Pictures of a New this normal?

Okay so I got my new Wilderness System Pamlico 135T delivered from Austin Kayaks. Please let me know if I am over reacting…too much of a perfectionist…or is there reason for concern? The kayak has what I would best term “blemishes” or “chemical marks” on the top of the kayak. In the following pictures they look like smudges…which I thought they were…but when trying to wash them off they are actually permanent markings. Obviously the kayak will get character markings as it gets used, but is this normal for a new kayak? I apologize in advance for being nit picky, but will yield to any and all comments and/or suggestions regarding the pictures. Thanks!

New Boat?
You’re right, the marks aren’t that bad, but candidly this looks like a used boat. Did you buy it as “new”?

If that is a new boat I would complain about it.

Not New…
Not New… Maybe the term shop worn - I would complain.

might be
marks from the mold, from shipping or from being stacked up in storage – you could use some plastic polish or yacht wax on it, but it’s a plastic boat, just take it out and put a few scratches & dings in it!

More visible due to dark color
But those look a lot like what was on my new (warranty replacement) boat, which I loaded with the plastic wrap still on it, on Memorial weekend. Two paddles later and they are no longer visible due to other handling marks.

I understand the need to have new, but unless the process is really hassle-free for you, I wouldn’t bother even contacting the store. In few trips they won’t even be visible to you.

I too am fussy

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and this would bother me when purchased as new - looks used or badly handled. Its really hard to say without seeing it in person. Is it a 2011?

I have seen boats for sale new that were obviously used - i ended up with one at EMS (last one) but got an additional discount (which i asked for) which was ok with me. I also ended up with a special order and unbelievably sold as a "1st" with holes filled in where the footpegs were placed incorrectly when assembling. I asked again for an adjustment from Wilderness Systems which they agreed upon. I wouldn't have taken that one as it is rough on the sides but it would have taken so long to get another and EMS wasnt apparently willing to oblige.

Perhaps you can also get some sort of adjustment from Austin - i have ordered items from them and they seem like a pretty good company to deal with.

Scuffs from handling. It’s your
decision whether to pursue it with Austin or just go paddling.

You’ve probably been in and out of it yourself, but if not, you can check up in the bow where one’s heels would scuff the plastic. I doubt that it has been used on the water, just handled a little carelessly.

Try some 303 protectant on that, might just disappear! And, 303 is great for the plastic, as well!

From those pictures! Forget about it.
That is tame compared to other “delivered” boat stories.

Just paddle it. It’s just a confluence boat, not some masterpiece one off, or even a semi custom. It’s a mass market boat with milllldddd superficial marks.

If you feel like being a d*%k to a low margin paddle shop, you can complain it’s not showroom. But ask yourself if it really makes any difference at all to you or how you’re going to paddle it. It’s not a Ferrari, it’s an Escort.

If this were a larger trend I might tend towards organizing the masses. But this is realllly low on the radar.

Is this your first kayak?
If so, then I understand (being a perfectionist myself). Luckily for me, I had had plastic kayak from new until it was 3 years old (then sold it) and here is some consolation: it will get MUCH more scuff marks after you’ve used it for a few months. So much more that you’ll forget about these ones. And those new marks will be on the bottom (where it matters) rather than on the deck, and they will be deeper and uglier.

Conclusion: what you can see is NOT use marks. They are shipping and storage marks. Austin Kayaks are nice people and will do whatever they can if you pursue this matter, but it’s just not worth it, IMO.

The only thing wrong with it is it’s a kayak. That’s a brand new, never used boat. Every boat has marks like that, they’re inevitable handling marks that occur during production. Dont listen to anyone saying that’s a used boat. I wouldn’t give it any more thought, just take it out and enjoy it…in a few weeks you’ll realize you were over-reacting.

“Obviously the kayak will get …
character markings as it gets used …”

Enough said.

new but demoed?

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Looks like paddle marks. The boat may be "new" but people have tried it at demos and you have a few paddle marks from careless tryouts?

I understand your concern for an unblemished boat. But I also understand what dealers go through trying to sell boats that everyone wants to try too. Personally I'm not that obsessive about those things and what are your options? Not many since you want to paddle now. I'd just live with it and forget about it. If it was a scratched up glass boat perhaps you might be more rightfully upset.

No excuses for the dealer
Should be swapped at their expense for a true as new one or discounted. Some people only improve their operations when it costs them $$. R

I’d say if that boat was sold for $1000, maybe $20 off would be fair for those scuffs. Kayaks and canoes are not like cars - they don’t rust, for one thing, and nobody cares about having a perfectly shiny boat (except maybe a rare breed of wooden canoe collectors who don’t actually paddle them). The scuffs you have seem inevitable, and they will make no difference to how it paddles. I’d get out and use the canoe right away, as that would be much more fun than going back to your dealer and negotiating for a free bilge pump.

Happened during shipping
This kind of abrasion happens all the time during shipping. Because the plastic is so soft and freight handlers care so little, the boat gets dragged, stacked and tossed; minor scuffs are bound to happen. Austin does a great job of handling boats, I doubt the boat left their place in this condition. The people who damaged your boat was the shipper. When you signed for the boat, you released them from liability. Basically, suck it up and go paddle.

Best thing to do is
take it down a rocky creek and get it over with. If you treat it right, you shouldn’t be able to pick out those scuffs from any of the rest by August. Pretty common handling marks from shuffling around the shop and or demo paddle. Get some fish juice on their right away.

that depends on you
If you want to sacrifice more of your time on principle, request a return or a partial credit. If not, I’d call it good and go paddling.

This is what…
happened to my tempest 165. Shipper dragged it at some point and scratched up the very tip of the stern and keel meet. I’m a perfectionist and was kinda irritated but I took it out that weekend and put a few more scratches in the bottom unintentionally and haven’t thought about it since.

Unless you plan on garaging it and never using it I wouldn’t waste any more thought on it.