Needs Your Feedback - New Shirt Design

We are in the process of recreating one of our favorite shirts we’ve made in the last 20 years, the kayak compass shirt. What we would love from you is to help us with the “vibe” of this new design. Below I am going to comment a few different images and if you could LIKE the images that you think would make the coolest design that would help so much.

For each voter, once the final version of the shirt is produced, we will send them a 20% off coupon for the design.

Thanks for your help and if you have any other ideas for this shirt or any others let us know in this thread!

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Are you talking about the Compass Rose design? I really liked that shirt…if you have records of purchases, you’d see it…I would still want it in 100% cotton short and long sleeve…

just for reference, I really like a smaller logo on the front and a larger logo on the back of the shirt


and I don’t wear it on the water… so I’d like it available in 100% cotton … like it used to be…But, sometimes, someone asks me what it’s abpout and I say I’m just a paddler

Here are two ideas we came up with. One being a little more simple and the other more complex. Let us know which ones you prefer by liking that design.



Thanks for the feedback. We will make sure to have a 100% cotton option! Any colors you would prefer?

I bought one of the shirts with the kayaker paddling off into the sunset. Then I wore it after paddling one day. One of the other paddles noticed that the paddle blades are upside down. Then another said yeah, and look at the bend in his elbows, his form is terrible.

I like the last one with the more complex compass rose with the kayak the best.

Can I trade in my long-sleeve sunset shirt for that one?

This one is cool. Really like the kayak on the compass. And like ‘coronaboy’ said, I like a smaller design on the front and a larger one on the back. 100% cotton is definitely a plus! Edit: Didn’t realize this would pop up so far down. I like the last one with more detail in it, and it has the kayak in on the compass.

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I like this design, 3/17, but replace theNorth and South points with a kayak and/or canoe.

Ahhh, folks, a bunch us canoe - so why would we want a kayak on the compass?

How about paddles instead of boats - would be easier to distinguish and could easily add a SUP paddle. Canoe paddle running N-S, kayak paddle E-W and SUP paddle NE-SW.


Have viewed all the proposed compass roses. I like the accurate ones with numbers, but simple is always better in this type application. I liked two of them.

As someone else said, please have a small design on the front and a large design on the back. If only one, go with large on the back. My 2 cents, thanks.