Paddle Storage Creations

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I have quite a few "kayak" paddles of different lengths and materials and wonder what others do to store them while not in use.

Right now they mostly stand on end (230s slightly too long for low garage ceiling so they are angled a little) My 240's are taken apart and are in an old ski bag. I could move them into the basement which has slightly higher ceilings but not as convenient.

I see some options from Talic but they hold only a few and i do have limited space and pricey. Does anyone have pics of their homemade inventions? I wonder if drilling more eyehooks with nylon straps as if to hold a boat - but putting the paddles horizontal would work or put too much stress laying on each other causing possible warping and difficult to find the right paddle in the bunch.

I welcome any ideas - sometimes paddlers come up with great homemade inventions like some of the boat racks so i wonder if anyone created something for their paddles!!

Home-made wood racks
Nicely edged wooden plates wit scalloped dowels screwed ta de wall hold me 53 canoo paddles.


Hmmm 53? wow !

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Do you have a picture to show me? I am not coming up with an image of wooden plates scalloped. Do you mean something like scallops cut into a rectangular 2x4 or something like that?

Ah’ fergot…
an’ one 'yak paddle (hidden in de corner).


Ah’ll post a daguerreotype fer ye…

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by sunrise.

Here be some o' me paddle collection fro' a few years ago. Added a dozen more since dis daguerreotype wuz taken (3 nice Sawyers an' a bunch o' damaged BB's dat ah' got fer nuttin' an' fixed.)

(Reckon' ah' better start givin' more o' dem's away ta good homes. Matter o' fact ah' jus' gave one away ta a new solo canooist friend dat bought one o' dem mighty nice Vermont Canoe Indys recently)


Do i spot a zaveral?
I only have a 15’grumman and old wooden cheapie paddles but do i like Zaverals -oh so light !!

There seems to be a new trend back to high end canoes around me these days. My grumman just doesn’t fit in…Placids, Coldens etc.

Old Towns are sometimes paddled
with Zaverals. Why not a Grumman.

We just have a bunch of string loops. Various lengths they all hang from two hooks, We have seven kayak paddles stored that way.

storage method I use
Since I have several kayaks and often take others out with me, what I’ve hit on for storage of paddles and all gear is the tall soft plastic perforated “hamper totes” with loop carry handles that you can find in places like Target. They are about 3 feet tall, with a solid bottom and round holes punched in the sides. You can easily stand the two halves of a two-piece paddle in one, even a one-piece if it is leaned against a wall. Then I stash a PFD, sprayskirt, pump and drybag in each bag with the paddle. When it’s time to go paddling I just grab one bag per boat and toss them in the hatch of the Volvo. After paddling, all the wet gear goes back in the tote and it keeps the water from dripping all over the car. Back home I can hose off the stuff right in each bag, leave 'em in the sun for a while to dry and move them back into the basement. Not very elegant (I admit I stash my beloved multilaminated cedar Greenland paddle on the mantel because it’s so pretty), but it’s convenient and it has so far kept me from forgetting any piece of gear for each paddler. You can schlep a heck of a lot of stuff in one of these totes.

Kids’ SnowBoard Bag
I use a kids snowboard bag to hold my two piece kayak paddles. I holds 4-5 easily. I hang it on a hok on the garage wall

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How often do you show off that one, FE?

Exposed rafters…
…Just chuck 'em up in there somewhere…

Liking the snowboard bag idea!

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FE, you be a fanatik!

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I store all my paddles in a pile in the back of my Jeep

Gun Bags
I use gun storage bags. Found 'em at the evil Wally World for about $15. Just have to make sure they’re wide enough.

Does make it kinda interesting at the put-in when we start unloading our “guns”!

That’s funny… and a great idea!