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No, this isn’t another pretty picture thread. I think that content has already surpassed National Geograhic in quality. This is about where you picture yourself paddling in the future; something on your bucket list. You may not have gone there yet, but you can place yourself there virtually on Google Maps and paste the coordinates for others to see and comment. If you love maps and dreaming this sould be fun.

Kicking it off with this somewhat odd location on my list: 43.830759325845406, -73.39112725185589

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What are all them numbers?

I used decimal coordinates you can paste into Google Maps. @bud16415 has a better way where we see the map. Please share how that’s done.

Consider just naming the location.

This translates to Lake Champlain

Yes, the southern, narrower, hillier, less inhabited part.

OK, you win! That’s certainly one place you can’t paddle to get to though.

I just copied the contents of the URL bar in my browser when pinpointed on the location I selected. The Paddling.com site takes care of the rest. As to paddling there you are likely correct they are quite strict about access to the lake. I believe they have a power boat you can buy a ride on during the summer months. I was there a number of years ago on labor day and was told I was lucky to have made it as the park closes the next day. It was a beautiful 80 degree day and they told me after labor day they could get impassable snows at any time.

I don’t think I will ever paddle it but you asked for our dream location and that would be mine I think. When I was there I commented to family that it was the most beautiful natural site I had ever viewed. I can’t imagine a more beautiful blue. Of course that is caused by deep water that because of the ph has no plant life in it. All light is absorbed except the blue spectrum. As a side note driving to the lake is not for the slight of heart. I got pulled over by a park ranger on the way up for crossing the centerline often. He asked me if I was drinking and I said no but I’m from Pa. and I would have to be drinking to stay that close to 1000 foot drop-offs. He laughed and said they get a lot of that and told me to be safe.

Always tried to find a time to do the Crater Lake marathon however never had the time when I lived out West. Now it would be fun to paddle it next year when I drive out to do some rock gardening. Thanks for the reminder about that scenic location.

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Looked at buying a weekend home on this lake near Macon Missouri. The Lake is owned by the city and maintained by the Missouri Conservation Department. It is a no wake lake and supposed to have a lot of bass. Perfect kayak fishing spot. 39.48097215951664, -92.47510791710353

I’ll be dam’d. Looks like a nice tranquil spot.

I did some exploring by car there a few years ago. Looks like a nice place to paddle but access to the lake looked complicated in lots of places we stopped. We did paddle on the St. Lawerence River in Montreal area. That was pretty exciting. I discovered that one of my ancestors and his brother were officers on a British warship on the lake during the Revolutionary War. That branch of my family were loyalists. My ancestor wasn’t the best sea officer by British navy standards and he ended up being put ashore as a spy for the Brits in towns at the south end of the Lake. He wasn’t a very good spy either, and both sides considered him incompetent; the Americans just requested he stay in Canada when he was captured and they sent him back. Not such a glorious Revolutionary War hero.

Hmm, is this thread about realistic or unrealistic paddling dreams?

Realistic: Wellfleet Harbor and Nauset Bay (both along the Cape Cod National Seashore)

Semi-Unrealistic: Curry Hammock State Park in the Florida Keys

Totally Unrealistic: Sognefjord, Norway


Sognefjord might be pricey to pull off, and who knows when it will be possible to travel internationally again next year, but Sognefjord is not totally unrealistic, I had reservations with a group to paddle the summer of 2020, leaving from Aurland and doing three side fjords in a week, that was canceled due to covid. I’m getting old so I may not be able to pull this off but I plan on trying to make it happen in the next two years if I can still afford it. I lived in Norway several years ago and have contacts and friends. Here’s a picture from Undredal boat rentals on a southern arm of Sognefjord last time I visited in 2015.


And a professional picture taken from the top of the mountain in the picture.


Ahh, Montreal is where I grew up, right by the Lachine Rapids, the main navigation blockage in exploration times. That’s why they built the Lachine Canal (around the same time as the Erie Canal).

In my younger days, the Lachine Canal was viewed as an ugly relic and eyesore. But in 2002 it was rebuilt for pleasure craft, and all the locks work. So I have to put that on my bucket list. A nice 15 km (9 mile) leisurely day paddle now flanked by paths, restaurants, and markets.





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Too far from North Carolina, but maybe someday…

Glacier National Park, Logging Lake to Grace Lake (48.7584267828328, -114.07298369662756) Some hiking required too.

Yellowstone National Park, Lewis Lake to Shoshone Lake via the Lewis River (44.37442711733637, -110.6908219695293) There are backcountry campsites available on Shoshone Lake.

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Nice, far, and remote.