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I’m interested in taking a pool rolling class and wondered what is the best type of clothing to wear? sounds a little stupid i know, but i was wondering if the pool chemicals will wreak havoc on the a wetsuit or a neoprene sprayskirt? it’s a 3 hr. trip from home so they could be sitting around for a while unless we can hose them off. any thoughts or experience with this or anything else that we should look out for? thanks.

Hose them off or take them in the shower
My experience with pool sessions is that most indoor pools are associated with locker rooms and showers. If there is not a hose readily available, take your neoprene into the shower after the session. I’ve often thrown my pfd and sprayskirt into the shower and worn the clothes I wore in the pool into the shower and undress under the running water.

dress light

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I am most comfortable wearing a short sleeve or long sleeve rash guard, and bathing suit. I've seen some wear a wetsuit, but I find that too hot. After all the water is likely to be over 80 degrees! Maybe if you tend to run cold a wetsuit would be comfortable though.

I've never noticed a problem with neoprene and pool water. My skirt or booties seem to hold up fine.

Any pool I've been to has a hose hooked up, because they want you to clean your boat before it enters the pool. I just hose off all my gear when I'm on my way out, so it's not sitting in chlorine.

My Experience

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I agree with the comment about the warm water. A swimsuit should be all you need. A little chlorine will fade your spray skirt some. Might shorten it's life a bit. It won't wreck it right away.

And good luck with the rolling! Don't be discouraged if you don't roll first time out. Most folks I know take 3 or 4 sessions to get their first roll.


Just excited to try…if i do 1 i will go home a happy camper :0)

Well …
chlorine will put a pretty good fade on nylon and neoprene over time, just like it does to bathing suits. It probably does shorten the life of the garment to some degree. I have an old pfd and sprayskirt that I use in the pool and I used to rinse as Wilsoj suggests, but I believe it was Greyak who pointed out an a thread a couple of years ago that the chlorine in the drinking water (think hose/shower) is probably at least as bad or worse than a chlorinated pool. You just notice it more in the pool because it’s added in a different form. Maybe Greyak will weigh in with his thoughts.



Hose it off

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As others have said just hose off you're gear and it will be fine. I wear my PFD, farmer johns and a rash guard because it helps me lock into my kayak better and offers boyancy. You should dress as if you were going out for a paddle and if you get hot just go for a swim.


some thoughts
Everybody is different - some people will tend to get cold, some not.

Keep in mind, you are going for a rolling class - almost all of the time will be spent being dunked in the water.

And dragged out, and being dunked again. Evaporative cooling and energy expenditure might make you chilled.

When I instruct, I wear a farmer john with a shorty semi-dry with and underlayer for comfort.

When I do not - that is pool session of rolls and related- semi-dry shorty with underlayer for comfort.

Oh, and swimming shorts for appearances.

As to the sprayskirt - neoprene is the only thing that has some chance of keeping the water out of your boat.

When I posted my ‘maybe’ list for possible kayak carrying vehicles to purchase you suggested the Hyundai Elantra Touring. It handled very nicely. Hope to have a dark grey one soon. Thanks.

Get somkething with …
… long sleeves and long pants. If you use short sleve/short pants or just a bathing suit, you are likely to rub into the boat and get some sore points.

Other than that, the PFD will keep you warm enough. You do not want to overdress - you’ll generate enough heat during the session.

A helmet may be a good idea if the pool is crowded.

I usually wear nose and ear plugs plus goggles. It allows for a much more relaxed experimentation underwater. In fact, quite a few of the others I go to pool sessions with have these things at hand so it is not unusual. If I do not wear goggles my eyes get foggy and irritated from the chlorine quite quickly. And the pinch in the nose is not that pleasant either without nose-plugs. Ear plugs I find optional since the water is warm and clean (hopefully), but they are a nice convenience too.

In a sea kayak I also taka a bilge pump with me so that I do not have to come out of the boat to empty water too often - water will get inside more compared to when I’m dressed-up for a normal paddle since my skirt is not as tight as it would be if you had a dry-top or similar garment to hold it in place to my body.

3 hours from northern NH?
Just curious - where are you traveling to for this pool session?

Your profile says you’re in northern NH, and I think I know of some pool sessions going on soon in North Conway with a really great instructor. I’m guessing that’s about an hour from most of NH?

I’d hate to drive farther than I had to. If you’re interested check Cheri and Turner’s schedule on Kayakways.net

take wetsuit and bathing suit
and a rashguard.

Some pools are warm, and some aren’t. Competition pools are generally kept colder, which I found out when I showed up with only a bathing suit and ended up pretty cold after two hours in the water.

Yes… Nose Clips
Some folks like the goggle thing. I have a buddy that has become ‘goggle dependent’. He won’t roll without it. That’s not good. For that reason I’d recommend not using goggles or limiting them to your first couple of sessions.

I don’t like rolling without nose clips but I can.

As above and

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Definitely pursue Nate's idea. Nate, I know the locales and you are well on. An hour and 15 minutes according to Google.

As above, find out the temperature of the pool water. If it is one that is used for lap swimming when boats aren't in it, you may find it a little chilly for bathing suit or thin rash guard. If they use it for senior citizens water aerobics it'll be quite toasty.

I have shown up with a hydroskin top in some around here and not been too hot. Also, you will be spending time hanging around above the water wet between attempts, and resting. So figure that you'll be up in the air some with wet clothes.

I also find that pool water is not nice on my eyes, necessitating goggles. Then add in a relatively small face - it's (I mean diving) goggles. There are no nose clips I have found which will stay on what is left of my nose after a pair of swim goggles is on. I don't know if you are able to keep you eyes open under water or not - I can't. But for learning it is useful to see. And I just replicate reality by closing them - in fact even with goggles on it I have to remember to open my eyes.

Definitely hydroskin shorts or similar - otherwise you'll acquire some nice bruises. As to shoes, whatever paddle shoe gives you the best traction. Pool sides can be quite slippery.

goggles+clips=dive facemask NM

amazing resources here on pnet. …
i never know what’s going on unless i read it on pnet. i never see anything advertised or posted in our area ( yes, i know we live far from the coast) so how in the world would one know even if it was in their backyard if you don’t post it , advertise it etc… so it’s pnet to the rescue.so thanks everyone for all the links, tips and advice. you guys are a lifesaver. and unfortunetly the one in my area is full…maybe i could go watch though:0)

I took them last winter.
Excellent and fun. I wore a bathing suit with a hydroskin shirt. I purchased nose plugs per good advice and was prvided a hooded neoprene skirt/anorak-type thing by the instructor. I forgot the name. As mentioned above by many, just like saltwater, hose everything off real good. I do the shower thing too. Wear it in and rinse it off. Good luck and have fun.

such great advice
thanks everyone

your gear to the pool when You go to watch…full doesn’t always mean there isn’t room for just one more…or that several won’t show up…go ready to participate:>)

Best Wishes