Picked up my QCC Q700X today!

After some unpacking and a quick overall inspection I proceeded to load it onto my car. I must say that QCC does do an excellent job constructing their boats. Anyway all the seams are in great shape etc. Unfortunately I was on my way to work when I picked it up so I couldn’t nit-pick it as much as I would have liked too. The color is very nice (deep garnet). The thought was to have a color that not everyone has and I think this fits the bill. I am looking forward to getting it out on the water…… Thanks to everyone who helped me in the decision making process….

Enjoy. Cult meetings are on the first Thursday of every month. You now must learn the secret handshake and ‘high sign’ (a la the Little Rascals’). Did we mention the requisite tattoo?


*What, no purple?

Cool … glad it made it there … AND
Didn’t they TELL YOU it was gonna be there on the 11th too ? ! Thats some good planning.

Deep Garnet … what was the color name of the chart ? Was the chart Lilly, Valspar or ?

Sounds cool … hull color ? Trim ?

Rudder right ? Pull those Sealines (bananna pedals) all the way back for best performance.

Have fun. !!!

Deep Garnet is the color on the chart…
On the web site it appears to be a purple but in person it a nice red wine color. The hull is white and accents are black. It is a nice contrast with the black giving it a manly apperance. :slight_smile: If I went with a lighter color the boat could appear feminine. :slight_smile:

Yes it has a rudder and it has been moved all the way up to eliminate any possible drag. I guess that is only an issue when the boat is at its maxium load anyway.

After I paddle for a while I may upgrade the pedals to yours Pat. Of course this depends on how the stock ones work for me. Also the rudder just because it looks cool… :slight_smile:

Pretty soon
I be a classic paddling a rotomolded rec kayak. That’s OK…if you’re happy, I’m happy and that’s all that counts.

Paddlin’ on


The requisite tattoo PIC

(… and no, that’s not me! Just similar hairdo.)

Sealine pedals
I think what Pat means is that the ToePilots need to be around vertical or you will be stretching your foot to use the rudder. It is best to have a friend help with the cable adjutment, which is pretty easy with the Cool Rudder Wedgies.

Short of one of Pat’s rudder setups, I think the SealLine rudder is slick. Quite happy with mine.


you are going to love the boat. Next will come an ONNO wing paddle and seat?


you too will be assimilated!! Welcome to the collective. Put a USC decal on your ride and you will be all set!!!

USK=University of Sea Kayaking


the color is garnet right? Well black & garnet are the colors of USC… University of South Carolina …

congrats. Now go enjoy it!
Have fun!

I hope that you have a long and adventurous relationship with your new boat.

Did you attempt to
color-coordinate yours with your car?


Deep Garnet deck, cream colored hull… The car, well, I was going to ask QCC if they could color match it. And Paint the car… but … we’ll see.

Love the Garnet on the boat. Not many QCC’s in the southwest… and my last camping trip I paddled in to find 2 700’S already there. One Garnet, one red. :slight_smile:

Thanks all!
My car is a gun metal color so matching it would have been tough. :slight_smile: I did take some pictures right before I left for work so when I get home tonight I will put them on webshots and post the link. Speaking of that, your link says forbiden…

"The color is very nice (deep garnet)."

Kool-aid colored. How appropriate!

Enjoy the boat.

Hey Franklin!
I already have an Onno paddle! :slight_smile: I got the full touring signature series. Nice piece of work and very light.

Pictures for your viewing pleasure…

Check out my projects while you are there. :slight_smile:

Nice pix. She’s a beauty all right, but I already knew that from personal experience. I can assure you there will be no “buyers remorse”, just a wide grin and plenty of pride every time you take her out. Godspeed!

Pretty boat, I’ve got a 600X and love it. However, I also had a Valley Pintail for a while in crimson red, which is virtually the same color as your boat, and that color shows every little scratch and believe me you never realize how many you get even in a year, even while being careful! But as far as the boat itself, yeah great boat, fast, great for trips and easy to roll.