Q700 in surf

Has anyone played in small or moderate surf in the Q700x? Or in tide rips? I wonder if it could be fun practice or just completely the wrong boat.


I have done it many times.
it is a lot of fun if the breakers are less than three feet.

I’ll make five out of ten times.

Just make sure when you dump to protect your head, and try to keep on the up current side of the yak as you retrieve it.

It will knock the heck out of you as the next breaker slams it into you.

Experiment. You’ll enjoy it.



if it’s the boat you got
then it’s the right boat. If it’s the wrong boat you shouldn’t be there anyway.


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If you have the rudder, deploy it, or half way deploy it, so it wont dig in if you get "Roto-tilled" thats if you have the sealine rudder that sticks up when not deployed.

This one is fun …

Thanks Mark for using my stuff.

I played in the surf next to a Q700
on Lake Michigan. I can’t comment on its performance but the Q700 paddler got much wetter than I did in an Aquanaut.

Oops, I almost forgot that.
Good point!

I never keep my rudder down when I am in the surf.

All that it will do is screw you up!

It’s all body control.



Seems to be a good boat for a swimmer!

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:) :) :) :).

Notice the paddle works great.

shore break
I take my 700 in and out of the shore break. Not because I enjoy it but because I am a sheep, “they go, I go”. I am a rudder down guy. For me it does great riding the unbroken waves. If I want to ride across the wave face, I have to lean out and pivot on my paddle to get the boat around, otherwise it would prefer to continue turning up.

Where the 700 REALLY shines in on wind waves. There it is awesome. Long linked rides, bow buried, great stuff.

I love my boat.


Why not just roll up??

Fastest ocean paddlers in the world
do pretty well with rudders in surf. Oscar comes to mind…

Poor guy looks like he swam about
six times :frowning:

I remember those days, I just wanted to catch a ride!!!

IF You Are a Good Swimmer…
If you are a good swimmer, the boat doesn’t really matter…

You know that is sooooo
true cuda, in fact some might say, and I know this is crazy, the boat is actually a hinderance to swimming.

I just thought i’d get it out there in the open.

bow buried?

Why is ‘bow buried’ good?

Speaking for Franklin … I think …
Franklin is talking about the rush of going fast while right on the edge stuffing the bow. Spray flying and that cool hissing sound as the boat just gets smoother the faster you go. This is also a point where some boats sink or swim.

Similar feeling sailing catamarans of any size.

If you are asking me…
I am not interested in rolling.

It doesn’t turn me on the least.

Besides here on the east coast, even if you are a roller, the breakers break in such shallow water that you would more than likely be beached before you could get half way back up.



Right, I know that feeling…
just before I pitch pole !!!



rudders and surf
don’t mix.

After braking several ones I knew that if I wanted to surf in my sea kayak I had to get a better kayak.

My surfing has improved out of sight once I got a skeg kayak where you have to use technique to be able to stay on the wave.

Since I’m pretty big the only kayak that I really could be comfortable in and surf is the Impex Assateague. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkkO2B5RMnU

Needless to say that I sold my ruddered kayaks.

While the ruddered ones were way easier to paddle there were terrible in teaching me proper kayaking.

And once the rudder is stuffed I was totally handicapped: I did not know how to handle a kayak.

Ah, one last thing: most decent ruddered kayaks are definitely faster then a skegged ones. But who is counting.

I am out kayaking to have fun.


qcc in the surf
at 4:10 into the video this paddler goes submarine instantly with what seems like a pretty small wave behind him. Cripes. It’s like he’s got two hundred pounds in the front hatch! :slight_smile: No way could I get the bow to dive like that in my Mariner. Still, the boat looks fast. Until he dives into the walls of water. Then not so fast. :slight_smile:

Fun to watch the video. I wonder how the camera was attached to the boat to get the behind the shoulder view? Camera appears to be like 4 feet off the rear deck. Seemed to stay there pretty good. Captures the feel of the surf better than when mounted on the front deck.