Paddle bags, how do you transport your paddle?

For my two piece carbon 220 cm Greenland paddle, I snagged a pink camo padded rifle case for $11 at a discount store. Works perfectly but probably would not fit most standard blade paddles.

You may might find cheaper options in bags for other sports and also at music stores. I have a padded “gig bag” for an electric bass guitar that was under $40 and would fit most paddles. Has to be for a bass guitar because a standard guitar case is only 40" (so it would only fit up to a 205 cm paddle). A bass guitar case is usually 47" which should fit up to a 230 cm 2-piece paddle.

For my one piece wood Greenland paddle I sewed a polar fleece “sock” for it.


I mostly use a laminated paddle of white ash, mahogany and walnut that I made 25 years ago. I put it in the back of my pick up. I use it for a cutting board, but it is one of my prized possessions

Pine, I made a kayak paddle for my son using the same materials. Heavy, tough, and pretty. Doesn’t get used.

I got some Cordura and sewed some paddle cases.

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I have a Seals quilted paddle bag for my Werner Cyprus and another Euro. Only use it to carry the Werner and the spare if I’m traveling some distance. Otherwise I’ll assemble the Werner at home using clean tap water and carry it in my car with my GP.

Life with a GP is much simpler, except for carrying it on my boat.

I head to the discount rack at a department store and buy the largest, cheapest sweatpants I can find and stitch the leg openings closed at the bottom by the ankles. Then each leg becomes perfect to slide a paddle shaft down (assuming 2-piece paddle) and the blades are protected by the body of the pants. Fold them over onto each other and it is the perfect, cheap, redneck engineering solution.

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Some people use cases for stoves, Dutch ovens and paddles. I just finished a 4 day trip with a great friend. He puts everything in a case and rolls up his pads and sleeping bags every morning. I have to wait for him for about 20 minutes each morning if we are traveling because I don’t do any of that stuff.

I built a storage box/shelf in the back of my truck, sized to hold my paddles. Paddles are very protected in there, and that is their permanent storage location as I have a locking cap. Can’t forget my paddles with this set up. Cheap Gunsleeve sock for the single, a better bag for the two piece paddle.

I suppose if your paddles are really high-end carbon-fiber protecting your investment would be prudent. Personally, they all just get chucked in the hatch of my car. That said, paddles are very tough items and should be able to handle a little jostling around. My main paddle has a CF shaft, but it seems happy amongst my other paddles in the hatch.

We use the Paddi Paddle Bag. It holds 2 paddles. It makes them easier to store and carry and keeps them protected. We’ve had it for several years and it looks brand new. It’s about $70, though. But it protects the investment that you have in a good paddle.

If you’re into whitewater canoeing, the paddles bouncing around in the pickup box is nothing compared to the abuse they take on the river. I suppose if I had really pretty paddles and only used them for deep water touring my attitude might be different - but I doubt it!

We use a snowboard bag for the paddles.

We have a pair of these. Each holds two paddles. MEC Charrington Paddle Bag

I don’t just stash mine in bags to protect them but to protect me while driving with them inside the car – loose paddles can slide around and make a racket, even turn into projectiles in a panic stop or collision. And they are easier to grab and transfer to a shuttle vehicle when contained. And sometimes during peak paddling season I leave them in the car between trips and in bags they are protected from UV damage (and prying eyes.)

I make my own paddle holders. You can use any scrap material or a leg from an old pair of pants.
These hang my paddles well in my gear storage closet so they are not getting knocked around.
Had to include multiple pics because they are too long for one pic.

I use hard plastic gun cases for my carbon fiber canoe and kayak paddles. They have egg crate foam inside and cost about twenty dollars at Cabela’s.

I think a couple of things are important regarding gear. Wash it off every time before storing it (all gear). Make certain everything is dry before storing it. Never assume your gear is where you usually store it, especially if you live with other people. Check gear condition before heading out.
Remember the condition of your gear may be the difference between life or death, a good time or one fraught with frustrations.

We’ve used the NRS paddle bag for years. It’s held up so well it’s definitely worth the investment. Easy to manage, load, carry to paddle site and store in the garage.

That is a great idea using the gun case. Thanks.

My paddles are run of the mill two piece and are not in much danger of hurting themselves. i stick 2-4 paddles into an Army surplus rubberized fabric laundry bag and wrap the closing cord around the bag around the shafts and tie a bow. Keeps them all together and adds some protection and best part the bags only cost 3 bucks. :canoe: