Peter Puddicombe

Peter paddles
Add me to the list of those not getting their paddle. Ordered one in March of 2005 Once the check was cashed in April 2005, all contact has ceased. No response to emails.

Also I noticed there is no longer a Wildwood Website (at least none last time I looked).

What’s up with this guy? is he sick? Gambling problem? Something is not right here with so many of us with the same story.


Do people think someone is impersonating Peter? My check was sent to his address, the one that has always been on his website and on his order forms. So in my case it seems unliekly someone is impersonating him–unless he is being held hostage (unlikely).


Puddicombe paddle
My wife ordered one of the paddles for me for my birthday and sent Peter a check for $229 in March - it was cashed. I emailed back and forth several times with Peter then just never heard from him again. My last contact was sometime around May. We agree with trying to find out what’s happened to him - this just doesn’t make sense. My wife first tried to order the paddle through Piragis’s catalog because we’d seen Peter’s paddles in their store in Ely, MN, but Piragis told her they weren’t carrying the paddles any longer because Peter couldn’t keep up with the demand. They suggested she deal directly with Peter and said he was honest, but something of a free spirit and not very speedy. I’d really rather not go after the guy - but I sure would like my paddle. I feel the same way some of you do - any contact from him would reassure me. I refuse to believe he’s taken all our money and has no intention of getting paddles to us - nothing I’ve heard indicates that’s how he operates. We’ll give Piragis a call this week and see if they know anything.

Darren, owner of Rutabaga, posted to a diiferent board that he will try to contact Peter to find out what is going on. He’s known him for a number of years. I’ll keep you posted.

I called Piragis but the person who used to deal with him wasn’t available. I left our phone number and email and they promised they’d contact us if they learn anything. The woman I spoke with said they heard he was sick. I wrote a letter to the BW Journal to ask if anyone there knows what’s up with Peter - will see if we hear anything back.

Contacting Peter
While we wait to see if Darren or Piragis can find out any info, I think we ALL should call AND email Peter repeatedly through out the week.

Let’s make it clear to him that we are concerned.

If we still do not hear from him, then we can at least be satisified that we tried, in earnest, to resolve this prior to taking legal action.

I’m willing to give him this one last shot. All I want is an aknowledgement from him that he is still working and he will get me my paddle eventually. If he continues to ignore all of us during the next week or two, then I think its time to take action (unless we hear from Darren that he has a terminal illness or something…)

So please, if your are one of the potential victims, call AND email Peter mulitple times this week. If we all shake the tree maybe we’ll get a response.

And if anyone does get a response, please post it here so we all will know about it.

Orders not fulfilled
Hello to the many who have written here. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I have been suffering from awful depresion and have had a hard time dealing with life. Oh don’t feel sorry, there are many more that need sorrow more than I.

I’m starting work on filling ALL the orders that I have. Please don’t ask when I’ll get them out. I haven’t got email at the moment and use other peoples computers when I can. many of these paddles are well along in manufacturing…good joke, manufacturing…me in a one car garage with tools.

I hope to have some in transit in three weeks…where have you heard that before???

You seem a wonderful lot, I have always had great faith in my fellow paddlers. Your comments were very nice and trusting.

I thank you, and will work to get this mess turned around and back to the old business ethics of days gone by. All the best Peter P.

Your Paddle
Philip I’m back on the job. I will get yours out with the rest. Very soprry for causing so much trouble,Peter P.

Ps. I don’t have email, and don’t answer the phone, I do listen to messages p

health problems
yup I have had cancer and awful depresion. I’m comming out though. I have started on the paddles. There are many in the works and most well along the way. p

Your paddle
I’d be pissed too. You will get your paddle. I have been off sick and depressed for sometime, but seem to be back at it now, Sorry for the incconvenience. p.

Don’t know if I owe you a paddle. I doubt it, your not the sort of paddler that would by one of these. If you ever decide to I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed you message. p.

Paddling community
Yes I agree and am sad to have let so many great people down. I’m on the mend now and will get this mess fixed up as soon as possible. p.

Well Well
Can’t blame you. I’m back in business and getting things acomplished…where have you heard that before???

My largest problem re paddles …is the Loon graphic. I need to order more and will be on that one soon p. I had Tippy and the tree in my hand today. x P.

you are the best of the best

nec timere / nec timide I think that’s it p.

Good luck!
Good luck with the depression, Peter. I know it can be incredibly difficult to deal with.

i just knew it …
i had a feeling that something was wrong, health wise. i also had a strong feeling that peter would not let us down and though it might take awhile, we’d all get the paddles we ordered in the end. it’s wonderful to have such a great community of paddlers, where one can come and find solace in friendship.

thank you
for responding peter p. - we all have faith in you - believe in you and will help in any way…the egrets, the herons and the cranes are gathering to head south…make mine last, I can wait until spring…go ahead and make the others first…

" don’t quit …

Posted by: liv2padl on Sep-01-05 5:37 AM (EST)

i’d pursue the thief with vigor. send him a registered letter telling him you’re going to sue him. if that fails, mail the court in his town and get the necessary paper work to pursue a small claims suit. often, getting served papers delivered by the sherriff spurs people into action fast. i speak from first hand knowledge."

Sounds like your were ready to organize a posse…

A vote FOR Peter
It sounds like Peter has had a rough time of it as of late. Let’s give him a break. I do have one of his paddles. I got it a couple of seasons ago. As I recall it took some time (perhaps ever several months) for Peter to get it sent to me. All I can say is it was well worth the wait!

I know it is tough missing another season without the “new paddle”. It sound like from his posts, that he is getting better. Hang on, you will really like the paddle when it does finaly come.

Mr. Puddicombe, if you have not sought treatment, please do. Almost 10% of the population suffers from a depressive illness at any given time. Admitting you might need some help doesn’t make you a “crazy.” It makes you someone with a very common ailment taking steps to get better. There are good treatments available these days. It can really turn your world around, I have seen such with very close family members. Good health and good luck.