PH Sea Kayaks - News Update

Here is the latest from PH Sea kayaks....

News update:

it’s called the silly season
in mtb circles when athletes change teams and it happens this time of the year just before the first big race in Laguna Seca, Ca

Was not Sean a ponsored paddler of Valley?

I guess the competition had a better offer :slight_smile:

This is the latest?

Cetus LV - Eastern Horizons
We’ll have a Cetus LV at Charleston - although this isn’t the final, final - its close (prototype #2). Bryan Smith will have the LV durring his east coast tour for “Eastern Horizons” - ending at Charleston for Symposium April 17-19.

Off to Madison on Tuesday…Canoecopia March 13-15.

NE Paddlesports show?
Does this mean he/P&H will have it at the NE Paddlesports show in Durham,NH in early April?

Will it be something between the Scorpio and Scorpio LV?

Why do all of their yaks look like rotmolded toy?

May look like toys to you
(and most kayak are toys), but reviews of the new P&H designs, such as the Scorpio review in Ocean Paddler, will have other manufacturers paying close attention.

I;'m Looking for a used Vela
I put an ad in classified but while we are on topic. I’m in North Carolina but will drive for the right boat at the right price, it’s for the GF so you know I have to go to any length.

Sean was much more than a sponsored paddler. He was their rep for the western USA and Canada. He also reps several other lines of gear in addition to be being a great all around guy.

Good for P&H!!

Cheers…Joe O’

I always thought the P&H booth
was too close to the Valley booth! It’s like losing your girlfriend to your best friend. Well, congrats to Sean on his gainful employment, and congrats to P&H who no doubt is very pleased with this turn of events.

Looks like Phil Collins!

2001 P&H Vela for sale on NSPN
There is a Vela for sale on North Shore Paddlers Network:

…god forbid…
…If paddling morphs into another team-thing…

(even though I am a canoe guy)

Vela for GF?
I hope she has paddled one before, and it is the boat that she wants. Well intentioned BF’s sometimes mistakenly put GF’s the boats that they think they should be paddling.

I was in Charleston, SC last weekend for Sea Kayak Carolina sale; they have a used Vela for sale - its white over white.

Cetus LV
thats the plan. its on the container - expected to arive befor we leave north. hopefully it arrives prior to Jersey show - cause i’m plannin on spending the week between roaming around in North east - then hand over boat and vehicle to Bryan Smith for his east coast tour for new “Eastern Horizons” - which starts in durham - for Kittery Show. It seems this time of year we are loading the last day - and somehow the container just manages to arrive on time. Same story this week - as we load up for Canoecopia in Madison - as we await the container - arriving Tuesday with the new Pyranha Fusion. And Kevin arriving monday nite - coming back from Mountain man show in Saratoga - ahhh. its a twisted logistical nightmare - either way - its fun.

I’m guessing this proto Cetus LV will end up with Suz Hutchinson until her team boat arrives - i’ve promised her the first for over a year - and plan to keep to the promise.

It Spring time!

black trim
and carbon kevlar…

i know that boat…

Very neat boat
There was rumor a little while ago that P&H had decided to discontinue the Vela. I’m glad it is still around.

Everyone who has gotten into Celia’s loves it. Heck, if it hadn’t taken so much skin off my shins every time I got into it, I would still play with it.

It is not a beginner’s boat. If one is searching for one for another it is VERY wise to be certain the target paddler feels comfortable with the boat.

kayaking team thing
sea kayaking (if you hadn’t already noticed) is very much a media, sponsorship, endurance/expedition ‘sport’, in the same vein team mountaineering, along with bigger than life personas media darlings. ever heard of Body Boat Blade?

"I hope she has paddled one before, and it is the boat that she wants. Well intentioned BF’s sometimes mistakenly put GF’s the boats that they think they should be paddling."

Not sure why but this is a time I know not to push :slight_smile:

I found one for her to try yesterday and she loved it. A friend has one and was nice enough to let her use it for 3 hours. How cool is that?