polycarbonate for booze?

Nalgene and their peers, seem to be best for all other liquids, is it also the best for storing, say, a quality scotch for a month or so, or should i keep to glass or stainless?

please weigh in you hard liquor drinkers…

You’ll need
to keep that bottle for that special use afterwards: It takes on the smell (at least mine did)-and drinking water with just a distant hint of booze is not fun…

keeping the good stuff

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You could buy a bottle of the 3 year old blended swill in a plactic bottle, pour it down the drain and refill it with some vintage Highland Park, Laphroaig, Glenmorangie, Lagavulin, or some tasty McCallan.

Ahh, single malt scotch, thke beverage of kings and finer gentlemen everywhere. Have a dram on me. Mere pirates can have their rum, but I never paddle without my trusty PDF sized pocket flask.... For medicinal purposes only.

A month?
You can keep a Scotch around for a whole month? Mine never lasts that long…

What if you put the Scotch in a plastic bag, tied off, inside the Nalgene bottle?

Then tell people it’s pee! You’ll never worry about anybody sneaking a sip!

The best for liquour
is HDPE plastic. It works quite well. Generally it is a transclucent white plastic.

from Nalgene!

the cap has a pop-off shot glass…and the blue piece is so you could share (why?) Large amounts…

the blue does add some rigidity to the flask though…but for an $8.00 flask…hmm

Can’t see any benefit to plastic except cost, but if you are talking single malt Scotch, this is clearly moot. Probably even weighs about the same.

Lagavulin 16

stainless for a flask. But the bottle in my wanigan is a large Nalgene…has to last a while on a trip-medicine, you know…

I prefer Cognac over Scotch, though.

air ports
maybe you do not want a metal flask because of the airport detectors. I have been on a plane for two trips, only one was recent, but I think of EVERYTHING in terms of taking it on an airplane.

I have had flasks, and friends ave them, and I have tried lots of containers, if I wree to buy one now, that Naglene looks mighty nice. No dents, you know it will last, hard to puncture. I will, sadly thought, probbably stay with buying my cheap burbon in the “travel flask” plastic bottle. it isn’t classy, but it works.


Flea market
I have a medium sized glass flask with leather cover that I got from a flea market for $5 - works well. Try the Famous Grouse - it’s a tasty blended scotch, about the same price as Dewars’s but much, much better - it’s got single malts from Macallan and Glenmorangie in it, among others. Easier on the wallet and smooth.

Polycarbonate plastics
Bisphenol A is the plasticizer used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastics (e.g. Nalgene bottles). Bisphenol A has been identified as an estrogen mimmiker, and has been linked to cancer. When plastic bottles and other vessels (#7 recycle) deteriorate over time or are damaged through use, Bisphenol A may leach out into your chosen liquid. The rest is easily deduced. Sorry to spoil your fun.

Tupperware emits carcinogens
Cooking food over charcol fills food with PAHs, eating wild berries can kill you because of the pathogens that exist on it, some softdrinks with Vitamin C contain vinyl chloride, and on and on…

I love when folks jump on this crap, but neglect to educate themselves that the average commute to and from work fills your body with more contaminants than you will ever get from these scares.

Oh and for the record we carry our single malt to the BW in both standard nalgene (opaque white) and the polycarbonate version (the clear smoke/colored). I prefer the poly version cause it doesn’t carry the aftertaste to the lemonade.


How about…


I’ve heard they work, but I don’t have any first-hand knowledge about leeching or absorbing flavors.


Can’t take liquids, anyway…
Not in carry-on at least, unless your container is less than 3.6 ozs. So, put the metal flask in your luggage. They’re gonna look if they want to!

I Use Nalgene for My Jack Daniels
It may not be as good as glass, but if you ever had a half pint bottle break in your dufflebag, you know what I mean…

Ha the same thing happened to me (but with Jim Beam). Now I use a small LDPE Nalgene bottle (HDPE cracked after a few months). It does affect the taste but all of that stuff is vile anyway. I mean it’s good if you like contaminated solvent. I know I do.

Also: bisphenol A is a monomer, not a plasticizer but who cares?

Just don’t confuse your Sigg drink bottle with your Sigg fuel bottle.

It would be a shame to waste good scotch in your stove.

I am surprised that many here favor the polyethylene Nalgene bottles over the polycarbonate. My experience is that the HDPE nalgenes willretain odors, and I have had them become brittle and crack as they aged.

My current transportation system is a pint Nalgene lexan bottle snuggled in a padded OR bottle container. I do not store bourbon in it except for trips.


Lexan is what I meant
when I referred to the polycarbonate. Tried to clear it up though with the visual description. And heck forget the nestin. We just toss the half dozen or so bottles in the portage pack and have no worries.