Pymatuning Missing Canoeists

This is from the Meadville PA. Tribune. The Associated Press is reporting a water temp of 40 degrees:

LINESVILLE — The search resumed this morning in Pymatuning for Jay Raubenstrauch, 22, and Richard Kinnan, 21, two Meadville men who are missing and presumed to be in the waters of Pymatuning Lake.

Matt Visosky, a waterways conservation officer with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, said the men had not been found as of noon today.

Authorities continue to search an area off Harris Island where the debris was found Tuesday, but have been unable to locate the missing men, Visosky said. Harris Island is located off the Linesville Boat Launch area off the northeast end of the lake.

Water rescue dogs, scuba divers, area volunteer firemen, Fish and Boat Commission officers and Pymatuning State Park officials are searching the area.

The search for the two men began Tuesday morning after the pair failed to show up for work.

Grew Up Near There
Was born and raised in Greenville, about 7 miles from the lake. Used to rent canoes & paddle around the lake when I was a kid & feed the carp at the hatchery. Nice lake. Haven’t been there in 25 years. The paddlers who (presumably) drowned were probably not wearing PFDs and based on the ages alcohol was likely involved too. Sorry, I don’t mean to stereotype…

Really?!? My wife’s family were in
Greenville for generations. (Hildebrandt, Keelen, Bost) I once canoed the Shenango from the reservoir down to Greenville.

thats a dumb thing to say…
Why would you state that about drinking? I know plenty of 20 something year olds that are waaaaaaaaayyyy smarter then many 40 year olds. Assuming they were not wearing their pdfs is one thinking calling “most” young ppl drunks is another.

No reason
to speculate, debate, or argue with so little known.


You’re quite right Jim
No need to speculate on causes. It’s just a bummer that these young guys (presumably) died. This is a tragedy of the first magnitude for their families and friends. …their lives cut short, such a shame… so sad. – Randall

I was born in Greenville in '53 & left in '72 after a year at nearby Grove City College. Majored in Electrical Engineering…took about a year to figure out that wasn’t my calling. My dad worked at Werner Ladder for years. A lot of jobs in the area went away after the steel industry “died”.

I never paddled the Shenango but tubed parts of it from time to time until I figured out there were more elegant ways to manually propel oneself on water. Back before they built the reservoir in the 60’s, sometimes the east side and west side of town would become isolated from each other ‘cause the Shenango would flood downtown 3’ deep. The reservoir helped somewhat.

Looks like I pissed off some of the younger generation with my 20-something comment. Wasn’t intending to insult anyone’s intelligence, but if one paddles many of the more popular rivers it’s obvious that a lot of the people who are there simply to party & be D&D fit the profile. I’ll admit it was inappropriate for me to assume that alcohol was involved in this case and for that I’ll apologize.

here we go again
This entire thread – like every other they’e dead and I’m not posts – is so unnecessary and disrespectful.

Perhaps Paddlejunky could do us all a favor and delete it.

get the facts first
"Two Meadville men thought missing in lake

JAMESTOWN — Two Meadville men, Jay Raubenstrauch, 22, and Richard Kinnan, 21, are missing and presumed dead in the waters of Pymatuning Lake.

The search started Tuesday morning after their 12-foot aluminum boat was found capsized.

“The night that they were out, there was actually 30 plus mile an hour winds and gusting up to 40 knots,” said Jamestown Fire Chief David Jones. He said waves would have been 3 to 4 feet.

Divers are conducting a recovery and not a rescue, Jones said. Visibility improved from about 3 inches to 1 foot, but as of Wednesday afternoon they had not found the men."

Clearly alcohol or not… the weather wasn’t great. It could have happened to anyone. One of the men is from my hometown. He’s only a few years younger than me, and I’ve only ever known him to be a great person. It could be your child or brother and I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone to assume he was drunk.

Was there today
I went paddling today at Pymatuning. It was picture perfect, not a cloud to be seen and near glass calm, about 60 F. I didn’t know if the search was still going on, but my route eventually would pass through the area mentioned in the articles. As I rounded a point of land and approached the Linesville docks and beach, I saw lots of activity, rescue boats, divers, emergency vehicles, probably over a hundred personnel. Obviously the search was ongoing. I paddled wide around the area and stopped to talk to one of the outer edge searchers. He said because all the surrounding departments are volunteer, today was by far the biggest effort. He did say the boaters were in a boat, not a canoe as one account had it. He complimented me on having all the equipment, including wearing a drysuit. I told him I would keep an eye out as I skirted the shore and continued by trip. Very sad scene on a beautiful day.

How does this belong in
Advice Suggestions and General Help g2d? Given up on being the hall monitor for a while?

They found them
They found both bodies yesterday (Saturday) about 1:30 PM. Close to each other, in shallow water, around the stump fields. They were apparently in a jon boat, not a canoe.

The weather was TERRIBLE that day for boating, way windy.

We were talking about it yesterday on Shenago Lake, about what a wonderful day yesterday was on the water, compared to a few days ago.

You gotta feel for the two boys’ families.

get the facts ???
Here are the facts:

  • Someone drowns.

  • A p-netter posts a link to the story on this forum, usually accompanied by a “tsk-tsk” comment when a but-for-the-grace-of-god comment would be more appropriate.

  • The Monday-morning quarterbacks (MMQs) then weigh in, all of them essentially repeating the p-net mantra: the person who drowned did something stupid but it won’t – and can’t – happen to them because they’re not stupid; which they also know to be pure b.s.

  • Then, after posting their comments, the MMQs all feel better thinking they have somehow contributed to the creation of a better world, when in reality NOTHING has changed and they have not saved any lives because people are going to continue to take chances so long as they are within their individual comfort zones.

  • Such tragic deaths will continue to happen and families will continue to bury the bodies of their drowned kin (as mine did to my 19-year-old nephew on Tuesday) while the p-netters cluck-cluck and pompously strut about and lecture anyone who chooses to read their drivel by saying: “If they had listened to me (or behaved like me) they wouldn’t be dead.”

    I find it truly unfortunate that we, as a group, need to take comfort in the death of others to enable us to deal with whatever guilt and doubts we have about paddling in less than optimal conditions.

    So I say, let’s leave the families to mourn in peace and find a better way to deal with our own insecurities than by engaging in these p-net cluck-cluck sessions.

    Once again, PaddleJunky, please do the right thing and delete this post.

    Thank you.

Very Sorry

Very sorry for your family’s loss. We’ve got several nieces and nephews around that age and it would tear us up to lose any of them, but I can’t fully imagine it.

Peace to you and yours.

I think this thread is quite appropriate
But I am ready to catch your screwups whenever they occur.


I hope that wasn’t directed at me. I said I feel for the families, and placed no blame on anybody.

I mentioned it was a windy day, but also that I was out in it too (although on a different lake), so it’s hardly putting myself above them.

Maybe it’s just where it fell in the thread, but it feels like I’m being included, which is far from the case.

My Brother Jay
I found this site by typing in my deceased brothers name in a Yahoo search due to wanting to piece together what has happened to my family throughout the past week. What a disappointment to read the first thing that comes up as being an assumption that my brother and his friend were drunk. To that poster - please get your facts before assuming you know something that you clearly know nothing about. And then posting it! After standing on the shoreline for 5 straight days while watching many caring, wonderful volunteers try to find my younger brother you have a lot of guts to stand on your soap box. Where were you watching this unfold? From your bar stool? I watched my brother and his friend get pulled from the water and now have the opportunity to read people jumping to a very untrue and unfounded assumption. Place yourself in my family’s shoes. You really need to get a life if you have nothing better to do than to start false rumors.

My brother and his friend were avid fisherman and loved the outdoors. Come to his funeral on Wednesday and find out just how much they did love the outdoors! The water was 38 degrees. Yes, life vests are very important but when you are in 40 degree weather you have do not chance (15 minutes tops). Alcohol was not a factor. They were wonderful people who loved to fish. Do everyone a favor and remove you untrue post. And next time your post something remember the people that you may be offending.

If you want to post something write about the volunteers that assisted the families with this tragedy. They are the people that deserve recognition -not you posting untrue facts. If you had the guts to even be around there on Saturday while they were conducting a massive search they have a name for people like you sightseers. And that my friend is even more disrespectful than what you posted. Let’s just hope a tragedy such as this never happens to your family.

Your families are in my prayers.

That’s garbage

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I remember a thread a few months ago that recounted an accident, and you came in with your usual "Is this advice......" comment, and you had an exchange of several posts with someone, maintaining all the time that the thread on the accident did not belong in Advice. Though since this thread took place near your hometown it's different, isn't it? How hypocritical.

Hell, it turns out they weren't even in a paddle craft afterall. Definitely not topical to this board.

I’m very sorry to hear about your nephew.