Paddle for big paddlers

Hi All,
Can somebody point me to the paddle for big paddlers. Looking for carbon with approx 800cm2 blade, 2 pcs, band or straight shaft. Budget 500, plus minus something.
Now i have both for high and low angle paddling werner. Great paddles, but i need a bigger one.
Contacted werner, hoping that they can do custom one, answer was no.

No such animal made, biggest is Celtic 750. $525 shipped. I am talking about now with vendor. Two piece 208-218 infinitely adjustable feather.

What are you using now?

one is werner Kalliste (690 cm2), second one - has no label, can’t say, but also werner, and seems like the same blade size maybe a bit smaller.

I think Kalliste is 643 CM 2 it’s a small paddle. Ikelos is 690 corryvreckan is 721.

Shuna to Corryvreckan is a huge difference also. I tried a Shuna I haven’t used in a while it didn’t feel any less taxing but speed dropped.

4 piece paddle damage blade you just replace the blade.

Price is less 449 shipped to me not sure on tax but 500 or less in my hands.

Personally I’d just take it out to the shop and fix it. Besides that damage is minor.

??? Not understanding your answer?

looks like it’s best candidate - Braca XI Van Dusen '92, Kayak Paddle | For K1 Sprint Kayak, Surfski, Marathon
up to 835cm2.

Hope you know what you’re getting into. It’s a wing paddle for surf ski racing. Racing ski’s have way less drag than a sea kayak.

Have you ever used a wing paddle?

no, what is the difference ?

I never used one but it’s a whole new ball game. I have done a lot of reading on it. Stroke is totally different than an high angle Werner paddle. Limits strokes you can do. Huge paddle won’t make you faster if you’re not using it as designed with proper motions.

interesting. one more item to discover.
Thanks for heads-up.

You don’t want to spent 500 for something that you can’t use or don’t like. Hard to resell I am guessing also without a complete bath.

agreed here. that paddle, blade particularly, is very specific. To provide claimed “hydrodynamic” lifting blade need to go through the water relatively fast, that automatically moves it to the race category. To use it as touring paddle - with relaxing paddling - it doesn’t bring any advantages, except maybe one - the size of the blade, 800cm2 is much bigger then im using now.
As a side notice, sweep style rolls should be much easier with wing paddle.

What are you goals with your paddle purchase? Why are you looking for the biggest paddle you can find?

Mainly i’ll be doing touring, but occasionally - performance touring, meaning not racing, but pretty aggressive paddling, so want get paddle suitable for both types of activities. Im not sure how big biggest paddle is, but im 6’3’’, 225lb in good physical shape, i feel like 640-690 cm2 paddle is small for me, so decided to take a look at the upper range. Don’t know maybe my approach is wrong, that is why im asking for advice/direction.

Basic rule is you need to be able to paddle non stop at a good clip without stopping for at least 45 minutes. I just ordered the 750 Celtic. If you swing one for 3-4 hours it may seem to grow on you. :joy: When you pull it out it will be the same size.

You go from 691 Ikelos which is considered a large paddle to 721 Corryvreckan there is a difference in the feeling.

I’d contact Nimbus paddles

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