Acquired by VerticalScope

Today marks a special day for As of June 15, is owned and operated by the good folks at VerticalScope. They will continue to run and innovate in delivering high quality content and a great forum community as we have done for years since the founding.

We are all incredibly excited about this new direction as it will allow to grow while securing the community with a world-class organization that excels in running forums and keeping their platforms safe, secure, and stable.

All the best!
founder of


Hello everyone!

On behalf of the Community Management team, we’d like to offer you the warmest of welcomes to the VerticalScope family of forums! Our team helps manage the site administration and maintenance duties of keeping operational, and we wanted to take the opportunity to not only say hello, but also to share a little bit about what to expect.

Who Are You?

VerticalScope is a network of forum communities around the internet, and the community management staff on our team help make the work of the forum moderators and administrators easier.

What Do You Do?

Community means a great deal to us - we’re all community people, and so continuity and stability is our primary aim. We bring reliability, support, and the infrastructure able to ensure that this community will be able to thrive for many years to come. It is our goal to work with the volunteer moderators/administrators to help provide the resources required to increase reach, attract new members, increase engagement, and better the community experience overall.

What Will Change?

Next to nothing, apart from that you’ll now have access to better resources as well as community management staff for support and forum-related technical issues. Community is the focus here, and we know that the members of every forum work to keep things going awesomely. You’re a huge part of that success, and we’re here to ensure that the lights stay on, upkeep is tended to, and the infrastructure gets the attention it needs.

If you have any questions, ask away!

We’re looking forward to working with the members, mods and admins here, and we’re incredibly happy to be with you.

Warm Regards,

The VerticalScope Community Team

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What is the privacy policy? Will email and other information be shared with third parties? Will there be any changes in the advertising on the site. I realize that the site has to pay for itself.

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Heya @rstevens15

The updated privacy policy will be posted shortly with additional details. However, all GDPR, CCPA, and other guidelines will be followed.

So in short everything should stay pretty much stay the same, just a new landlord behind the scenes keeping the lights on.


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Hopefully but remains to be seen…

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Not too encouraging. And this:

And this:

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Yup, I had the same reaction. We can hope this will be different…

Based on my experience at other forums that got bought by VS, this does not bode well to me. Wait and see mode, I guess.

What happened at those other forums?

Cleaning this up and keeping it on topic.


I will reserve judgement. What was the other site mentioned that was just pulled by VS. That’s one black mark. Message me if you see this. I suspect my post will be pulled which will make 2 black marks as I like the open exchange of info on this site that they had.

Whether this website having been acquired by VerticalScope is a good thing or a bad thing is the topic. You say it is going to be wonderful. A number of negative reviews of VerticalScope were cited which you have removed. Censorship is not welcome.


Unsurprising. I assumed these comments would get deleted.

Not off to a good start. Censoring opinions never gets support.


Agreed. Instead of VerticalScope acknowledging messages that expressed concerns and making an effort to allay those concerns, VS deletes the messages, thereby demonstrating the concerns are well founded.


Someone had asked me about my past experience when VS came in, but that all got deleted. And is also exactly what I was going to mention.


Heya all,

We want to focus on the future partnership with, not the past with other communities.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them.


Hello Jeff,

What type of boat do you paddle?


So what is going to be done to ensure that VS’s past performance isn’t repeated here? Please, reassure us

I have two entry-level Fusion 124’s on our small 330-acre lake but already eyeing up the classifieds section here for an upgrade. I know pics or it didn’t happen and don’t judge me for drinking White Claws.

In college, I did some white water canoeing up in Wisconsin and the wildest ride was Royal Gorge when we hit class 4 rapids on a group trip.




We have a completely new Management and Development team behind us now to listen to your concerns and address them.

Looking at your username any chance you are a Mustang guy?