Pls recommend a light truck tire.

I love Michelin tires, but don’t want to pay that much. Have you gotten good life from others?


Michelin cheapest per mile.

BF Goodrich—but the price might be only a tiny bit less.

Michelin onws BFG

I don’t know how you drive, but I’m a gentle driver and got about 135,000 miles on the set of Goodyear Wrangler RT/S tires that my '95 Blazer came with from the factory. I usually get about 90,000 miles from a set of light-truck all-season radials, so for my next set I got the same kind. Now at 43,000 miles they still look almost new. I have no idea how they are priced in comparison with others, but the combination of that kind of lifespan and the fact that they have noticeably better traction in snow than any other brand that I’ve had before (mostly Michelins and Coopers) meant that I didn’t give the decision much thought.

For what it’s worth, I rotate the tires every 10,000 miles, which helps quite a bit with extra wear life.

I’m also a gentle on the vehicle driver, I think. My tires tend to suffer more from age than use. Going shopping tomorrow.

Last time I got the General Grabbers. I’m old school and wanted white outline letters… quiet and smooth tires.
I really wanted whitewalls.

@pikabike said:
BF Goodrich—but the price might be only a tiny bit less.

I had a set on each of two trucks . No flats.

I had whitewalls for years in the Army. Prefer black on the truck.

I remember when about the only cars without whitewalls were priests driving new Buicks and didn’t want it to look like they were wasting money.
When the California Highway Patrol were testing Michelins, they only came in whitewall back then, they had to turn them inside as the public complained.

Cooper Discoverer AT3’s are a fantastic tire for a good price! Expedition portal did a shoot-out with several brands including the classic goodyears and the coopers won handily. I’ve been using them for a while now and they work great in pretty much all conditions.

Hey string, please let us know what you get and how you like them. I’m going to replace the Dunlops that came on my wife’s 4 Runner because they suck in the winter. You can get some good info by reading reviews on…my Dunlops are rated like one star for winter driving with comments like “I can’t believe Toyota put these on a 4Runner”. I intend to look at Michelins and maybe Pirellis…I’ve had some good experience with Pirellis and the Scorpion is highly rated. If I may add, I’d recommend against shopping based on how long they last since traction and long life may not go together and vehicles with hard tires take longer to stop.

I put Toyo Celcius CUV tires on my Ford Flex. Supposed to be an all season plus type of tire, better for winter driving than typical all season tires. I’m 1 year into them and they seem to be holding up well despite the terrible roads and a big heavy vehicle, although I drive fairly conservatively. They seemed good last winter, although we didn’t get too much snow, but good stopping power in messy conditions. Much better than the Yokohamas they replaced.

Thanks Tom. My Toyota dealer has a buy 4/ get one deal on now. I’ve been looking at Continental because they are made in USA.
So are Michelin , right down the road.

do a search at Tirerack or 1010tires, they have reviews of tires

There are three season and 4 season tires. No clue if you need real snow rated tires.

there is way more than “all season” which are a misnomer and true snow tires… In trucks you have to choose between load range (ply) ratings.

Up here sometimes 10 ply ratings are needed… So without knowing more about your intended use its impossible to recommend… We get by with D though we have been lucky

I live in the South and usually drive on roads with moderate loads at best.

@kayamedic said:

Up here sometimes 10 ply ratings are needed… So without knowing more about your intended use its impossible to recommend…

My last several truck tire sets have been 10 ply rated with slightly more aggressive “all terrain” tred…………“Light Truck” is also a bit confusing too. For example my 10,000# travel trailer uses LT tires. My 7500 pound truck also uses light truck tires…I think the Chev LUV truck also took LTs. but that was last century.