QCC-700 Vs Pungo?

Just figured i would bring it up, as it seems lately the Q-ships have been compared to everything else. L

pungo better…
pungo better…

for storing emergency water in the event of a hurricane.

Pungo better…
on the 'ole pocketbook!

Pungo better…
on the 'ole pocketbook!

Easier to stand up in a Pungo
Much better for rescue if you can stand up and wave…

Definitely the Pungo
You can’t get the QCC in camo. The camo Pungo will be the boat of choice this year at the Raystown Ben Hur challenge.

How true

Does QCC have a gray thing?

Pungo makes…
a better dog or ugly child’s name. QCC-700 might work for a pet robot.

One’s for paddling … goes in the …
… the water … the other goes in your ear … Oh, you said q-SHIP … er, well, in that case go for the Pungo …

More fun to say Pungo

Pungo, PunGO, PUNGO! heh heh


The Pungo is a much…
Prettier kayak…

My QCC’s are OLIVE & TAN… aka CAMO colors.

That’s only if Angelina Jolie is paddling it.

in all seriousness… Pungo NM

Pungo better
it doesnt make people feel better than everyone else.

"My other boat is a Pungo"

Credit to Topher


And QCC Has a “Q” in it.
What a crappy, unnecessary letter.

Now that is a fine looking vehicle.

Yeah Pam140
I know paddling a Pungo across lake Jocassee I wouldn’t feel very good afterwards. I would undoubtedly feel much better doing that in my QCC.