Packing for a week

Just curious should I fold or roll my pants before I put them in my dry bag. Well it’s not really a dry bag but a garbage bag.

Also should I just throw my cig butts directly in the river or just wait until I roll over and make it look like an accident? Same with the beer cans or should I fill them with water and just let them sink?

Thanks for the advice.

I hope you are a TROLL
If not you should not even be on the water with thoughts like that!!! Because you have a lot to learn.

Erl company CEO
Godda be…


Not at all. I’ve always rolled just to clean the canoe out.

Don’t gotta be …
This is just the way I roll.Are you saying that this isn’t the norm?

usually what I do
is just wear my pants.

And I leave the cigarette butts and beer cans on your mom’s nightstand before I leave.

mom’s dead
so that’s where those were coming from. You did know that she was in coma?

i think you should
stuff them. eat peanuts and put the butts in the old shells. the squirrels will bury them for you. don’t bring beer in cans hard to sink. bring bottle and smash them then they sink just fine. oh yah leave your empty bait container at the put in or take out whatever you feel is right. its too hot for pants i’ll put mine back on in november.

then what
will happen is the tobaaco will grow and we’ll have a real mess!

Real smokers . . .
. . . eat their butts. You make me feel less guilty about wishing smokers a lingering death from lung cancer something involving dying lyin’ in one’s own excrement.

sad thing
It’s a sad thing, but I suspect we have all run into paddlers, usually one or two in a group, that stink up the fresh air in the environment with their cigaretts, and then toss the butts in the water. Then there are the really “cool” ones that think they are so “manly” smoking a cigar. Get me away from them. The beer and soda cans are then sunk “to make a habitat for the minows”…and then there are those that toss the banana peels along the shore line because they are biodegradable and natural to begin with…and then there are those that paddle and never stop loudly running their mouths and then wonder and complain about the lack of wildlife. People wonder what makes paddlers go solo and risk their lives. Stress of paddling with jerks and the “can’t we just get along”, “go with the flow”, “people will be people”, “there is one in every crowd” forced acceptance mentality, makes it worth the risk. Some people “just don’t get it”.

That’s harsh
maybe you should seek counseling.

I’ll take
a cigarette smoking, loud mouth, beer drinking fool over running into a self righteous tree hugging envioromental eletist whack any day of the week. We can always clean up the mess made by the smoker and the smell goes away, but if you have you ever trailed a whack for a few hours you already know there’s no way you’re ever going to get rid of that smell.

Here is what I don’t get.
Are you not supposed to throw banana peels, apple cores, etc onto the ground? Won’t it compost and feed the surroundings? I have always done this, if it is wrong please educate me. Bill

Suppose to
throw them on the ground. Not too sure about the “suppose to” but it looks like shit for the next that comes along and pretty soon we may have a few species growing where they didn’t grow before.

Leave no trace.
Leaving remnants of food can also attract animals to areas that are frequented by humans; not usually a good thing for the animal.

Banana peels are not seeds
and in the US where could you grow bananas anyhow.

Composting isnt going to happen that fast. I have a compost pile that receives banana peels and it requires aeration, mixing, and attention.

As an experiment I just left a pumpkin on the ground to compare. The following year it was still recognizable as a very icky pumpkin.

Orange peels just turn to rocks if left on the ground.

You brought the entire fruit with you…now take out the leavings and put into your compost pile at home. Aerate, mix, feed and it will go away. Leaving on the ground…it wont.

Banana peels
aren’t seeds, ummmm I planted a banana peel the last time I was out canoeing and when I went back in six months to my surprise there was a monkey sitting there exactly in the same spot I planted the banana peel. Now are you going to tell me that this monkey just happened to come along or did he sprout from this banana peel?

Logic tells me that monkeys come from banana peels and I’m certainly not one to argue with logic.

I certainly don’t want monkeys messing up the eco and all so please just take the peels home or to the zoo.

I 'm not going to debate
with someone clearly suffering damage from heat stroke!

Go paddle…Upside down is best.

I left a banana peel in the swamp in Florida and an orange peel in the Edisto swamp years ago on a fire ant mound.I better go get them.