Quick ? About 2-Piece Paddles

Just a quick question. I’ve been renting kayaks for a bit now and while I am not ready to purchase a kayak yet (nowhere to store it), I have been thinking about buying my own 2-piece Werner CF paddle to use out there. Sometimes I’ve been allowed to use the demo one from the shop but I feel weird about using it too often and know I’ll want my own eventually anyway.

My question is this - To use it, I’d be taking it apart every usage so that I can fit it in my Civic. Is it bad to take 2-piece paddles apart that frequently? Or are they made to withstand that? Dumb question I know, just wondered if it might compromise the integrity at all.


They’re meant to be taken apart
Easier to transport and store. I just dip the ferrule in the water before assembling mine. Makes it easier to slide together.

May be an issue with salt water
Not sure about dipping the paddle ferrules if you paddle salt water, I have had some pretty tight ones and when the water dries the salt freezes up the joint.

It’s best when you get done paddling to break down the paddle and rinse the ferrule with fresh water and dry.

To take it apart and rinse the ferrule every time you use it especially around salt water. Aluminum will freeze together, CF not so much.

At our local shop every paddle is taken apart and rinsed after every use.

Can definitely rinse after each use. Thanks!

more than one function
You do realize that the main reason the paddle comes in two pieces is to allow the paddle to be feathered–right?

definitely take apart
No problem at all taking them apart. made for it.

I have been a long time Werner user, and the only issue I have had is getting and and grit in the mechanism. To avoid this, I spray inside the female end and all around the male end whenever I can. And I use my river knife as a pry to push the mechanism back out when the button gets stuck in (it still does).

Buying a decent paddle before a boat is often a good idea. Don’t worry too much about using a shop’s demo paddle a lot, so long as you buy the real paddle from them.

I’ve tried using a feathered paddle (they made me give it a fair chance a few times lol) but I really wasn’t a fan. At least if I change my mind I’ll have the paddle to do it.

you’ll figure it out
Sometime when you have to paddle into a strong wind, a light will come on and you will know why paddles are made to feather.

feather and length on some
My favorite “spoons and wings” are split paddles with a “lever-lock” mechanism, such as ONNO and Epic. Not only can you adjust the feather (or set unfeathered as I do) but can also adjust the length up to 10cm or more. I adjust the length often to deal with conditions. For example I will often decrease the length slightly in a headwind, or with a heavy load, increase in a tailwind, etc.

Greg Stamer

let him have fun
He can come back and participate in the monthly “feathered vs. unfeathered” debates this winter.

Words from Werner
We recently had a customer having a problem with a stuck ferrule and asked Werner for their advice. Here’s part of their reply:

“Any adjustable SUP paddle or kayak paddle will get harder to operate if they aren’t cared for, rinsed out with fresh water after use. Any debris from the water or on land will build up over time. It’s a very precise fit, to assure it does not wiggle, but honestly no different than any moving parts in the outdoors, debris will get in there and affect its operation if not cleaned. FYI, people will ask about solvents and again we say, just stick to water. Any WD-40 or other lubricants only attract more debris.”



Take apart and rinse with fresh water
I always do this even after lake paddles, because water with high mineral content can make the paddle pieces stick together just like sea water does. Also, definitely rinse after paddling in silty (not a typo) water or else the silt can turn to adobe and make it hard to put the paddle together again.

One time I loaned a paddle to someone who did not take the sections apart after using it in salt water; he just let the paddle dry as is. Later, when I tried to split it for travel, it would not come apart. Someone else managed to get it apart, probably using a bench vise and lots of elbow grease.

My Werner won’t re-assemble after
some time apart. Never in salt water, never in mineral polluted water. So I’ll have to sand the male part down.

Epoxy does absorb very small amounts of water and swells to a slight extent. But I don’t know how this could explain the male part gaining in diameter or the female part closing down.

No smart remarks.

maybe because

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the wall of the shaft is what is swelling, not the diameters of the shafts overall. Same thing has happened to me with my Werner.

I was going to make a crack about mating dogs but thought better of it.

not able to insert, or latch not clickin
What do you mean that it won’t re-assemble? Can you get the male end into the female end? Not at all? Partially? Or is the latch not clicking?

Male end nowhere near enough for
latch to click. I’m sanding carefully, a bit at a time, and getting results gradually.

That’s odd
The only times I’ve had it happen were after not rinsing the paddle pieces. I mean rinsing the insides of both, not just outside.

slip fit tolerances are good. Cleanliness is necessary.

Try a hair dryer on the female.

Aqua Bound’s joints are weaker than the shafts prob made from polyolefin !

Do not stress joints.

OP Here
Thanks for the help! I picked up my Cyprus this morning!