Picked up my spring project and Honey's new ride

Boat is too old for a HIN but my local canoe guy, Castoff, pronounced it worthy of repair.
Obviously needs paint and the bow needs some glass.
It’s chopper built and I’d like to cover the inside with a sealant .
It’s an Indian River.IMG_20211127_161210202_HDR|666x500


Paint entire boat with Interlux Perfection it will look like new.

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Nice. I bet Honey will approve.

Two part paint is super tough. I put some on a fiberglass dock box to see if I liked color. Went to sand it with random orbital and 120 grit. Super tough stuff I didn’t even bother to take it all off. Will do entire box in spring. Did a kayak 11+ years ago still shiny.

West marine sells it for $125 qt. they are nuts I buy it for 85 local marine supply.

I hope it goes a long way.

Honey approves of almost anything as long as we’re together.
Kind of like those early days in human relationships before she figures out who you really are .

I’d say two quarts is plenty. Well worth it look better than new with some effort. Hull looks in good shape.

Hull is in good shape, all but for a bit of wear through the ends on some gelcoat. A couple of small fiberglass skid plates on the ends would take care of that. The inside of the hull looks almost new. Which I found amazing for a 50+ year old canoe. I think it spent more time upside down than right side up. The wood in the seats needs refinishing or replacing, and the end decks need to be replaced. However, it is good to paddle as is.

It also needs a paddler. It was a beautiful day.

My friend who builds and repairs boats looked the canoe over and pronounced it in good shape.
He is going to put a thin coat of gel coat inside to prevent glass fuzzing. We’re going to remove and repair or replace the seats.
I am going to clean and paint the hull with epoxy paint.
Looking good for spring!

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If you bring Honey down here, and maybe Castoff too, I’d paddle with you.

Honey doesn’t laugh at my cheap shots and weak jokes.

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Before you paint, try sanding a section of it with 320 or 400 grit to get the haze off an try waxing it. A buddy of mine picked up an old fg Bell Morningstar that was in about he same shape and he was able to sand it out and wax it and looks almost brand new.

I’ll do that
Thanks :+1:

I’d try a higher grit like 1000 to start. You can always go coarser but harder to go back to finer grit.


Beware that the old chopper gun boats were not that strong. Most are older and get brittle over time. Best not to use it in rough water. A friend’s chopper gun canoe broke to pieces 3 days from the take out.

No need to use expensive paint on such a boat. Rustoleum marine enamel is good, but so is house paint.

I’ve seen these older boats in pieces . No rough stuff for this one and no long trips, a few hours at most.

Tons of old power boats made with chopper guns still going strong.

Powerboats weigh 500 pounds and are re-inforced with stringers, plywood transoms and other materials. . Canoes are made much lighter.