QCC Seat Replacement

For the QCC owners out there, I am curious for those who chaged their stock seats out for a new seat/backband combo. What pan seat and backband did you go with and did you notice a significant difference in comfort, control? I am not overtly opposed to the stock seat set up, but it is not as supportive as others I have had.

Appreciate your comments and opinion…Thanks

QCC Seat Replacement
I think you would have to cut out the old seat since it’s part of the cockpit combing. The seat offers little thigh support so I added a Seal Line thigh support cushion.

qcc seat
The stock seat is literally the worst kayak seat ever conceived. The pan however is surprisingly comfortable. Take the seat out. Take the velcro off with alcohol or goof off. Then order an immersion research reggie back bad. Install it as low as possible. I got the lounge back version. It is bigger. I had no leg numbness after this change. No need for thigh pillow for me. Good luck. Let me know if you have other questions.

Ryan L.

Yeah, what he said!

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I did the same thing as radiomix, almost. I immediately took out the goofy uncomfortable seat pad / seat back combo and found that the seat pan in itself is really good.

I added a Snapdragon backband from another boat, and it bolts into existing holes fine. For a little padding, I used 3M spray stick to put a piece of a ridge rest pad on the seat pan, not bothering to remove the velcro (I wanted to try it with the pad first). I keep meaning to get under there and remove the velcro, but I guess I won't ever get around to it.

You should definitely try this before cutting out the seat pan.

The backband is this one: http://www.kayakproshop.com/SD_rigid.html

the rigid material helps it stay in position properly.

We have had a few guys switch to ours.

Supportive yet works great for rotation.

QCC Seat Replacement
Hey Ryan, thanks for the input. Do you have any kind of foam seat on the seat pan itself? Did you find the IR Lounge Back to big for the cockpit? I own the 600x and get sciatica pain after about an hour where I need to get out and take the pressure off. Hoping I might find something to help alleviate some of the discomfort.

Onno Seat
Hi Patrick, how extensive is the install on that seat of yours? Looks like cutting out the old seat to install the Onno??

Plan B
Your ONNO seat was my plan B, if the seat pan itself was not comfortable. What’s the width of the seat pan on that one, say at the level of the hips?

Same as above
I used an IR backband. I had a Banshee gel seat cushion that was great, but they went out of business and the cushion sprung a leak. I’m still looking for a good cushion. The pan only doesn’t work for me and I’ve tried several cushions.

I’ll be watching this thread for other suggestions too.

Good Luck


just backband
The seat pan seems very comfy to me. No need to cut it out. I even left the velcro on it and never notice it at all. I just put an IR backband in, which takes about 10 minutes. Two holes in the seat support have to be drilled.

snap dragon
back band w/ stock seat. I velcro a pad to the seat. I am very happy with this set up.

Snap Dragon
Does the Snap Dragon install using existing mounting holes and does it ratchet to adjust. Do these back bands adjust up and down at all or is the band height depending on mounting location. While I am at it, in everyone’s opinion, where should the back band hit you for best fit/support?


I would like to throw a thought your way
based on some experience.

I had a kevlar 700 for quite a few years, and after an initial adjustment of the back band had no problem with the comfort of the seat for the whole time I had it.

This past year I traded it in for a new carbon kevlar one, and all I did was suffer with the seat. I couldn’t go a few miles without my butt killing me.

I didn’t quite understand it, since it was the same seat, and screwed around adding padding, etc for several trips with no good results.Like you, I was all ready to try a new seat out.

Then it dawned on me that I might have the back band too far back, so I tightened it way up.

I immediately noticed that it was just as comfy as the old boat, and now, I can paddle all day long and get out of the boat with my butt feeling as good as when I got in it.

You might want to try the same thing before you jump to a new seat.

Jack L

QCC Seat
Thanks Jack,

I appreciate your insight, you are a long time QCC owner, so I will give that a shot. I did cinch it up last time out and it was better, thinking I may reposition the seat bottom as well.

Try This Search Engine

Open a container of your favorite malt beverage, sit back (but not too far back) and enter: “QCC seating” -you’re in for quite a read!

By the way, there are folks who liked the stock QCC seat\back support; Rebecca and I did not.

Experiment until you find something that works for your unique body.

Good luck.


SD band
The SD rigid plastic backband has holes every inch or so, but no ratchet. You adjust by moving the bolts to different holes. I hold the back up with bungee cord from the d-rings on the backband to the existing underdeck mounting points that held the original seat back in place. That allows it to pivot while paddling, and to be pulled up to stash stuff behind the seat. The band sits just below the coaming, which seems to be the right height to me. There was no drilling needed, but it took a few tries to settle on which holes to use.

no pad
I have always found that seating is about support not padding. I’m 6’ 2" 225 and shoe horn in to my 500. The seat pan is perfect for support. It should just hold your butt and support the top of your thighs. You back shouldn’t really touch the back band while paddling except at the top of your butt. If you don’t have a 500, yours probably doesn’t allow you to lift your knees as much, which can cause your legs to fall asleep. This can be confused with lack of padding. Thigh pillows are great but I’d you are having a hard time fitting in the seat a replacement would be needed before padding in my opinion. The onnoseat looks completely awesome and i wish i had it put on my boat when it was getting built. I don’t know why boat builders don’t embrace the large bucket seat. My oldtown otter rec seat is the most comfortable seat ever made. I ripped it out and put in a few other boats. But it won’t fit in my qcc. If you must pad you could mini cell the seat pan but I like the lower center of gravity with out it.

Hope this helped.

Ryan L.

lounge back
The lounge back may be big for the 600. The smaller version would work fine. When you install it make sure you put it around the out side of the seat posts, unlike the stock seat. It won’t cut into your kidneys that way. You will have to drill new holes. Don’t be scared. Start small and go bigger to avoid cracking. Like jack said you will need to tighten up the back. That will help.

Ryan L.

QCC Seating

Thanks for the link…library…weekend’s entertainment!

Yes, the old seat has to be popped out
I recommend paddling the boat in various conditions and finetuning the seat position before bonding it in.

Can use 3M 4200 / 5200. Seat bonds to hull or can be adapted to work with side pillars in a bolt in scenario.

Need a height to give a width.

@ 4" its about 16".