Problems posting location updates to go.paddling App or via webpage

I’ve been trying to contribute photos comments videos to the gopaddling app. Through the app and in the comments portion of the website using Disques. In the case of pinehurst lake my submission through the app never made it to the site even though I got the acknowledgment. The Disques ones worked.

a few days ago I tried to post info on Shades Mill lake. It showed on the page after i hit submit and even let me go back in and make edits. but then I refreshed and checked the app on my phone it was all lost. Others I’ve met at launch points said they had the same problem and just gave up adding content.

Are the posts moderated? Is the moderator falling behind or rejecting content without an explanation?

I hope this issue can be dealt with and all the work was not lost. It’s a shame if content is getting lost. It takes time to make useful postings. This one for Lake Luther worked ok in August
I’ve tried sending a message to the webmaster and “report a problem” but no replies.

Newbies get one picture here. Make some post then you can contribute more I think.

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It takes a while for the updates to be processed by whatever/whomever is doing it. If you get a successful submit message it should show up eventually. The disques comments should show up immediately.

What @PaddleDog52 is referring to is a limit of one picture per post for newcomers that applies in these forums. You were talking about the paddle location map which is different.

See these threads that discuss this issue:

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Much appreciated. My entries earlier in the month went up immediately in the app and in Disques comments. For some reason neither is working for Shades Mill. I’ll just give it some time and hope someone gets to it. It would be nice to have it working and encouraging crowd sourced info about these locations. Thanks!

Thanks for the assist everybody.


Sorry, what does this mean?

Someone has looked into this issue. Problem has been identified? Where my posts lost?

Please advise.



I posted location pictures and updates to two locations on 10/16/2021. The updates were “received” by the system, meaning I received emails that look like this for each update:

As of today 12/3/2021, these updates do not show when I go and look at the locations. I can forward the actual emails to you, if you provide me with an email address.

Please look into this issue and have it corrected.

I will look into this one and get back to you.


Please email them to and they will look into it.


Sent to webmaster as you requested.

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10-4, if you do not get a resolution by end of the week let me know.


I just wanted to take the opportunity to plug the GoPaddling app and suggest that everyone contribute to it. If you find yourself at a launch or a take out that is not listed in the app make an entry. It only takes a few minutes. You can even personalize it a bit by getting your boat or yourself in a picture. I also add to existing entries where the information is outdated.


I’ve given up and moved to a different platform. It just took too much work and the responses not very encouraging. It’s not realistic to share anything but the most basic of info given the current Disqus system. A local newsletter was using it as well and it has driven people away. People put all the work into posts and they often just disappear and the admins don’t seem to care or be able to do anything about it. I’ve got better things to do with my time. Thanks.

What platform have you moved on to?


My updates have been posted now, thanks for your help.

Do the webmasters know what is the problem? Can they fix it so this does not keep happening?

As you can see people are getting frustrated that this is not working as expected.

Pinging the devs on this one for an update.


Heard that back in Sept/Oct. not holding my breath. Never had these probs last year. Seemed a lot différent this summer.

i have been posting pictures for several of the local launch points for several months. that part has been working.

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Some locations worked and some haven’t for me. Your guess is as good as mine which ones will not get blown away. Now I know why such little info exists on the app.

Well, some consideration has to be given to the connectivity at the time (cellular, WiFi).

A neat feature (developers if you are listening) would be an “off line” mode. So that you could create a location and upload a pic and save the entry for submission once you had connectivity. We do after all often paddle in remote locations.

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