Q-boat and smaller paddlers


I am interested in picking up a Valley Q-boat. I like the low rear deck and greenland lines (will be used with a greenland paddle) and its rolling capabilities. All of this is hearsay. So before you flame me, I live in Colorado and testing out boats is not all that easy. So the questions are:

  1. Has anybody light and small (I am 135 # and 5ft 6 inches and have relatively big legs) paddled this and how does it feel?

    Valley says its for a 200# paddler which concerns me

  2. How do I get one on the cheap (last years model or used)?

    thanks a bunch.


I am 6-1 and 170 with Q
I will email you a dimensional comparison table of Q to other Valley boats and P&H Capella I have compiled. You may have paddled one of the others and can interpolate some what. I can also make further measurements and pictures on request.

Consider the Anas Acuta

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I rather think you should check out an Anas Acuta. It seems to work fine for folks up to 180# and the Q is for folk for whom the AA is too small. If Greenland stuff is your interest, the the ocean cockpit of the AA will be a plus as well.

I agree about the AA
I have paddled both boats and I am 6 foot 195lbs. and IMO the Q-boat would be way to big for you. The Q-boat is built along the lines of the AA, and was built for larger paddlers. Also since the AA has been around for awhile you may be able to pick up a used one on the cheap!

can’t do ocean cockpits
I have a knee problem and played in other ocean cockpits to see if I would like em (pintail).

So the Q boat is the only real choice in the valley lineup. I heard of a 5 ft 1 inch female liking the boat and easily rolling it (pintail was her main stead).

Any thoughts or recommendations?




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keyhole cockpit is optional.

Strike that. I thought that OC was standard and KC was optional. ValleySeaKayaks.com lists KC being standard. Strange...

AA in keyhole
The Anas Acuta is only available with a Ocean cockpit

Bummer about the OC

Does it have to be Valley?
Not that they don’t make nice boats, but I am 5’4" and 135 pounds and can generally have more options for a decent fit (especially cockpit size and thigh braces) in some other manufacturers. If it must be Valley, I think the best you can come is an Avocet, but it still isn’t quite there in terms of volume or a speed boat.

At your size, one of the options that you might find very nice, and from a manufacturer that tends to be available in a lot of geography, would be the Impex Force 3.

Doesn’t have to be valley
I am not sure about the force 3 since it lacks rocker and is not within my plans … my plan is to get two boats … one a short surf playing boat … and one a long day/ 4-5 night outing boat. Right now I can go for either one since my stable consists of only one boat that I am trying to sell. The impex seems to be in between (good if I just wanted one boat). Lost and confused. Your help is much appreciated.

So is the Q boat completely ruled out??


p.s> Now if I could only get a NDK cheetah/leopard/tiger skin romany LV … life would be simple again :slight_smile:

That Helps
Can’t spend a lot of time right now, but if you are looking for two boats of different personalities and looking to start out with either that actually makes it easier.

For what it’s is worth, I have an NDK Explorer LV (these are showing up used by now) for the expedition boat and a P&H Vela for shorter hauls. I also fit the Foster Silhouette well, more of a smaller volume but tracking and fast expedition boat, and this boat shows up used a good bit.

P&H has promised a Capella 160 for this season, which might end up being the small person’s boat that the 161 didn’t quite hit. So far these boats haven’t rung my bells, but maybe…

You are right - the Romany LV would be a hoot - but my husband has a regular Romany and it does its duty fine for me because of the aggressive keyhole. At two inches taller, you might do well with one of them for the fun boat.

The Tempests seem to make just about everyone happy for an expedition boat (as long as you use drybags), and the 165 should accomodate you.

Likely some other ideas out there too - will post them upon thinking of it.

chime in
Granted I am a bit suspect as I have a skin on frame and do a lot of rolling, but I just balanced braced the tempest 165 the first time I tried. It rolls very easily, has great combination of rocker and tracking, and is a hoot in waves and chop.

If I can balance brace it without a paddle, I KNOW I will be able to hand roll it. didn’t try yet -


Island Kayak Qaarsut
Designed after the same boat that inspired the Anas Acuta. Has keyhole cockpit and is intended for small to medium paddlers. I’m 6’, 170 pounds and probably near the top end of its intended paddler size. A woman I know who owns one is rather small and enjoys the boat greatly. It is a lively fun boat.


P&H Sirius

Take a good look at the P&H Sirius

Big legs?
Not to be rude, but how are your legs big? The reason I am asking is that one other boat occurred to me that some like for a fun boat, should be a tight fit for you and should be available inexpensively used - Impex Mystic. And/or the Gale, which is the same boat without some improvements like a better backband and Kayak Sport hatches.

The thing is, I remember this boat feeling very very tight to me some years and 8 pounds ago, before I fully understood what tight should be. So I am thinking of the big legs thing…

This one kayak
that you should definitely paddle before purchasing. I am 6’ 165 lbs. and didn’t like the way the kayak paddled. It must be designed for much more weight than mine.

hmmm …
Was a cyclist that mashed gears back in the day so got proportionally bigger legs compared to the rest of the body. Not crazy big or anything like that. Big enough that a standard romany feels like a decent fit.

Right now I am trying to find a romany LV (although when I tried the romany it fitted slightly loose but something I would only notice in rough waters) or romany.

I would rather have a greenland hardchine boat first but it looks like I cant find anything used.

Mystic looks too small (14 ft) … so the gale.

Have you heard of the Island kayak mentioned above?

Greenland + hard chine + inexpensive
If those are what you most want, consider building a wood kayak. Lots of plans and kits out there to choose from.

From your posts, it sounds like you are either a student or teacher, so you have some nice large blocks of time off to work on such a project.

Just read up on it first. There are LOTS of mistakes that can be made and if you study other people’s posts you can avoid some of them.

You could use a 16 footer (Romany, Avocet) at your weight for camping.

Another idea
You should be able to camp easily in a Romany.

NDK Greenlander Pro.