Place for winter stay of about 3 months

What are some good places to rent a place by the ocean in the so-called off season? Specifically, where am I most likely to be able to rent (at a reasonable rate) someplace I can just hand-carry my kayak to the beach?

It doesn’t have to be a tropical place, but I would prefer to keep water and air temps at least 50 degrees, and someplace where I could practice long-boat surfing without much crowding or threat from territorial boardsurfers. I guess that rules out California. I was thinking maybe Cape Cod but that’s pretty cold for winter watersports (and a long drive).

Someone suggested South or North Carolina. Any info on rentals at surf-friendly beaches there? I’d be willing to drive that far for a multimonth rental.

I’m serious.

Iriomote Island

Should add: in the U.S.A.
I would prefer not to have to fly and rent every darned piece of equipment including a car. Trying to keep costs down.

There may be some real bargains on
the Gulf Coast. By winter, much of the free floating oil could be gone. Just be careful if you enter tight estuaris or mangrove swamps.

You could drive to Baja
hooches on the beach are cheap
has been a great source for vacation spots for wife and I. We favor SC coast - Beaufort, Edisto and perhaps Georgetown. All have decent surf and close to grocery and other diversions. GA has Tybee and Jekyll. Am sure NC has lots to offer too. Long term of month would be very attractive to owners.

Cape Cod isn’t fun in winter
While the Cape Cod waters are definitely warmer than they are on Cape Ann – although this year is an exception – they do get chillier in late fall into winter and average around 40+ or -. Plus, the Cape gets snow and it’s terribly desolate in wintertime. Boston is a hour plus away, too, and longer depending where you live.

I recommend Tybee, where the water is warm year round, 50 in the winter – and Savannah, a beautiful and cultural city, is close by for that occasional dose of reality.

The only thing I have noticed about Tybee is that their “winter season” doesn’t quite jibe with what we call a “winter season” up here in Yankee Land. Their winter can “start” in October with cheap rates, but those rates start to go up in March.

Off Season on the Gulf Coast…
Anywhere north of St. Pete. I would imagine VERY good deals from Ft. Walton Beach west to New Orleans after this summer.

New Zealand -their summer
Check out North, Bay of Plenty or Gisborne if you want warmer water. South Island is really great, very unpopulated, but colder water.

Narragansett, RI
Since you were thinking Northeast. You should be able to rent a cottage really close to the beach. Great surf. Providence is not far. Many people paddle all winter long, don’t really care about the water temps, just dress for them. Just a thought.

What months were you looking at
and what type of surf?

Here in Venice, Fl. (gulf coast) there is surf in the winter, the water’s fairly warm, (65-70F) and there are a still few places where cheap rents can be gotten, though most places get pricey during winter. (Course we are still hoping to have no oil on beaches south of St Pete. That may change over the next few days in which case rents will drop like that Russian donkey on B&B!). Lot’s of paddlers here, in Sarasota and on up thru the Sweetwater area.

Most of the surf in Florida is on the east coast…Melbourne, Daytona, etc, but I’m sure there are paddlers in the area who be willing to help find a cheap rental for you. I know a few in this area.


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I don't think the CC winters would be so bad if they're like the way they used to be. But it sounds like recent years have been snowier and colder.

It certainly couldn't be nearly as bad as winters here, but then again I'm trying to maximize my paddling time. So CC is pretty much off the list, as is RI or Westport, MA area.

The distance from Boston doesn't bother me, nor does the lack of entertainment. There are a couple other activities aside from paddling that I want to work on.

I noticed the same thing about seasons at Tybee, which, BTW, is at the top of my list. It just means that I'd come home and still have about 3 more months of winter to get through. Of course, I could draw out the return drive to take a couple of weeks, or maybe go to Sweetwater Symposium again if they hold it a little earlier in February, or, well, you get the idea. I didn't miss being away 5 wks last winter, not for one moment.

Anywhere from October through March
Our winters have gotten longer, I swear. So I’m considering about 3 consecutive months somewhere in this stretch of time.

Gulf coast is a possibility, though I am definitely concerned about reserving a place for such a long time and having plans trashed by oil. Since I visited there in February, I’d like to go somewhere else this time. But nothing definite yet.

Ocean Rental
Take a look at Ocean Shores in Washington State. Cheap housing all year long, very nice water and not a lot of people. Also check out Aberdeen next door to OC.

You can also take the ferry to Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska and find a small place to rent for reasonable rates.

NC and SC could provide you what you
are looking for.

Most of the winter the temps are in the fifties and the water temps above that.

There are occasioanl days where it can be cold and possible even a snaow flake or two, but then there are many days in the sixties and seventies.

Many people flock there in the winter since it is ideal golfing weather.

Get on line for some realtors at Carolina Beach, Ocean Isle, Emerald Isle, and I’ll bet you can get a decent deal.

jack L

Emerald Isle
If you decide to check out Emerald Isle, NC, Bluewater Realty has a huge number of rentals including some longer term available and they are good to work with.

There are some good places to surf that even in the summer you won’t run into many other surfers. Check out Cape Lookout National Seashore and Hammocks Beach State Park.

I would check out
coastal Georgia - Brunswick, St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island. I’ve spent a lot of time there for work - both in the summer AND in the winter. Probably one of the least expensive you’ll find as far as coastal rentals are concerned (especially Brunswick, itself). Winter temps can get below 50, but not all that often.

Emerald Isle = Bouge Inlet
Another plug for the Emerald Isle - Swansboro NC area.

Lamar is usually looking for a surfing buddy during the off season. Incredible paddler in the surf, you’d learn lots from him. Bouge Inlet is where he hangs out.



Clearwater, Fl
My folks have a 2BR house in Clearwater available. 1 Car garage, A/C Fully applianced. Residential neighborhood. Ten mins from cleawater beach, tampa river, and a ton of other paddling, surf to rivers. gator activity is quiet, temps are reasonable. also close to tampa airport, Pinellas bike trail (48 miles tarpon to st. pete.)

Let me know if you’re interested.