PFD fit

I’ve been through a couple of PFDs trying to find the right fit. My current one is a men’s XL Stolquist Rocker. It’s a little on the large side and the shoulder straps are way too long. The shoulder strap length is not adjustable.

My wife’s PFD is a Kokatat Woman L, a little large for her. Recently I mistakenly grabbed her PFD in stead of mine when I loaded up for a lesson. Out of necessity I used it and to my amazement the the straps lengthened out and her PFD actually fit, in fact more securely than mine.

Am I crazy to use a womem’s PFD. My wife wants a smaller one anyway.

Any thoughts? Any suggestions?


Man boobs?

Depends if you can tell its a womens jacket from 6 feet away. If it is a pastel color and has boob cutouts you might get harassed by your buddies, but you’ll be comfortable so whos the fool?

I say wear whats comfortable. Thats why I wear womens underwear…Uh, I mean, silk boxers…uh, uh, i mean, commando. ya. thats it.

Just bought an Astral ABBA for ME
I “mistakedly” tried on one of those kapok-filled Astral ABBA womens (its yellow and gray) at a local outfitter who had it 20% off. It fit perfectly and is the most comfortable PFD I have ever worn. I decided to buy it ON-THE-SPOT and it was during checkout that the outfitter kinda whispered,…“Its a womens PFD” I said,…“I don’t care” It feels that good and after wearing it on a couple daytrips,…I LOVE IT!

Everyone is Shaped Differently
I have a long torso and paddle canoes kneeling so I tend to like long PFD’s (I might have to check out your Stohlquist). Forget male, female, etc and go with what fits. It’s so hard to buy a proper PFD without trying it on because what feels good to me may not to you and vice versa.

That one is favored by a lot of guys

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(Assuming it was the MSFit) The Kokatat MSFit has a more centered zipper and I think one more larger pocket than the male version. I know a lot of guys who prefer that one, to the point that I don't quite understand who their market is for the mens outside of new paddlers.

If You’re a Cross Dresser,
I’m a cross dresser. Kokatat Msfit fits me the best.

I feel pretty

Oh so pretty

Me too
Kokatat MsFit Pro - many, many men wear this vest and I am a convert. Nice description by a pro here:

MsFits for all
At the paddlesport center, we have MsFit’s from Kokatat in four sizes and use them for all the adults that paddle with us. Two-piece foam in the breast area conforms to the body well, and many men find this model more comfortable. Personally, I wear an Outfit Tour and like it, but my build is on the skinny side.

Cheers, Alan

Atlantic Kayak Tours

MisFit Tour
Great fitting PFD for men. Kokatat does itself a dis-service by trying to sell a mens version of that vest (OutFit). They should just sell tha one PFD to rule them all.

also known as

MsFit +1
My old MsFit Tour was getting a bit ragged after years of hard use, so I tried the new OutFit Tour. I wanted to like it, but ordered a new MsFit Tour instead.

I do like the larger arm holes on the Outfit and how its pockets are closer to the center of the vest. That said, I much prefer the fit of the multiple front panels of the MsFit versus the thick solid slab of the OutFit. I also like how I can leave the MsFit unzipped with just the front buckles clipped for ventilation.

Fit is everything so YMMV.

Greg Stamer

Been Using a MsFit…

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......for several years - fits me better than any "Mens" PFD ever did. I must have tried on every PFD at MEC's Halifax store before I tried on the MsFit by mistake - have never looked back...5'10, about 160 lbs...

I had the Misfit Tour, wanted to like also and it just wasn’t right for me…ended up with what some would say " is not as serious " PFD. It didn’t have all the attachment point for gear that i wanted, but have found solutions for that and am really comfortable with me new PFD. So go with what is comfortable and forget the rest. Us girls wear mens gear all the time, plus, a lot of it is just marketing. Enjoy your new vest!

Not necessarily. There are men who
take time to work out at the gym and have great chest muscles. Thus PFD’s, like Extrasports “Chica” also fit some male bodies. Plus they have a thinner lower back for kayaks that have high back seats. This allows you to sit as far back as needed to be comfortable.

Mis-Fit on Fat Elmo too…

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Nice coomferabool lifevest fer dis here fat boy...


A vote for Astral "Camino"
They had the foresight to call it a “unisex” design.

Very light, excellent ventilation, low back, shelf for whichever kind of oobs you got.

Great warm-weather vest.

Astral Sea Wolf
Broad fit range. Shoulders are integrated into adjustments of upper chest plate which floats independent of the cummerbund. Also has a ton of storage without having gear poking out all over.

PFDs are one of those pieces of equipment you really need to try on.

See you on the water,


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Hyde Park, NY

Outfit/MisFit Tour
I bought an OutFit Tour in 2003. It got very heavy use. About 3 years ago, I bought a MisFit tour. Both are fine. I prefer the fit, centered zipper, and pockets of the MisFit. I am male 6’ tall, 175 lbs.

Fit for Comfort or Safety
A PFD should fit comfortably, but more important is the fit in terms of safety. It needs to stay on when you are out of your boat. If you sit down and have a friend grab at the top of the shoulders and pull straight up, the PFD should stay in place. Even better, jump in a pool and make sure it doesn’t pop up and over your head.

Snug it up each time you get in and make sure all the straps are connected properly.