Peter Puddicombe

What happened to Peter Puddicombe’s “Wildwood Paddle” company? I order a red cedar paddle in May and never received it. Unable to contact him by email or phone.

try Rutabaga
If you contact Rutabaga in Madison Wisconsin maybe they would know; they were one of his distributors.

read on another BB
I heard Peter Puddicombe was “retiring” from making paddles. The post said he was having health problems and wanted to quit.

He stole my money too
I sent Peter Puddicombe a check 9 months ago and never heard from him. I’ve emailed or called at least twice a week and have never received a response.

A few weeks ago I sent an email from a fake Hotmail account posing as a prospective customer and he emailed me back that day! He said send him a check and he’d send a paddle in 3 weeks. What a liar.

I was in Ely over the summer and stopped in to several shops that used to sell his paddles. I asked if anyone had heard from him and told them my story. It was obvious that they hear stories of Peter ripping people off all the time.

They referred me to a guy in Duluth who makes ultra-light paddles -Whiskeyjack Paddles. He has a new model that isn’t on his web site yet.

I got it a few weeks ago. Its pretty sweet. Its just as awesome as my girlfriend’s Wildwood paddle (no cool loon graphic, however…) But its lighter than Peter’s and the grip is much more comfortable.

That’s it. Sorry for the rant but I’m just pissed that I’m out 200 bucks…

don’t quit …
i’d pursue the thief with vigor. send him a registered letter telling him you’re going to sue him. if that fails, mail the court in his town and get the necessary paper work to pursue a small claims suit. often, getting served papers delivered by the sherriff spurs people into action fast. i speak from first hand knowledge.

Is the Whiskeyjack Paddle fiberglassed? The website doesn’t say.

Thanks for the advice. I emailed philipyokiel (who started this thread) and he tried the BBB without success.

Since he’s in Canada (and I’m American) I’m not even sure what kind of legal rights I might have. I’ll look into it.

All in all I think its a pretty lousy deal. Its especially disappointing to encounter this within the paddling community where I’ve met so many great people.

Thanks again.

RE: fiberglass?
Yeah. The paddle is fiberglassed. (just the blade, obviously)

Canada has
the equivalent of the Better business bureau and have a reputation for sending out nasty letters to people who don’t provide ethical business practices. You may want to research this. Canada, and most countries are very sensitive about foreign trade, even if it is a small purchase item.

Just turn into a nuisance…it’s easy…I have been told that I do it really well!


BBB in Ontario
Complaint filed by: Philip Yokiel (More) Consumer Info

NAME: Philip Yokiel

DAY PHONE: 507 317-0261

ADDRESS: 108 Iota Avenue 56001

Mankato, MN

EVE PHONE: 507 317-0261


FAX: -


Complaint filed against: Wildwood Paddles (More)

Business Info

NAME: Wildwood Paddles


CONTACT: Peter Puddicombe

ADDRESS: 11 Crestwood Avenue

Kitchener, ON N2H 1A1

PHONE: 519 571-1694

FAX: --None--



Complaint status: Case Closed - UNANSWERED (More)


Date Activity Description

08/05/2005 Case Closed - UNANSWERED

08/05/2005 Inform Business - Case Closed UNANSWERED

08/05/2005 Inform Consumer - Case Closed UNANSWERED

08/05/2005 Inform Consumer No Response from Business

07/29/2005 No Response received from Business on 2nd Notice Aug 2/2005-called left msg.

07/18/2005 Second Notice to Business

07/18/2005 No response to first notice to business

06/30/2005 Inform Business of Complaint

06/30/2005 Send Acknowledgement to Consumer

06/30/2005 Complaint Validated by BBB Operator

06/30/2005 Complaint Received by BBB


Case Description: Contacted Peter Puddicombe on May 25th (by email) concerning shipping charges to add to $199.95 price of his canoe paddle… (More) Contacted Peter Puddicombe on May 25th (by email) concerning shipping charges to add to $199.95 price of his canoe paddle.

Paste from email:

“Hello; Sorry if this has been a long wait. 30.00 is the shipping. so a cheque made out to


Sent to 11 Crestwood Ave.,

Kitchener, ON



Thank you sir, Peter P.”

I sent a check (#4855 $229.95) that day for a Red Cedar paddle. So far NO PADDLE!!! Phoned (left messages) and emailed numerous times with NO REPLIES!!! (Less)

Category: Delivery Issues

Case opened date: 06/30/2005

Case closed date: 08/05/2005

Desired Resolution: Refund of $229.95… (More) Refund of $229.95 (Less)

strength in numbers
I’ve found a few other posts on other boards with people having a similar problem with Wildwood. I just emailed them to see they ever received a paddle or response.

If there is any one else out there who sent Peter money and never received a paddle please email me.

I’m sure we’ll have more pull if we band together.

paddles not received
I have three paddles I paid for and never received. Any ideas on what to do?

sorry to hear this.
For now let’s just get a list together of everyone who has purchased paddles and never received them. I will post to other boards looking for others.

By now, its pretty clear that the amount of money he has taken is well into the thousands.

I’m not sure what we can do short of chipping in and getting a lawyer.

Personally, I’ve always prided myself in not being the type of person who sues. I’ve always felt that there is nothng that two parties can’t resolve through dialogue. But you can’t resolve anything with someone who ignores all attempts to be contacted.

If he would just simply respond to my emails saying that he does intend to eventually send me my paddle, I would be content to wait.

It just seems like he doesn’t ever plan to send me mine.

I’ve read and heard so many nice things about this guy. Its shame that his good name will forever be tarnished by this appearant fraud.


got some legal advice
Here’s what I was told today. There are two routes to take. We can file a suit directly against Peter and I Kosa. Sounds like we would have an open and shut case. The lawyer recommended seeking 5 times the amount lost (per paddle) plus making them responsible for all of our legal expenses.

Also, he said that this very much qualifies for a criminal case. I’m not sure how I feel about that. He said Canada takes international trade fraud very serious and put me in contact with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) fraud departments.

He also said that since Peter was asking for checks to be made out to him or I Kosa and NOT to Wildwood that they are very likely not reporting this income. So as part of the investigation the Canadian Revenue Agency will also review their taxes.

For now I am going to take no action.

I’ve sent out emails to the others from the other message boards who have never received their paddles. Once I can determine how many of us are out there we can decide which course is best.

Again, I would just simply prefer to have my paddle. I’d even settle for an email from Peter saying that he does actually intend send me one some day…

All of this could be avoided with one simple email or phone call. I don’t even need an apology or an explanation. Just an assurance that I will get my paddle.

Seems a shame.

Well, this is the way I feel as well, there has to be something going on - you can’t build a business over a life time and suddenly turn into a thief and scammer. I talked with Rutabaga yesterday, they said he has never done this before which would also indicate that something personal would be going on… shoot, I would be willing to go up and help make all the paddles that he owes just to clear his name. I think somehow he will get us the paddles - I just think that he must be in a wierd spot in his life right now. I guess I would like to see us paddlers take the high “current” and try to help him clear his name rather than ruin what has been an awesome life for him. Heck he has lived the life we all would have loved to live - if anyone has any idea on how to help him - let me know… I would be willing to give up some vacation time or resources to help the man and his family out even tho I have never met any of them… only read the stories…

add me to the list
I purchased a paddle in May and was told it would be included in the “next batch.”

I never received it and have tried to contact him through out the summer.

Concerned. Disappointed.

I agree with jackmc -a simple phone call or email from him would solve this problem.

If queticogal is correct and he truly does have some sort of problem, why not just tell us? We’d understand.

I think you should take action

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I just don't think this kind of dishonesty should be tolerated. He is obviously still taking money from people and still will be until someone takes legal action.

If there is a reason for the delay, personal or otherwise, he or someone else if he is incapacitated owes everyone an explanation. Does anyone know for sure that he has not become ill or died?

I read
I read a post from Darren Bush (owner of Rutabaga) on another board that he is not sick or dead -just retired.

I agree, if this is just a scam or someone else using his email and name then we should pursue this, but I would like to make sure first??? Any ideas on how to find out??? But yes, this is a lot of money floating in someone else’s bank account…so we need to pursue all options as a group at this point…

In that case
He has no right to keep the money, and he needs to spend his retirement in jail. I don’t care how nice of a guy he is. Same thing happened to my mother-in-law. She commissioned this artist in Santa Fe to make a table for her. Paid him something like $8,000. Then a few months later he said he wasn’t making tables anymore, can’t remember the whole story, but kept the money. Her husband is a lawyer and is still trying to get the money back.