PVC piping for boat storage?

I am almost finished the boat barn that I am building, and now it is time to start designing the rack method for storing our thirteen kayaks and canoes.

I was wondering if any one has used PVC piping for their racks, and if so what diameter?

I figure it would be cheaper than using 2" x 4"s

Suggestions, thoughts, etc.



2 x 4s are hard to beat for cheap
and durability

Checking out at Lowes with a bunch of PVC Ts and Ls can lead to mild sticker shock

Go thick
Tried to build a simple one with some 2 inch PVC I had acquired for free. Wasn’t very sturdy. And yes, buying all the assorted joints added up to more than I expected.

Check out the outfitters
They know how to stack boats.


Flat wall
In regards to that pic, the support has an A frame. Has anyone done the same system using a flat garage wall? I believe storing the kayak on its side is the best.

Home Depot large wall brackets…
Those things are only a few bucks each and even come padded with a bit of pipe insulation. I just drill them into my garage wall studs and I’m good to go. I’ve got 4 kayaks stacked up on my garage right now on their sides. It’s ridiculously easy, cheap, and effective.

I think you might have mentioned that
in another post.

What is the length of the arm on them?

I picked up some brackets at Lowes today to experiment with, but the arm is only 14 inches, so I’ll have to add a piece of 2x4 to the top.

They were the longest brackets Lowes had.

I’ll be holding about a dozen canoes and kayaks, so I am looking for the easiest installation and cheapest.



One mans answer

Size to number of boats…

Build a couple of these

The hold 6 each and you can put wheels on them. easy to modify. a little longer across and you could put 2 boats on each.

cheap storage hooks
I use the storage hooks from Lowes or Home Depot…about $5 each. Works well for my poly sea kayaks and rec boats. I have a low ceiling cinderblock garage, so I framed in a short area in the center, and hang two kayaks on each side. The canoe is on the floor upside down on some 6x6’s



see mill’s post and pictures…
Those are the same brackets that I use.

are the way to go. We have a “boat house” that houses 10 kayaks. I made “racks by notching 24” 2X4s to half depth (3/4") and the depth of the studs (3 1/2") and screwed them to the studs with deck screws (pre drill) I reinforced them with a small triangle of scrap plywood under each 2X4 “arm”. I even used white wood 2X4s to keep costs down.

1 x 4s
2 x 4s are heavier than needed. 1 x 4s are plenty strong, and depending on where you live and buy, should be significantly cheaper that 2 x 4s.

Poplar is much nicer than pine, and around here is only a little bit more expensive.

My made from an Ikea bed frame single boat garage wall rack:


I have an a-frame rack on wheels built out of 2x4s, along with some Home Depot ladder hooks on the garage wall. I have since added foam to all the arms as well.


Having it on wheels is great, plus I have room for storage between the bottom boats. If needed, I can swap out the arms for longer versions and double up on the boats.

pvc conduit
I think used 1 1/2. Just get 4 pre bent 90’s and a 10’ of pipe. Glue the 90’s together to make a U and cut a straight piece 2’ long. I drilled 2 holes in the straight piece and lagged then to the wall. I have 4 kayaks on these now for 6 years. Won’t scrap the kayak and thick wall pvc. And cheap to make.

The main thing I have against that set
up is the fact that you have to slide the boats on from the end.

I want to be able to put them on from the side or the end.

I am leaning toward wall brackets on both sides of the barn, and a “T” bar set up in the center.

thanks for sharing though.



Nice neat job !
That is what I will probably use in the center of the barn.

I like the shark on your boat.

I am assuming that one is yours.

You need to put a mermaid on “the brides”



What do those hooks cost ? and …
what department do you find them in?

They look perfect for the kayaks.



Thanks to everyone for your ideas and

There are a lot of good ideas and money saving tips here.

I’ll probably use a mixture of them since I am supporting both canoes and kayaks.



Hey JackL
The shark boat is an old kayak I keep around for beginners tdo play around in. Here is a photoshop “rendition” I did to prototype my idea.


I was thinking about adding a grey plactic shark fin in the fordeck but it might get in the way of paddling…

Good luck on your rack quest. I think a combo like the t-rack for 6 I made and those cheap bracketes on the sides will get you a dozen boats in 8 to 12 food wide shed.