Pnet website renovation coming soon

Anyone else notice that little blurb in this week’s newsletter?

You read the newsletter? :wink:

They will probably…
kick us long time posters who never joined “paddle perks” or whatever they call it off the boards!

Jack L

just the ones without profiles.

Nah, that won’t happen.
The community is what makes the site.

Described as a new “candy shell.” Interesting description.

pictures please
It’d be nice to be able to directly embed pictures like on oh, every other forum on the interweb. Just sayin

It’s about time they got rid of
all this paddling stuff to concentrate solely on

the Bicker and Banter forum.

(Hey, it’s been a divisive election year…So why not start another dirty rumor?);-

You mean like the good old days
jack L

Remarkable job this year …
of keeping the Bicker and Banter boys off the main forums for political posts. Nice to go someplace without all the negativism.

Yeah, nice job
dissing B&B for negativism.

are you serious?

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AFAIK Brent doesn't "keep" anyone from b&b away from any other forum. OTOH, I HAVE noticed that regulars of these other forums can't find their way over to b&b when they want to bicker, take personal shots at others, or make political references. I usually tell them to take it to b&b, but, funny thing, no takers.


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Some people lack a sense of humor.

(Not sayin' you.)

And some
Are just ignorant whiny biches

J/K :slight_smile:

Oh dear, no more classifieds. :frowning:
“ALERT: The Classified Ad service will be discontinued soon!!”


funny stories
will likely vanish. There hasn’t been a new one in five years.

No marketplace ?
Why not ?

The website is a market.

You can tolerate your thievery not ours ?

that is a bummer

In total agreement.
I’ve read the classifieds here daily in the hope of finding an LV within reasonable driving distance.

That would leave CL as the only option - a site that doesn’t have the best of reputations.

I agree

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The classifieds and the forums, are the main draws for me. I have bought and sold several kayaks; over the years, through PNET. It is a nice resource, when shopping for a used kayak. Also the classified ad perk, is the main reason, I join paddling perks .

Also heard, the are getting rid of the calendar. I will miss that as well.

Wish they would revamp or scrap, the reviews. They are a joke. Real kayaks, from real paddlers rarely get a 10/10. But cheap junk; from a big box store, always gets a 10/10. Most of the reviews are worthless.

Will miss…
I’ll miss the classifieds.

Would not miss the “unrealistic” reviews.

B&B…never waste my time there.