QCC 700XL kayak replacement hatch gaskets?

Anyone know where I can get a replacement hatch gasket for a 2007 QCC 700XL kayak?

Try Current Designs they bought QCC out. Ask for Susan.

Post a picture of hatch seal.

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Thanks PD52, already Contacted Current Designs will wait till Monday to call, but do not see the gasket on their website. Already removed the old black gasket, 3/4" wide and 1/8" thick (compressed from storage).

Picture is best someone here may have it in another brand kayak or recommend something else to work.

Got it PD52, here is a pic. of old gasket laying on side of hatch cover where it used to be.

I think they sell 1/8" minicell with adhesive back. Surprised it’s like an interference fit. Hopefully CD can tell you what it is even if they don’t have it. If Susan doesn’t know guys in shop probably will.

Okay, thanks PD52, QCC describes it as a compression fitting, it is a watertight seal, in fact I can hear air whistling out of the bulkhead valve when I seat the hatch.

Will not leave the hatches on all the time with the new gasket, that did not help along with Florida heat!

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Maybe shoot off an email to https://topkayaker.com/ they have lots of parts and knowledge to go with it.

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Will do, thanks raosborne.

Topkayaker has a QCC hatch cover for sale (but they do not know it, listed as unknown brand), and it has the same gasket, so they will know exactly what I need.


Sandman1221 - Please let us know if you find a suitable replacement seal. The seals are still intact on my 2010 600X, but it’s starting to come loose on my bow hatch so I could use a replacement too. Thanks!

Will do Wolf, hopefully will find it Monday.

might try this

Amazon.com: High Density Foam Tape Waterproof Sealing Strip CR Strips Neoprene Single-Sided Adhesive EVA Seal 1in X 1/8in X 16.7Ft : Industrial & Scientific

The issue with this seal is that it’s like pressing a rubber stopper into a bottle where the rubber sealing surface slides down the glass opening in the bottle. The surface of the rubber has to be slippery enough to go into the bottle. So, for the hatch seal, the surface of the rubber/foam/etc. also has to be slippery enough so that the action of pressing the hatch down doesn’t just peal the self stick side of the foam off.

castoff thanks!, that looks like the same material. I always thought the original gasket was neoprene, and so is the foam tape in your link. The only issue is I need 3/4" wide, 1" wide will get onto a curved part on the top inside of the hatch and make it too tight, found exactly the right dimensions on Amazon, Sponge Neoprene Stripping W/Adhesive 3/4in Wide X 1/8in Thick X 50ft Long from the Gravitation Online store.
How did you copy the link from Amazon?

Wolf, I agree and from what I remember the original gasket had a micro waffle pattern surface on the neoprene, in order to get my hatches on easily I sprayed the kayak hatch recess with silicone spray.

I just highlighted the address line at the top of the browser and copied it.

okay, thanks, but when I use the Amazon app. there is no link to copy.

Share symbol usually on page.

Look to right side by guys chin. Three small circles two lines connecting dots.

If you already bought it hit the picture the link to share will come up.

Got it PD52, thanks! On a Mac there is just the word “share” followed by some symbols for gmail etcetera.

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