paddling with your hands?

has anyone tried paddling with there hands? well, I was kayaking, and I stoped under a tree near shore to rest. and I wondered what would happen if I used my hands to paddle. so I rested my paddle on the cockpit combing, held it down with my elbows, and started paddling with my hands. The boat was not moving, but I kept paddling. finaly, the kayak slowly moved forward. and I could turn, and go backwards. it was really slow, but it was fun. once I used my paddle, the boat went about 3 times faster.

I can go 2mph using just my hands in my QCC. ( not for long though)

What also is fun is to see how fast you can paddle backwards using your paddle.



oh yeah,
I tried paddling backwards. I wanted to see how fast I could go.

Got my canoe
up to 8 m.p.h. the other day using JUST ONE HAND!! The other hand was holding onto the canoe and the rest of me was bouncing off rocks.

One time I HAD to paddle with my hands on a river run. I flipped in a shallow rapid, couldn’t set up to roll because of rocks, dropped the paddle and pushed myself upright off a rock. My paddle was about 30 feet down river so I had to manuever the rest of the rapid by hand-paddling.

One of my previous girlfriends also preferred hand-paddling. She’s the one that got away. I’m not sure how, I tied her pretty good.

It’s like swimming
While you can swim using just your hands, you get a lot of propulsion from your kick. Hands are small and fingers can let water pass. I saw some kids tubing Clear Creek, down stream from Coors, who were paddling with their flip-flops on their hands. Like swim fins for hands the thongs actually seemed to be doing the job pretty well.

Hand Paddling
I took a surf class (surf boats), and we spent the first 1/2 hour or so using only our hands to paddle. It was tough getting out through the break (waves weren’t too big), but it was amazing how well we could surf with no paddle. This excersise was to help us understand boat control without a paddle. It was fun, give it a try sometime.

A guy I used to know had a better hand roll than paddle roll, so he developed the tendency to ditch his paddle, roll up, then try to catch his paddle before the next drop. Rather disconcerting to watch, but with that incentive he could develop quite a bit of speed for a short distance.

geez TAJ
hands in a thong??? that’s as far as I’m going with that one.

I took your advice, P140, and …
…it was not as dope as you make it sound.

I do not suggest whitewater hand paddling.

Thanks for the bum steer, pamlico_140.

that’s whack!

Sure. Hands and hand paddles as well.

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Hand paddling is fun.

No room in the white water kayaks to carry an actual spare paddle. Therefore many carry hand paddles



Here Ya Go!

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If you intend using hand paddles in whitewater make sure you can roll with them as they make pulling your deck difficult.

Lots of WW paddlers use…
…hand paddles.

Try a sculling brace with it
It works. Probably not a good idea without good outfitting and some edging practice first.

I’ve tried
paddling with my hands. Remarkably, it’s almost as fast as using a paddle. Not to brag about my strength, it’s just I paddle an Old Town Otter.

I’ve also done a wet exit and used the paddle w/o kayak to swim.

My teenmonsters
giggle or wince when I use old words that have new meanings attached. Embarassing them is what its all about. (What kind of funny hat can I wear today to pick them up at school?) I wouldn’t want to take P140’s thread beyond PG13.

And a bottle of Advil.

I saw a one armed paddler
on the Discovery channel. His left arm was bitten off by an angry hippo.