Prijon Barracuda

I’m still looking for a used Barracuda if anyone has any leads…

I’ll sell you donna’s…

…for a 6-pack!

How is Milwaukee’s Best…Light?

I sold my second one to donna.

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I still love the one I still have and wouldn;t part with it. So, I can see, original poster, why you'd still be in the market for the fastest plastic boat available.

Did you call Prijon Wildwasser USA yet and speak to them about new and demo boats? Landis Arnold and his lovely wife? js_paddle07, you should if you have not.

Another idea, js_paddle07, is to email all of those that reviewed the Cuda on Pnet (the envelope icon) to see if they are in the market for a new boat--or a tank of petrol--and are willing to part with teh bucking steed that is a Barracuda.

For a beer like THAT…

…I’ll steal your boat for donna!

Everytime I take mine out…

…I like it more.

It’s quirky, but the damn thing will do mach 1

just sitting on the showroom floor.

Probably the smartest uses of my money I’ve ever


I like the 'cuda, but I have considered selling mine (sorry Cooldoc). Only because I feel like I’m not a strong enough paddler to push it even near its top potential speed. Feels like too much boat for me, although otherwise I really do like it.

I was considering an Eddyline Fathom LV which is about 1.5 feet shorter, same width, and lighter, so I think I might be more efficient in that. Need to demo it first, though, and I’ve just been too busy and distracted.

Part of me would really hate to sell it, but…

(quietly pondering)


I felt the same…

…at first, but decided to gut it out. It’s

twitchy as hell, but make a considered effort to

paddle no other boat.

I’m betting you get to love it.

I’m wirh rroberts.

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But if DOnna sells, original poster, it's a sweet red Cuda., Very sweet.

I agree with rroberts, who coached me on my Cuda,m by the way. I have never learned so much from a boat in my life, and I have never enjoyed the learning process as much. One lesson of many learned in the Cuda: swimming is fun!

Honestly, I think it is super for balance, all forms of bracing (not a great roller though with hiigh coaming back and backband). It is sleek and just a great boat.

This dude obviously, from his caption, thinks the Cuda is a good roller. I disagree.


Thanks for the words
of encouragement, but it’s really not the “twitchiness” that bothers me… I’ve never flipped in it except in a practice session when I was practicing bracing and leaned a bit too far over. It actually seems more stable in rougher conditions (can’t explain that, except for secondary stability).

It’s really more a matter of my not being very fast in it… and the whole POINT of that boat is speed. I’m not very fast because I’m not very strong and can’t “push” it. I feel like I’m actually faster in my Riot Evasion than in the ‘cuda (or at least AS fast).

PLUS, the ‘cuda is 17’ long, and my shed is 15’ so I can’t store it at my house, it has to stay at the ex’s. Which means I almost never get to paddle it without driving 1.5 hours out of my way (round trip) every time I want to paddle it somewhere.

Another thing. I love having bragging rights to the 'cuda. I can paddle the thing, I really can. Some people can’t. It’s like ego candy, knowing I can paddle this “bucking bronco”, as some have called it. But I don’t know if that’s a good enough reason to keep it.

Ok, I’m off on a tangent now. Forgive my rambling, but this is helping me sort things out regarding the Boat Plan. (I’m always revamping the Boat Plan.)


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1. Keeping anything at your ex's house is a mistake. Especially a 17 foot water bullet.

2. You could keep it in your living room. Next to the TV and the sofa. It makes a great coffee table, as long as you don't mind your Kool-Aid all over the floor if you brush into it on the way to the bathroom.

3. The ability to tame the "bucking bronco" is actually the only reason to keep it. That's why we all keep it.

I bought a Reggie backband
for it, because it obviously wasn’t going to let me roll it with the existing seatback. But I never put it on (partly because I hardly ever see it, since it doesn’t live with me, lol).

I do think it needs a different back if Original Poster is planning on rolling it.

Original Poster, you coming up toward Ohio anytime soon? The good news is I’m in extreme SW Ohio… four miles north of the Ohio River.

Still pondering…


'cuda in the living room

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My whole house is 968 square feet, according to the County Auditor's website, and The Offspring (in college) is living with me. So there's really not much room unless I can figure out a way to sleep in it. :)

Still, I hate to part with it.


(heavy sigh)

p.s. Cute, with all the numbers behind my name. :)

When r you, me and rroberts gonna

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camp with three blazing Cudas in INdiana?

The Cuda really is a sweet looking plastic boat.

Original poster, Donna is throwing
in a Reggie!

I think, if OP is looking for a used Cuda for sale, Donna3456 might have the onily one in the entire USA.

Think about it…
I personally think you should go with an Eddyline :slight_smile:

Just let me know what you decide. I don’t plan on being up your way anytime soon, but I am always up for a road trip if you decide to sell. Keep in touch.

Ok, commencing thinkage… NM

So Donna
How much for the 'Cuda???

Hey Redmond!!!
Not cool…

I’m coming out of this deal with a Barracuda or a Sprinter. I’ll race you to Ohio :slight_smile:

donna, place it on ebay
and let Redmond and js_paddler outbid one another for it. I might even throw in my two cents.

Honestly, if it was not a storage issue for me, I would gladly have two.