PFD That Won't Ride Up

My pfd rides right up to my chin. I understand there are models out there that don’t. Models designed for women are supposed to be better regarding this, aren’t they?

Thanks for any advice regarding pfds that won’t ride up.

Kokatat MS Fit

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It's for women but it's what the guys at MIKCO were all using - fits both genders well and doesn't ride up, also a slightly shorter torso so less likely to be pushed up from below with skirt, cockpit etc. I'd advise the guide version though to get an extra pocket that'll hold a smaller VHF - it'll be the one for sure change I'll make when we replace our current PFD's.

By the way, was dealing a bit with a PFD that had a elastic shoulder straps at a recent gathering. They may be comfortable for the wearer but it was flat out awful for a rescuer, especially a smaller person like myself who has to grab shoulder straps to help get someone back up or in a boat. If you are looking for one anyway, I'd go for non-elastic shoulder straps.

Morning Rex

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Just having my first cup here.
Screwed up big time and when I opened the bag of what I thought was going to be French Roast Beans, it turned out to be ground. I reground it anyway into a fine powder, but it just doesn't have the fresh ground taste.

Oh yea, PFD's !

Have you tried the Lotus PFD's.

We have good luck with them, and they not only stay right in place, but give lots of under arm space.
when Nanci gets out of bed, I'll ask her what model they are.

What ever you do don't get Extrasport.
We each bought one last year down in Florida, because when we tried them on they seemed to have more arm room, and less material up high on the back, and the lower back cleared the rear of the cockpit nicely.
The only problem was when we practiced wet exits one day, they ended up around the top of our heads.
Needless to say we went back to our Lotus ones.

Hey we sprinted the Comp Cruiser to our fastest short burst time ever in last Saturdays Lumber River 40 miler when we were passing another boat, (9.2). We did have some current help, but it awed us anyway. Never have done it before, and probably will never do it again. - No PFD's on that day, but they were in the boat!


I’ll second the MsFit!

For a canoe, I am planning on getting a EXTRASPORT RETROGLIDE SABRE PFD. I read good reviews on that. Any one concur?

Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

De Extrasport Retroglide be de most comfortable vest ah’ ever wore - an’ ah’s tried a’plenty over de years.

Fat Elmo

Mornin’ Jack
I’m off work today so I get to chat some. I had to switch to half caff coffee. I love to drink lots of coffee but my nerves can’t take lots of caffeine!

Congratulations on the speed record. That is fantastic. My “friends” have been making me go race with them on the bike a lot lately. I’m doing great just to stay on their wheels. I hate it at the beginning of a ride but I always feel great at the end.

Went to the outer banks a week and a half ago and had a nice day trip in the yak. Gotta enjoy that warm air and water while it lasts.

Thanks Celia
I was looking at that one as a ‘maybe’.

Extrasport works for me

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I have the Extrasport Chica, I'm positive its unisex and don't even care if its not. Low profile stays in place and floats me great. Straps are nylon with spandex-like material against the shoulders. My only regret is its not side entry like my old perception was, but its near $50 cheaper too. And once you have the thing on you can't tell the difference. I had to find someplace else for pocket stuff though, you can barely fit your car keys in the thing.


The Lotus is
the Rio Bravo.

she also commented that some of the Extra Sports might be better than others, and after she tightened hers it stayed in place.

I still didn’t like the Extra Spor and went bck to my Lotus.

Of course we have “cheater” ones for racing, but if I give the secret then I have to kill you!



Hey, not to steal the post, but
you should come down to Wrightsville Beach in November when Mark has that get together.

Not necessarily to race, but for the trip out to Bear Island.

We haven’t seen you in ages and sure enjoyed that last paddle we had together.



Sounds Like Fun

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Just let me know where and when. I'll see if I'm free.

Asking the Right Questions
It sounds to me that either you have too large a PFD or you are not adjusting it tightly enough. Since you are a biker, its safe to assume that you are neither shaped like a very large pear or an apple - PFD style/brand should not affect its ability to be adjusted correctly.

I always check the PFD fit of people I paddle with - and I am always amazed at the number of experienced paddlers whose PFD’s aren’t tight enough. It has to be snug!

Zip your jacket and fasten all the snaps… and then pull the adjustment straps tight. Have someone stand behind you and lift you by the shoulders. If the jacket lifts up and you don’t, you haven’t tightened it enough. Keep tightening it until you and the PFD rise together. If you use up all the adjustment capacity and it’s still not tight, the PFD is too large.

If you have a normally proportioned body, the various brands and styles can provide differing levels of comfort and flexibility. But “fit” is a function of you buying the right size and making sure it’s ajusted correctly.

A PFD that floats off your body while you’re floundering in the water is not a PFD … it’s just a nice marker where they can start the search effort.

Lotus Strait Jacket
I had the same problem and bought the Lotus after trying a bunch. I’ve used it 3 years now and am still happy with it.I liked the Strait Jacket more than the MsFit Tour but you really have to try them on. There are also some that zip off to the side and they were pretty good too but I didn’t like having to put it on over my head- some people prefer it.—Rich

I have a sea sherman June has a lowrider. No ride up.

Let Me Clarify
The pfd rides up to my chin while I’m paddling; not when I’m swimming. I think it rides up because I’m short in the torso and long in the (biking) legs. What’s pushing the back of the jacket upward is the coaming. I’m thinking I need a shorter jacket that won’t reach the coaming.

Try anything in the Tempo 200/300 line up for a front clip & zip style or the Aquavest in the Pull Over style. Have had both models (at different times) on in an Out of Boat Experience in Class III and once goofing around in 4’ breaking waves in RI.

See you on the water,


That Astral 200 is on my ‘maybe’ list. Looks like the front couldn’t ride up into my chin.

Lotus Design Lolita
I know exactly what you mean about riding up. Many of the new rec kayaks and some sea kayaks come with super high back bands, which push up the PFD. Someone needs to tell yak manufactorers (especially rec boat manufactors) to stop making backbands so high!

I come from more of a whitewater background, but I have found the Lotus Design Lolita to be the MOST comfy PFD. I demoed it at the Nantahala Outdoor Center during a ww kayaking class and I feel in love with it. I bought it the next day.

The PFD was designed for ww women playboaters so it is short with most of the flotation piled up in front, which eliminates flotation on the sides of the jacket. This gives the PFD a wide range of motion and it makes it super comfy.

Below is a website. Good luck!

torso and cut
if you have a short torso then a shorter cut PFD won’t ride up. This is one paddling item you really need to try on and flex your arms in, because of that and where the arm holes are when the PFD is fitted to your torso.

I have a short but narrow torso with a couple of ummmm, anatomical concerns higher up, and I found the Venus Contour by Lotus (obviously made for women) works for me.

Better than those stupid boardlike things or the high end kinds that give you a hump in the back and a lump under your ribcage (LOL just my opinion)

The Contour can be used for waterskiing and PWC as well (hope those are not cusswords here).