Paddling Perks?

Ok, this could cause a riot…how many of you actually shelled out the money for this? Is it really worth all of the hype? Did you buy things here for a discount? Inquiring minds want to know, especially since the offer is about to expire.

I for one certainly think it is worth it. Prices are reasonable, Brent is providing a grat service and deserves to do well with his website.


It is like public radio
you can use it for free, but eventually you just feel like maybe you should contribute. I threw in twenty bucks or what ever it is. I am actually wearing the tee shirt right now.


Can’t imagine not joining.
I have spent so much time on this site it seemed like the decent thing to do. For twenty bucks I got a shirt and a pack towel and a discount on a couple DVD’s. Seemed like a good deal to me and it supports the site.


its worth it
Calendars, tshirts, paddling net store discounts, and access to this information packed supportive web site are well worth it.

I bought one of the business card holders last year and used it during my seasonal job last winter. It turned out to be a good conversation opener.

The actual merchant discounts though, I’ve never used.

100% Worth It
I think it’s important to support something you use. And I use this site a lot. I’m happy it exists. I get a lot of really great information that I wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. Meet people that I wouldn’t normally get to speak with. And get excited daily about an activity that I love.

Yeah, that’s worth $20 every year.

If only for the classifieds, I’ve sold several boats thru I love and use the calendars daily.

Small price to pay for all the entertainment.

Well worth the money
I think I spent something like $20 for the P-Perks package, plus another $10 for an extra T-shirt. I ended up with two shirts and a ton of discounts for my money. I shaved AT LEAST that much on an order I placed with Moosejaw. So in the end, it’s almost like P-Perks was free- at least for me anyways. And let’s not forget that P-Perks cash goes to help keeping PNet around!

Long story short, well worth the money.


Perks end in November?
I was just about to sign up myself when I got to the billing info page and saw that my perks would end on 11/1/2006.

There’s no question that I want to support, but I’m not thrilled that my perks will last a mere three months.

Where else (for a mere $20) can you get a great calendar, a cool T-shirt, a discount on fun gear and stuff, and a priority listing for things that you want to sell.

Nuf said!

Okay, now I’m pissed. What’s all this talk about a calendar?? When I got my paddling perks pak, it only had a t-shirt (which I wear all the time) and the towel… was I gipped a calendar??

Some haars’ tradin’
Me haars’ trades ye me calendar fer ye unused towel…

Fat Elmo

Like all have said “perks” is a great
deal ( calendar, t-shirt ) Never used the discounts but…Hey !!! What towel!!! I got fleesed !!!

…well, not quite. Rubbed me boat down quite a few times with it. :slight_smile:

This Towel

– Last Updated: Jul-25-06 2:14 PM EST –

"We're all out of 2006 calendars but we are substituting this quick-dry BoatTowl."

I’ll be…

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renewing in November........This site alone has been great for info. So how IS the towel? I can't rub my boat down with the calendar. It gets wet and falls apart.....Per chance I should purchase one prior to my 2006 subscription ending.. Oh yeah, I forgot about the free 9' NRS straps I received.....very cool.

It’s a towel.
It’s a standard squeegee towel with the logo on it - nothing too mind blowing. I always wipe the lake scum off the canoe after I get it back on the car with it and then rinse out the towel later. Gets the job done.

Thank You
Thanks to all of you who responded. It gave me a different perspective on the website that I hadn’t thought of before. I agree, it’s a great resource, has lots of knowledge as well as knowledgable folks to correspond with. I enjoy the articles, ALWAYS enter the contests, and look for cool stuff in the store, well worth the $20.00 to give support. Count me in…

lets see. I sold 3 boats for free. Got $100 off a new QCC. $50 off Bell canoe accessories. 15% off a Mitchel greenland paddle,and again on a canoe paddle a year later. Free T-shirt,calendars,and tie straps,is more then worth the yearly fee.

Happy Paddling billinpa

Very Good tiny Investment…
a) in this site

b) if you buy a lot of stuff*

c) easily worth the cost of the stuff you get.

*one year I was gearing up and I saved LOTS of $$$