Parking lot clothing change

Some people have mentioned a giant shirt or something to use when changing clothes after paddling. Does anyone know about these? Open to other ideas as well.

A towel

I keep a big cheep
Rain poncho in my emergency kit. Works as a good tent for changing. As long as you don’t have to pull something off or on over your head :slight_smile:

Between 2 parked cars, I just change quickly without fanfare. Maybe I do crouch a bit. But Speed is the thing. I don’t have anything to show that would offend. Paticularly if it’s cool or the water has been cold.

In car
I’ve gotten to be expert in changing out of paddling clothing, including wet suit etc, in the driver’s seat of my car.

As a guy I have more flexibility than the women and don’t usually worry when chaging my top. If it’s not dark, I keep a large towel which covers from waist down as I change.

In my usual paddling group we all know not to look into a car, other than your own, after a paddle.

For me: a great big towel!
I also have been known to use a poncho

I wear speedos under my wetsuit if I am changing in the parking lot or on the beach.

At my age, not a pretty sight, but keeps me for getting busted for indecent exposure…

Fleece poncho

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I got the idea from a fellow NSPN'r and made a big fleece poncho/caftan thing. It's a poncho-type garment that goes to the ground, has the sides stitched up with openings for your arms. I also added a hood. I can change under it in total privacy and stay warm as well. I am a real cheapo when it comes to heating season, so I also plan on using this while laying around in the evening at home.

hmm picturing cuda…

I just change between the door of the truck and the truck itself. Went to a Catholic high school where we had to wear uniforms and got to be a pro at changing quickly and inconspicuisly. If it’s busy I bungee a towel up and make a little blind. String a bungee from the inside handle above the window in the back of the truck and on the outside door handle. Then hang a towel over it. Works like a charm.

That sounds complicate
but I can hold the towel for you :wink:

Watch Out For Jokers
I had a surfer friend who like to yank towels off at just the wrong monment…

Is that the “wrong” moment?

lol aw gee thanks Mario maybe
when you and grayhawk come to visit. Or I can at least teach you how to use the bungee cord! lol


Wrong Moment
Back then, that would be about the time there were a crowd of middled aged women from Ohio in the parking lot…

I just change in the drivers seat.
It is a heck of a lot easier now that I have lost twenty pounds.

My wife changes in the passenger seat also.

If there are no other vehicles around. I will change next to the car.

A two door vehicle parked next to another vehicle makes it pretty easy too. Open both doors, and you have a pretty private changing cubicle.



So JackL
how did you lose 20lbs? I have lost 17 and it’s still falling but more info is always better! (email works if you prefer)


A big towel in the parking lot
is luxury. What’s challenging is changing clothes in the car on the road between the office and my son’s baseball practice. One of the few times that I sometimes wish I had an automatic transmission…

lots easier to change in than the old Bronkette.

Pick-up box
under the topper if I really need to be discreet. I can pull the tailgate and window shut from inside. If anyone looks in they weren’t forced to and they oughta leave a buck for the peep show.


What the heck? It’s only skin.

I have actually
seen kayakers use robes they bought from REI made for this purpose. Seems like a waste of money.

As the ex-wife would often say, “If they haven’t seen it by now, its about time they do”

By the way, if anyone wants her phone #, shoot me an email

Happy paddlin