Question for GPS users

For those of you with a handheld GPS receivers…

Where is it when you paddle?

If on deck, how do you mount it?

Do you just pocket it and pull it out periodically or when needed?

I am looking for a universal suction cup device for flat water… something easily removable and without drilling holes. Naturally, I’d also tether it to an existing deck line. I have the Magellan Meridian Color and have a windshield mount for the car but it is too much for the boat.

Here’s one idea…
You can make it out of Minicel, if not waterproof put it in a bag,

I like the way some touring kayaks have bungies to hold their stuff, so I added some to each of my canoes on the thwarts. I put my reciever under the bungie.

Stick it in the cup holder
The Pungo 140 has a cup holder in front of the seat. I stick my Garmin GPSmap76S in the cup holder and wedge it in with a block of foam. Of course it is tethered as well. I can look at it from time to time. Not the best, but it is in a safe, usually dry, place and available when needed.

Mine is tethered to the d-ring in
the pocket of my pfd that seems to be designed for just such a thing, and when under way I lay it on the spray skirt in front of me. It will occasionally slide around but generally stays where I can see it. Avoids violating my clean foredeck policy.


I like this idea
I am not too familiar with minicell foam. How do you shape, cut and scoop it out to form the pocket for it? Where do you find it?

Is it closed cell foam?

GPS Mounting Options
I have purchased two types of mounts for my Meridian Marine (similar to your version). I purchased Magellan’s mount that has a removable cradle at a local marine store (West Marine as I remember). The base is designed to be mounted using up to four screws. The cradle is fully adjustable (left-right, up-down). I attached heavy duty Velcro to the base part instead of using screws and it worked well. The unit does not have a tether attachment.

I recently switched a Ram Mount unit that uses a rubber suction cup and it works fine. The cradle wraps completely around the GPS and is fully adjustable (left-right, up-down). The suction cup has a four-inch diameter and the hardware is more durable, in my opinion, than the Magellan mount. The cradle is removable from the Ram mount (ball) and the cradle has an integral ring for attaching a tether. It seems like it’s easier to detach the GPS from the Merdian cradle as it uses a push button type lock located at the top of the cradle; where as, you have to pry apart the Ram cradle at the bottom of the two sides in order to extract the GPS–not a big deal unless your wearing gloves. If you shop around you, you can find some good deals on Ram mounts.

Hope this helps.

GPS mount
I got a Voyageur waterproof bag that holds my old Garmin XL 12. It comes with a clip that I snap to my deck rigging. Then it either sits on my deck or hangs into the cockpit.

Seems to work fine, although I did accidentally puncture the clear plastic face of the Voyageur bag which sealed up easily enough with a little E-6000 adhesive. Still don’t know exactly how I poked a hole in it.

I Used JackL’s Idea

google it
I’ve seen a lot of home-made GPS holders when I ran a google search. Some are very ingeniuous.

I don’t like the suction cup idea as mine never stick (I have a suction cup compass).

As for me, I have a wrist-held GPS that is waterproof ($125 as a b’day gift) so I use my larger one in a waterproof bag clipped to the inside d-ring as a back-up.

I mount mine on
the small deck bag in front of the cockpit. Easy to read at a glance and doesn’t get too much water splashed on it.

I’ve got the mount for my Etrex Vista. Sort of looks like Greyak’s setup:

pelican box
use a small pelican box, even though my garmin is waterproof. Usually put the box under one of the front deck bungies, and then d-ring it to the bungie also just to prevent losing it. Have to be careful with this method though, in direct sunlight it’ll greenhouse the gps–I’ve had to hold it underwater for a minute or two to cool it down to the point that the screen would work again. Probably not too good for the gps…

Check this out!..
… I found a neat inexpensive device that works pretty well on a smooth surfsce. Go to the web page of

… this is a flat disk about the size of a music CD, that you slip down over a soda (?) can or bottle, and the flat part of the disk sticks to the deck like a suction cup. It holds VERY well, but is easy to remove. (No adhesive)

… I took a small plastic jar that my GPS fits into, and cut it down like an upright cradle. The “lilsucker” disk holds the mount to the deck of my kayak, and a rubber band holds the GPS in the cradle. I also attach the GPS lanyard to a deck bungie in case I drop it while fiddling with it.

Check it out! Cheap, and really works! :slight_smile:

gps mounting ???
GOOD MORNING!!! I have a garmin204[wrist mount]so this is not a problem,for me. depending on your kayak/type&whether you own a “skirt” ,you might try a small pelican box[clear]witheither some velcro or some foam to hold it visible&steady while you have fun,yet still easily accessable for you to imput new way points,hope this helps,I used to have a “geko” and that worked for me “ENJOY YOUR DAYS” SYOTW [see you on the water] phenix11

GPS mount
I use a Garmin Etrex. Garmin sells a bicycle handlebar mount that works beautifully on the thwart of my canoes.

Pelican Box
I have a Garmin GPSmap 60CS. The pelican 1030 Micro Case (check your local camera store) is a perfect fit…waterproof and clear. The case lanyard clips into one of my thward prusiks and we’re good to go!!!

Not as cheap as a zip lock bag…but then you get what you pay for :slight_smile:

I simply
put my Garmin in a small clear drybag and stuff it under the front bungies. It is always visible and protected. I am still able to change screens without removing it from the bag.

Bicycle Mounting
I’ve found the bicycle mounting brackets work very well for my Magellan MAP 330M. The link will show you the view from my seat in my Encounter. The pic was taken this past Nov. during my 3 day solo canoe/camp trip down at Assateague:

The GPS performs well and has been watertight, hence I’ve not employed an additional drybag. As you can see, I do reserve a fitted drybag for the VHF. I also travel with a handheld as well as a boat mounted compass and maps as a back-up to the GPS. Redundancy is my mantra for cold weather trips.

Clear plastic overlapping pocket sewn
to spray skirt. If no sprayskirt Geko wedges under front combing lip and does not move.