Question for the P'.N' forum members.

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Just curious where (city and state) you fish, what you fish for and out of what boat. Also what other paddling forums you post on.

I fish and charter guide in the Tampa Bay area, Florida for redfish, snook and tarpon. I paddle either an Old Town "Pack" or an Ocean Kayak "Prowler 13".

Most frequently fished locations (pre-Katrina) were Fourchon and Buras in SE La.

Fishing from a T-140 (finally) and targeting redfish mostly.

Other boards:

KaykaFishingStuff - Cajun Country Forum

Louisiana Sportsman Magazine (temporarily out of action due to Katrina)

Red Stick Fly Fishers

Louisiana Fly Fishers

whenever I can, love the musky and pike #1, smallmouth and large#2. Paddle a 138t loon set up as a solo and an old scanoe when I have a guest. Mainly PA and NY lakes and rivers

Mainly, I fish freshwater lakes and
streams close to home. Conroe is one you may have heard about. I’m about 75 miles from Galveston, but have never done much salt water fishing. I fish from a little 9.6 Necky Sky sit-in. Its sufficient, not as fast as something like the OT Loon 138, but roomy none the less. Also have a 17ft Mohawk canoe, but don’t use it much, unless fishing with my son. Other forums include:,

one of the best kayak fishing forums on the web. It rivals the west coast forums for information. for flyfishing.

I fish in the Maine Northwoods, near Caribou. Despite my name, I mostly use canoes these days. An Old Town Pack and a Penobscot 16. I use a kayak sometimes, an Old Town Loon 138. The only fish up here worth going after are Trout and Salmon. And for quite a while I believed the locals that said these were the only fish you could catch. This summer I found out that my old buddies the yellow perch and the little bluegill will fall for trout flies as well. Huh, go figure. The fall trout spawn is on and I landed a 21" brookie the other day, biggest one I’ve ever caught. My God, they are a pretty fish when they have their spawning colors on.

I don’t visit too many other fishing sites. My main one is

My response

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I fish West Galveston Bay in Texas, and occasionally take my yak the mile across the island to fish the surf in the Gulf of Mexico.

I have mostly fished from an Ocean Kayak Frenzy, but just bought and started fishing from a Pelican Apex II last weekend.

In the bay, I fish mostly for redfish, speckled trout, and flounder, catch mostly ladyfish, black drum, and sheepshead. I've actually perfected techniques for cooking these "trash fish" and am thinking of self-publishing a Trash Fish Gourmet cookbook.

On the gulf, I mostly catch sand trout, but have been fortunate enough to catch a few spanish mackerel and florida pompano (yum) twice. Once I caught and cooked a jack crevalle thinking it was a pompano - won't make that mistake again. Jerl turned me on to it and I am very grateful.

I fish
The smaller lakes around Sandpoint in Bonner County Idaho for Trout, Bass, Crappie and Bullheads. If I get up real early on a Saturday I go out to Garfield Bay on Lake Pend Oreille and fish the mouth of the bay deep, 100 feet or better for Lakers. Never caught one. Yet. :wink:

I paddle an Oldtown Osprey 140 rowing configuration. Thanks to your posts and pictures I have developed a nice little setup that is comfortable for me.

Fishing places
I fish mostly saltwater. My usual place is San Luis Pass/West Galveston Bay/Christmas Bay complex. I fish mostly out of my solo canoe, Swift Shearwater, but occasionally out of my NDK Explorer. The Explorer is mostly transport to a wade fishing area, a bit tender to fish out of, but have done it.

I chase steelhead (hence the name) in my home state of Michigan for the most part, but have also chased them in Idaho, New York, Ohio and Ontario. I have an Old Town Loon 138 that gets me downstream to the fish and then wade. Summertime i’m jigging for walleyes or bobber fishing for bluegills. Winter vacations in Florida. This will be my first year fishing the Keys in a yak and am looking forward to it.

Hi Chrystal
I fish the 10K islands and Biscayne Bay with my Wenonah Vagabond Solo canoe which I prefer for day trips. For camping trips prefer the QCC 400x kayak which is very nice for fishing/trolling.

Good to see another Galvestonian

Three Texas on this forum, now that’s
getting a bit crowed, don’t you think? Just kidding. Nice to see y’all.

I Live in the San Diego area of Southern California. I fish from a W.S. Tarpon 140. I mostly fish saltwater for the 3 B’s (bass, bonito,& barracuda). I plan on doing more freshwater fishing in the future and will be getting a Loon 138 for doing that.


Howdy Fellas!
We should head out and do some fishing one of these weekends, or even during the week, as long as I have a few days notice I can usually wiggle out of work. Flounder season is close. Cheers.

Back home in Indiana

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I just started kayakfishing a couple months ago and have fished Raccoon Lake, Eagle Creek Reservoir and Westwood lake near Newcastle. I have a lot to learn about fishing! I paddle an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler. I also have a 16' cedar strip canoe, Peterborough Canadien model I built a few years ago.

Velocity in British Columbia
I fish mostly salmon in freshwater, though have fished salmon and bottom fish in salt water also. Have also done some trout fishing in lakes from the kayak. I live upriver from Vancouver, BC. near the humongous Fraser River. I paddle a Sun Velocity, and mainly use it to reach mid river gravel bars where I get out and wade. Have done some trolling and fished salt water drifting along jigging and also by clipping to the outer edge of a kelp bed and casting to salmon chasing bait near the surface. Have you noticed how much better a boat paddles and rides with a nice fish aboard?

Have you noticed how a nice size fish
can tow the kayak around? That’s fun.

We are new to fishing and live in New Port Richey. Today we went out and caught a red and a puffer. My wife and I have Tarpon 160’s our son has a Tarpon 140. What a great way to spend out on the water.

About 20 years ago chasing smallmouth bass became an addiction. (Specifically, stream fishing has become an addiction). Here in southern Ohio (Chillicothe area) I wade several streams, but also do floats all over the state in either my OT Penobscot 16 or OT Pathfinder, with my Perception Sierra being my primary fishing craft for smaller streams.

In most years I also carry fishing licenses in 6 other states (MI,IN,KY,PA,VA,WVA) plus Canada. My RX canoes and the Sierra are usually my primary craft, but when the water approaches class III, I usually fish out of my Dagger Bayou because it will take a neo skirt or add air bags to one of the canoes. I also do a lot of overnighters on higher class rivers (New in WV for example) in which I haul camping gear and fish out of my 12’ Hy-side raft with rowing frame.

For my annual 2-week trip to Quetico I take a kevlar Wenonah Minnesota II.

Websites I usually hang out on:

Dirty Ed

“If it ain’t flowin’ ole Ed ain’t goin”

I fish from a Loon 138 or a pair of Chacos. Sometimes when the water is cold enough I sub waders for the Chacos. Trout is about all I go for. Golden cutthroat are the prettiest trout out there.

And yes, kayakangler, perch and bluegill hit well on trout flys. I’ve removed them on the backcast sometimes not knowing that I had another of the little buggers on the line. Try a little #18 beadhead type or the same size BWO around the magic hour (about sunset.) The hungry little guys gobble 'em up. Brookies will do the same.