QCC Q700X Hatches

I’m considering purchasing a Q700X for myself and a Q600X for my wife. I note on some of the reviews I’ve seen that there has been somewhat of a problem with the hatches leaking. Does anyone here own either of these kayaks, and if so have they experienced problems with this or any thing else in particular?

they leak
i have one that’s about 1.5 years old, and the hatches leak. plain and simple. they claim to have a new gasket, which they were supposed to have sent me but didn’t. maybe that would make it better. i duct tape over the edges of mine before going out in stuff where i think i’ll get a lot of water over the hatches- this works as long as you don’t care much about esthetics. i wish they would use vcp hatches instead.


Leaking hatches
I also have a QCC700 that has leaky hatches. More so the rear hatch. If QCC has come up with a gasket revision that works I’d call them and order it tomorrow. If not, I’ll try the duct tape.

Would neoprene covers fit under the hatch cover?

I can’t say for the newer ones…
…since they changed the hatches. Mine are the original pedestal design.

My rear hatch leaked quite a bit before I modified my skeg. As a side benefit that job sealed up the main leak source. Now I can clear the water accumulated after an hour rolling session with on or two sponge squeezes. About same up front.

I suspect I’d get even less if I vented the bulkheads.

RE: Duct tape - Might try to tape plastic over the opening BEFORE putting the hatch on. More protected there - AND out of sight. Would be cool to rig a NEO version of same. Have to think about that a bit…

Mine leak…and I am
on my second hatch cover.

My front hatch cover took in about a quart of water in the 13 mile Bogey race last Feb.

I couldn’t believe it when I held it up and watched the water drain out.

Have had my plastic Eclipse for eleven years and the hatches never leaked a drop.




I though you…
… just did that for “racing trim”!!! :wink:

I had only had a couple ounces. Same Friday afternoon before when it was rougher and I was playing. You make me glad I have the old hatches! My boat is now so unlike current production 700s I should call it a special edition and get new decals for it!

Only a few drops
of water get inside my QCC700 after my usual gentle paddle trips. I don’t sweat that at all. But then again, I am not anal about such trivial things. Also, I am not surfing my QCC or rolling it. The one time I did go upside down, there was no water there. Maybe JackL got a lemon.

Less water after venting bulkheads
It was suggested by an experienced paddler that the large hatch covers might have the effect of “pumping” water when the boat is rolled over or hit by waves. After venting the bulkheads, the front hatch of my 600 stays dry and only a cup or so of water gets in the rear after lots of rolling & rescue practice. The large hatches are very convenient, and I guess that’s part of the price you pay. On many boats, you pay the price, but don’t get large hatches. My Tempest 165 takes on more water than the QCC for instance. Both are great boats, and these are minor complaints.

No waves over the deck and no rolls?
You probably get that little bit of water in when you hose it off! L

Thanks for confirming that
Still need to vent mine. Maybe if I ever get around to polishing it again…

how you vent a bulkhead? Is this where you put a small pin hole on upper portion of bulkhead?

My husband did it on our boats - Explorer LV and Aquanaut. Not only are the bulkheads still bone-dry, I don’t have to run out to the parking lot every hour on a sunny day when I have the boat on top to lift the hatch covers and vent the bulkhead. (Even with a neoprene cockpit cover.)

So Far No
evidence of excessive water in our new QCC600 or QCC700. We have mostly used our boats in flat water so far so I cant say we have had much of an opportunity to ship water into the fore and aft compartments.

We have more recently used the boats for rescue practice which did have the boats over and the cockpits filled with water. The 700 had about two cups of water in it when we got home. I guess Im just not going to worry over that amount.

We did purchase the option of compass’ with both boats and have not had the second forward hatches on during a capsize yet.

I did note that on one boat a second gasket, (sticky back rubber stripping had come loose.)

Anyway, we are happy with the ability of the hatches to stay semi-dry so far.

This post has got me thinking though about a vent for the two compartments. With the summer heat I am sure that as the air heats up that it will expand and change the characteristics of how the hatches perform. I wonder what the possibilities of a mini check valve used as a vent would be, rather than just a hole?


waves over the deck quite often
Greyhawk and I paddled last sunday on Blackwater. Nice day and the wind was low but on the return we paddled into the wind and I had a few waves over the bow an the way back. There was no water inside. Repeated dunks I don’t think, would have made any difference.

Mine Leak
but less than a cup. Always have. when first delivered, the rear hatch leaked like a sieve. Phil shot me out a whole new hatch with thicker gaskets within a week. Now it’s much, much better. After repeated rolls, rescue practice, etc., the most I’ll get is approximately 127.825 mL. :wink: Compression gaskets + snap closure straps are an infamous recipe for leaks. I’m with Andrew; VCP hatches would solve this once and for all. Downside is they’d add a bit of weight, and preclude the integrated compass they offer for the front hatch, plus aesthetics. I’ve vented the bulkheads as well; does make a difference, but it’s not as dramatic as on a VCP hatched boat. Funny, after doing this to my Explorer, I found I missed the Tupperware ‘WHOOSH!’ of trapped air after burping them.

Center the hole…
Because sometimes the top is the bottom!

Just a pinhole
Even a 1/32 drill bit is enough. Air moves - water doesn’t. Centered on bulkhead - or a little above center.

yea, I guess that makes sense. I will try one of the boats this evening and see how it does.