Prijon Motion vs. Necky Manitou 14?

I’ve been shopping/comparing boats and I’m torn between the Prijon Motion and the Necky Manitou 14.

I’m 6’ tall, and 170 lbs. I really want a “less than 15’” boat. Both have nice features and seem to have fast hulls for their size. I would appreciate any suggestions/advise/opinions that might help me compare and decide on one or the other. -Thanks!

The Prijon
is a better made boat and more expensive. What’s your price range?

Also the Motion is lower volume - are you a “smaller” paddler? Keep in mind, sometimes that is defined by height and shoe size, not girth.

The Manitou is nice also, but the plastic can deform in hot weather when it’s strapped to your vehicle. Not a big deal - it doesn’t stay that way (my experience) but it’s still annoying. And when I had my Manitou 13, the hatch was a pain. Try putting the neoprene over that hatch lip a few times and make sure it’s easy enough for you. Test front and rear hatches. Maybe they’ve fixed that design problem by now, I don’t know, but it used to be really hard to get the neoprene to stay on because the lip was just too small.

I vote for the Prijon, but you’ll pay significantly more. All plastic is not created equal. Good luck in the search.


not bad at eBay

My vote

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goes to the Prijon. The Prijons' plastic is a lot more scratch resistant. It's a personal preference but I didn't much care for the Extrasport seat in the Manitou boats. The seat back is high even at the lowest position and the seat itself has some side to side movement. The Prijon seat is simpler and feels more like part of the boat. The Motion will be more rudder dependent in windy conditions, but much of the time you won't need it.

Prijon versus Necky
My brother hads a Necky Manitou, such as this:

He used it for a year, and baed on the soft plastic, teh finish being so-so, and the slow nature of it, he next bought a Prijon Seayak and has never looked back.

The Prijons are sea worthy boats: deck perimeter line, finished coaming around cockpit (as opposed to just trimmed one-piece plastic with the hull), neoprene gaskets over each dry hatch, etc. The Necky Manitou is a simple rec boat.

I think if you saw them next to one another, you;'d see the difference.

Good paddling.

Don’t tell him about that!
That’s the one I’ve had MY eye on! :slight_smile:

Prijon in wind…
I agree that the quality of plastic and the constuction of the Prijon is better than the Manitou 14. I would think that the Prijon might be faster as well (although I don’'t know for sure). For these features I can justify the extra $$. My main concern about the Prijon Motion is its ability to handle windy conditions. Does the Motion tend to weather-cock? I like the fact that the Manitou 14 has a skeg, and if I choose the Motion, I really don’t want a rudder. Are my concerns valid??

You have just hit the biggest downside

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...for Prijons. I have advice.

I own a Prijon Calabria, which is a very slightly wider beam (and no front dry hatch) than the Motion, but same length. In windy conditions, it does weathercock. A lot. I too hate rudders, but I had to buy one from Prijon (the butterfly wing rudder deal), and when i drop it down, the 14 foot Calabria tracks on a rail. Do I drop it? In open water, with a wind, yes. I hate the rudder out of the water... hits the ground when I car top, seems to be the thing I bang at the put-in, etc etc... you know the score. But in the water, when I need it, I need it. Period. If you plan to use the Motion for years and years, you will need the rudder.

I cannot comment on the Manitou rec boat windcockage, but as I stated, my brother found it not so great. A skeg on what is clearly a rec boat (some may argue that it is not, but I think it is, so there --sticks out tongue like a bratty tot).

leon wrote: "I'm 6' tall, and 170 lbs. I really want a "less than 15'" boat."

I don't know why you are thinking less than 15 feet... must have your reasons like storage or something, but let me say this... graduate to a Prijon Kodiak or Barracuda, and your need for the rudder in most conditions... yes, if you are on rough water in gale force winds, you still need a rudder... will be nonexistant. The difference in those additions 2-3 feet is dramatic for tracking. On the water, a longer boat will always be your dream. I have found that a 12 foot boat is great for creeks and streams, and a 17 foot boat is great for open water, and a 14-15 foot boat is great at nothing. Extra useless weight (they weigh nearly as much as the 17 footers) making portages hard compared to a 12 footer for creeks, like the Prijon Capri, and yet no benfit of tracking or speed like a 17 footer, like the Barracuda.

Less than 15’
I need to pick a boat that is less than 15’ for storage reasons.

I really appreciate the input and opinions. I think I’ll have a chance to test paddle both boats sometime in the next month or so. -Looking forward to that.

What nonsense
I’m beginning to think 17-18 ft. so called touring kayaks are good at nothing! Few are legit at being fast, and many are lousy in really big conditions. Tsunami Rangers paddle a 15…Mariner Coaster at 13 is legendary big water kayak.

Maybe time to revise your thinking. What about being LONG makes a kayak more seaworthy? Please eductate me. Thanks in advance.

I paddled a re-outfitted Manitou 13 two years ago in big water and kicked ass on the so called sea kayaks. Go figure

And one more point
I get long… I understand all about higher potential speed etc… I get why fitness and power paddlers need that length and can appreciate it. I’d love a Rapier. But do not fool yourself into thinking half these pointy ended 17-18 ft. slugs are fast! They aint, and they aint fun to maneuver…so…what are they good at??? Carrying too much crap?

Reoutfit ?

I’d be interested to know what you did to re-outfit the Manitou 13.(?)


WW thigh hooks and backband
Boat reminded me of a Coaster. With that outfitting and some front flotation I’d paddle that little boat anywhere. Did awesome in the rocks, and surfed well too! Sorta messes with the stereotypes eh?

Hey, salty.

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Salty: "But do not fool yourself into thinking half these pointy ended 17-18 ft. slugs are fast! They aint, and they aint fun to are they good at???"

You have your opinion on the best boats. So, keep on paddling your outfitted rotomolded Manitou 13. Sounds like you have a winner that fits your personality.

I paddle all sorts of boats, which is maybe why I challenge a lot of common sea kayak think. Still wonder why you say longer is more seaworthy? Maybe more directionally stable, but seaworthy? If we look at the most extreme sea kayaking, rock gardening, surfing etc., the trend is toward shorter kayaks. There is no true right, except for what does it for you. My objection is only to blanket absolute statements that are misleading.

Upgraded Manitou 14 Outfitting
I don’t know what Salty did, but I just upgraded my Manitou 14 outfitting with the Chatham thigh braces and backband. Left the seat pan in and simply removed the huge back rest. Now I have better control/fit, my sprayskirt fits better, and nothing is in the way for rolling and re-entry. Just call Necky customer service and order the thigh brace kit or have you local dealer do it for you. Easy to install – just four screws.

Length doesn’t = better tracking.

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Design = better tracking. My 12'6" Old Town Loon (which I paddled on the I&M Canal with you and Bruce in your Calabrias) tracks as well as my 17'2" Aquaterra Sea Lion. My 16'5" Phoenix Vagabond starts to spin when I stop paddling.

Your experience has been limited almost soley to Prijon boats and they are different designs as well as different lengths. If they were all the same design, but different lengths, the difference in tracking wouldn't be as different as between your Calabria and your Barracuda.

Watch any “This is the Sea” Videos
Looks to me like 18-foot kayaks RULE the open water.


:wink: I like shorter boats, too…

I’m addressing tracking in Prijons…
…as the original poster was mentioning Prijon.

You wrote, “My 12’6” Old Town Loon (which I paddled on the I&M Canal with you and Bruce in your Calabrias) tracks as well as my 17’2" Aquaterra Sea Lion."

I doubt this is from a controlled, rigorous comparison. You may have the “skill” to paddle a short boat straight. Also, it is unfair to compare with a tandem, which needs a proper trim (for solo) or a rudder to track straight.