing everyone!
Stay warm!

Like others I was sad to hear about The Bob. I knew him.
About the Buff…this will be my 2nd trip down the Buff, but not with the group. My first trip was with the Houston Canoe Club group some 20+ years ago. We stayed at Kyles Landing as I recall. A good flat to camp on, a small store at the top of the hill with a fairly steep gravel road down to the flat. It was a multi-day trip to Gilbert which has cabins & a charming store with a pot belly stove for heat & the coffee pot. Things have probably changed a tad over the decades.
There are many other camping & take-out options from Ponca down river to…
May 10th is fine. Pray for water. But not to much. I’m good with any of the alternative rivers you suggested should conditions on the Buff not be good. - Snarv

I see no problem with the 10th-14th myself and whatever river offers the best water levels is fine by me. Spring anywhere in the Ozarks that isn’t flooding seems like a pleasant idea to me.

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The 10th thru the 14th would actually be better for me. We are open to whatever river everyone else prefers.

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I have never been to the Ozark Rendezvous but I plan on coming.

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I’ll try to make this one, I couldn’t make the fall event.

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The 10th to 14th would be good. I hope to be able to stop for a visit with my paddling friends on my way west to my son’s around that time. I won’t be paddling.



We typical stay at Ozark Campground and do day trips, as not everyone comes or goes on the same day. Hope to see you there.

We look forward to meeting you!

So it looks like the 10th to 14th of May it is. My vote is for the Buffalo! Hopefully others will chime in!

Has been a while since I have been on the spring rendezvous. May 10 -14 on the Buffalo would be fine. Last time I went the weather was stormy and we only got 1 paddle (5 miles)
don crask, owensboro ky

Yes, the weather did not treat us well the days you were there, Don. If I recall correctly, we had a few days of nice paddling after you left.

glad that you had better weather to paddle after I left. I remember seeing tornado damage as I headed back to Kentucky.