Paddling Hat

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Anyone have any suggestions for a nice waterproof (if possible) paddling hat? It may seem like a minor item, but I have yet to find what I'm looking for. The Gore-Tex ones I've seen don't seem rigid enough for the wind. The hat I currently wear spends most of the time with the front rim bent up when going into the wind.


Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I picked up a Seattle Sombrero, plus a thin fleece Outdoor Research Ear Band, with windstopper. This should make the hat ideal for fall and winter - essentially 2 in one.

I'll keep my eyes out for the Waxed Filsons too.

Whjat works for me…
Real cold day: A water proof light weight jacket with a hood. Use a baseball hat under the hood which acts as a sun visor, and keeps your glasses/ face fairly dry if it is raining.

Sunny mild day: Leave the hood off and just use the cap.



post subject
Try a waxed canvas hat from McAlister.

OR Nibus Sombrero
I use the OR Nimbus Sombrero (similar to the Seattle Sombrero) – it works extremely well. If the wind picks up, I fasten the sides up and it doesn’t go anywhere – in fact, I’ve been rather impressed on numerous extremely windy occasions that it hasn’t blown off my head. Like the Seattle Sombrero, it’s also made of a breathable waterproof fabric.


Waxed Hat
I use one of those waxed hats from Filson. I’m with JackL on this one. Hooded coat to cover the noggin and hat when it’s crumby weather and no hood but hat on in good weather to keep the sun off. Been many a mile with this set up and have found it to be the best. Heck, I’ll send you all the other hats I’ve tried over the years! :wink:


Oh come on guys, isn’t SOMEBODY
going to mention a TILLEY HAT???

What’s A…
…S…er…Tilley Hat? :wink:

A Tallie what? Never heard of them.

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Seriously though, you should consider a Tilley as they are very good. Just remember to get it loose (two fingers between head and brim) for it to perform correctly.

Awfully good hats! Awful pricy though.



Beer Hats
I’m partial to those free baseball hats the beer salesmen use to give me at the restaurant. Been out of the business 4 years but I still have 6 or 8 of those hats.

Stay safe on the water

I just checked out…
the Tilley hats. I just put “Tilley Hat” in Google and had lots to look at. Not sure if it’s for me though. Still like the waxed hat and hood idea.

Tilley Makes Hats?
I have their underwear…

What I wear
This hat will hold six beers.

OK Lash out at me for having a Tilley
When it rains, teh cotton models absorb moisture and become very rigid. As long as you wear the chin & nape straps, the brim should not flip up ala Larry Storch in F-Troop. But rain does enter the vent grommets.


wal-mart special…
I bought this little walmart special toboggan hat with a small brim/bill out front. Works well in the dry and when it rains I can pull the hood on my waterproof semi-dry taped seam jacket over it.

Comment on hoods
I don’t care for hoods because they can fill up with water in a capsize or rolling. A hood full of water is quite heavy, and can hinder your rolling ability. Just my 2 cents.

OR Seattle Sombrero
If you fold up the sides and fasten them with the provided Velcro tabs “cowboy style”, that should stiffen up the brim.

I can’t really testify as to its wind-fighting ability, because the only times I’ve worn it was in AK drizzle, and when it’s drizzling in SE AK, it’s usually calm.

I like the Gore-tex, because I normally can’t wear hats (too hot for me). The breathability helps maintain comfort–no sweaty hair to get chilled after removing the hat.

makes a nice wide brim hat, with mesh on th esides to help get rid of the heat. I generally take a piece of 12 or 14 gauge wire and thread it through the outerbrim to keep it ridged. whole thing comes in under $25. (US) When it gets nasty take the wire out and throw it in the washing machine.

I likew the hat, but…
problem is, the polish festivals don’t usually come to this area until July. I was really hoping to get something sooner than that.

Don’t capsize, don’t roll…
don’t wear boots, don’t have pockets, etc, etc.

I can see why you some of you worry so much about the “gasp reflex”.

You are going to put yourselves in a grave just from worrying so much about everything that could go wrong!



Why do you want…
to get rid of the heat in winter?

Heat is good!