P&H Cetus ( weathercocking or broaching)

Looking at buying a new kayak for the spring. Would anyone know if the Cetus MV suffers from the same weathercocking & broaching issues that the Cetus has.


no broaching IME
I spent a couple hours in an MV surfing waves, and had no unusual problems with broaching.

I didn’t have it out in strong winds, so can’t speak to weathercocking.

Thanks for the input.

Depends on your weight
I had a chance to paddle the Cetus, the MV and the LV on the same day a couple of times each in gusty winds but mostly flat water. So I don’t know if they broach or not any more than other kayaks. But, the full sized Cetus clearly was more affected by the wind than the MV for my 185lb weight. The LV I think I was overloading a bit. So pick the right size for your load.

There were a couple of small boat wakes that I caught that day and did not observe anything unusual. I’d love to demo the MV for a longer period of time when my local shop gets one so I could make a more informed conclusion of it. But on during that demo day, the MV was my favorite boat on the lot, price not considered -;(

Thanks: Im 5.9 & 190lbs and I would like to be able to camping 2 - 5 days out of this kayak . Do you think the MV would be a good fit me or would I be best with the standard Cetus??

These are Expedition Boats
Being able to camp for a week in any of them should be very easy with lots of space. OTOH if you carry the kitchen sink, then maybe 2 to 5 days would be tight.

Camping for 2-5 days is more in the realm of a coastal touring boat like the Avocet or Romany.

I know two women who spend 6 days on the coast of Maine with all the bells and whistles and they used a F3 and a Cetus LV with room to spare.

other kayaks
I was also looking at the Chatham-18 (cruelty have Chatham-17 RM) & Impex force Cat-4???

For your size plus camping hear = no problem.

See you on the water,


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I know two women
I encountered those 2 women as they were packing up after camping on Crow. They had no problem stowing everything in those 2 boats :wink:

I’m 6’, 185 pounds and found the full size Cetus enormous. I also found it weathercocked in following and quartering seas more than I found desirable. The MV fit and felt better and did not seem to weathercock quite so easily.

The MV is certainly large enough to use for camping.

The Chatham 18 is an interesting boat. You should be certain to paddle one in conditions to see how its personality suits.

"full sized Cetus"
I wish P&H would jut rename their original Cetus to ‘Cetus HV’. It is is clearly a high volume boat and it would eliminate potential customer confusion in regard to the Cetus line.

Interesting enough I recently came across a P&H dealer who had done just that with their on-line listed boat inventory, even though P&H does not recognize the ‘HV’ moniker just yet.

It’s like drink sizes
You can’t buy a “small” drink any more. They start at regular large and extra large. P&H starts at regular then goes down to medium and small -:wink:

expedition boats
Point about expedition boats. You can’t very well expect an expedition boat, one that’s designed to carry alot of extra stuff to handle well when used as a day boat. They tend to need to be loaded to behave well.

If you want a day boat, buy a day boat. Or just live with the problems of using an expedition boat for a use it’s not intended for. There’s no such thing as a kayak that’ll do everything well. That’s why there are so many varied designs on the market.

Bill H.

I already have a Chatham 17 RM, and was looking for an expedition Kayak.

That Y I asked about the Chatham 18(this kayak has low volume) / Impex Cat-4 & P&H Cetus.

What do you think of these three kayaks???

Chatham 18 / Impex Cat-4 & P&H Cetus.
All three are good boats. All three will handle any conditions and haul as much gear as you are likely to need. Each has a somewhat different personality - that is that they behave a bit differently in various conditions. Each also has its own fit.

Paddle all three if you can. Get the one that feels best to you in the greatest array of conditions and load you are likely to encounter.

I’ve paddled each of the above and found each capable and likable enough - though I would not exchange my Aquanaut or Nordkapp LV for any of them - YMMV.

Valley Aquanaut or Nordkapp
Is the Valley Aquanaut & Nordkapp kayaks I should add to my list?? How do you rate the Aquanaut & Nordkapp to the other kayaks I have listed?? ( I do like to take some photos on occasion)

Valley boats

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I have 4 sea kayaks and have paddled dozens. There are many very good boats available. However IMHO, the aphorism "There's nothing like a Valley" holds true.

If you are looking for an expedition length boat that is highly capable and unsurpassed in confused seas and clapitos, an Aquanaut may be the ticket. I chose an Aquanaut as my primary 'do everything' boat in 2003 and it is still my 'go to' boat. You may ultimately choose another boat, but you should at least try an Aquanaut before you decide - especially if you plan on encountering challenging seas at any time. It might be worth scanning this thread for more feedback: http://www.paddling.net/message/showThread.html?fid=advice&tid=1338802

I love my Nordkapp LV. It is very quick and responsive and amazing running downwind and in following or rear quartering seas. It is stunningly fast moving through dimensional water. It is also the most neutral boat in beam winds of any boat I've paddled. It is not, however, a confidence inspiring boat. I am not a good enough paddler to have the Nordlow as my only boat. Even Douglas Wilcox has a Quest for some uses. Wilcox's review of the Nordkapp LV is the best I've read: http://seakayakphoto.blogspot.com/2007/01/valley-nordkapp-lv-test.html

Like Valley did…
The Argonaut preceded the Aquanaut and was marketed originally for the average or medium size paddler. When the Aquanaut was introduced in 2003 it was said to be the lower volume version of the Argonaut for smaller paddlers. Many of us ‘average’ size guys found the Aquanaut to be the right volume for us and the Argonaut too much volume. Valley recognized this and now the Argonaut is the Aquanaut HV…

thanks wilsoj2
Great review and a blog I’ll return to.

Impex Force 4 and Aquanaut
I have a Force 4 and love it. It probably holds as much cargo as any skegged 18 ft non-HV-style touring kayak. It has a fairly low profile and does great in wind. There’s nothing about it I don’t like. I am 5’11’’ and 170 lbs. It paddles fine both empty and when loaded with gear.

My wife has a RM Aquanaut, which I like equally well. It actually has a very similar feel. It also does great wind and waves. Again, there’s nothing about it I don’t like. (Except the seat which we replaced by a foam seat).

Either of these boats would be great for a long camping trip.