Paddling gloves

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I am looking for paddling gloves with knuckle protection.

I like the NRS. But they look very warm, 2mm neoprene.

Does anyone have any other sugestions on who makes a similer product. I am also looking at some gloves from motocross. Any ideas?

Issue with gloves
Gloves change the ““feel”” of the paddle shaft.

Try a pair of Snapdragon Pogies instead for protection.

The 3mm Hypalon will protect those knuckles just fine.

Save Yourself Some Money
Go to a marine store and try on some fishing gloves…they come with all sorts of fabrics on the palm and they even have snot wipes. Plus they tend to run cheaper because there is no brand tax.

Second the marine store
I personally wear gloves all the time, have no issue with paddle shaft feel.

For warm weather gloves that leave the end of the fingers free, we found that the good rigging gloves from a good marine store are hardier than the equivalent gloves from paddling outlets. The latter make it one season and are shredding, the rigging gloves we have are in their second season with almost no wear showing.

The cost for the better rigging gloves is about the same as the paddling gloves, but double the season at least and they get a lot cheaper. Or get less expensive gloves from the marine store.

Nitrile is a very thin rubber used in gloves like fishing and gardening gloves. They have stretchy fabric on top. They’re very cheap—sometimes you can even find them at the dollar store. They offer excellent tack and a sensitive grip.

I like these gloves because in the summer you can frequently immerse your hands in the water to cool off and they dry well.

I have more expensive paddling-specific gloves but far prefer the cheap nitrile gloves. The paddling gloves are thicker and stiffer, less sensitive, warmer in summer, and take longer to dry. Some of them actually have lousy tack.

I have a suggestion for you Johnnie …
Boxing gloves!

Sorry for the inside joke. Anybody got pics? Post 'em if you got em.

Or maybe a set of brass knuckles?

Boxing gloves.
Good one Brian, I am looking forward to getting back in the ring with the Lower Yough.

Bicycling gloves work fine for me.

Padding in inside ?

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Don't bicycling gloves have padding to avoid wrist issues ?
Usually the ulnar nerve becomes inflamed,
trying to absorb vibration and shock.

They do not seem like the right thing for kayaking......

I thought he OP wanted knuckle protection

Try mountain bike gloves
There are many models with varying degrees of “armor”, up to and including carbon fiber knuckle covers. They typically have little or no padding in the palms, unlike most road gloves.

Thank You all for the ideas. I will look into Mountain bike Gloves as well as Motocross.

I recently tore the crap out of a knuckle on my left hand. T grip hand for me. I do not want this injury again.

bicycling gloves caution
I found bike gloves did not hold up well to being constantly wet. YMMV

I’ve been very happy using rigging gloves intended for sailing.

Who knew? bmx gloves

I just googled up these:

Composite knuckle protectors – sounds something like you are looking for. I wonder who they will hold up being wet all the time, but bike riders occasionally get rained on, so you’d guess they will be okay.

It is an interesting question. You already know my suggestion–leather gloves from the hardware store, but they don’t come with the extra protection you want for the outside of your hand.

You do realize when paddlers talk about “punching through” they are talking about waves, not rocks, right? Just kidding–sorry you tore up your hand. Hope it doesn’t keep you off the job.


Sears Garden Gloves
Around 6 bucks, less on sale. Just snip off the tips and away you go.

couple thoughts

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I mountain bike, and there's some gloves I use, EVS, that have good finger protection, as well as back of hand and wrist guard, yet are quite flexible. Check
Another thought is "PerfectFit flXout pf570" kevlar gloves. These have a rubber grip side, and are kevlar. Thin but super tough, and I've hit stuff I thought fer sher had me bleeding, only to find it was momentary pain. I get mine at work, but here's a link.

WET material on hands…hmmmm
Am I missing something here…truly overlooked perhaps ?

Why are people wearing gloves in a water environment ?

Moisture contributes to blisters

by softening your skin and increasing friction.

Friction and pressure with the kayak and

excessive moisture from sweat and damp clothing

can also cause blisters on the lower back,

armpits, hips, bum, knees, heels and gloved hands.

Riverman’s hand accidentally got stuck
… between a rock and a hard place causing him to miss day 2 of a 2day WW fest. But since we never actually saw his official doctor’s note, he’s going to have to make it up.

canoeing WW usually has a hand (shaft hand) down below the canoe gunwale, where the rocks are. A guy i know (legendary status) wears a Kevlar glove on the shaft hand after an incident running cl.5 and now taking an anti-coagulant. Swimming can also end up mixed up in rocks, dropping off ledges etc… This is one of the reasons I prefer the winter paddling, when gloves,boots, helmet and a drysuit make me feel prepped for the skill level I possess.

Done that
I have caught my shaft hand between the gunwale and a rock a few times and sometimes wore a glove on that hand only for protection.

Nowadays I generally have my shaft hand just above gunwale level.