QUICK...What color?


Research done?..check!

Test Paddle confirms research?..check!

I’m going to pick up an Impex Currituk today. Should I have other things on my mind other than aesthetics when I choose a color?

Yellow OR Red OR Sunburst (orange/red) ???

I try to steer clear bright colors like
yellow or red. I am told (by wildlife biologists and tour owner/operators with very significant expierence) that it stresses out certain wildlife…ie: bald eagles are easily startled…I dont know how much truth is to this…but I work in a reserve with millions of nesting sea birds, so I try to stick with darker colors… personal choice.

Hey, its your boat…make it what you want it to be!! Congrats :slight_smile:


I’m new to this stuff…
…but I would think color would depend on where you paddle most. In tough waters, I would go for visibility, but in calmer waters, I would go for more earthy colors. Just my two pennies…

Visbility/ Maintenance
If you are paddling in areas with a lot of fog, or a lot of power boats, you want to be seen. Easily, and from a distance, and the boat is part of the package. All of the colors you mention fit that bill.

Re deck scratches, the darker the color the more they will show up. If you think that’ll make you nuts, steer clear of anything darker than yellow or orange.

If visibility isn’t as big a concern, so the ornage or red PFD and hat would be enough, the most maintenance free surface is actually white because scratches don’t show at all.

I’d probably go with yellow, because of the visibility. In my experience it seems like the moving paddle is the most visible part of the boat (don’t stop in busy areas), then a bright-colored PFD, followed by deck color of the boat.

My own boat is blue but I got a deal…

Don’t ask me!
I have a light gray deck - selected on purpose - and love it. Cool in the sun, not as glaring as white at high noon, and hides scratches great.

I could not see looking at yellow or red all day (I had 2 yellow and on bright green boat previously). Wildlife is not the only thing it will irritate. Would you want to drive down a yellow or red highway (similar view) for hours?

I also think the color safety issue is overrated, unless you plan on needing an airborne search to locate you! At boat level, we’re all pretty invisible. More so as waves increase. I would never rely on color for avoiding collisions OR attracting help.

I also seem to get treated better by other boaters in my light gray (looks almost white in full sun) kayak that is colored like other boats than I did in kayaks that look like pool/beach toys.

I also have nearly invisible black paddles - so can’t rely on “paddle flash” to be seen either. I am not concerned - as ONLY PADDLERS are tuned in to see this effect anyway. Non-paddlers don’t see it, particularly motor boat operators who scan the area differently than low and slow paddlers.

I do have a yellow (and an orange) PFD.

My advice - get what you like, but since you said you are going to pick one up, I imagine you will be limited to stock on hand. If it’s just between yellow and orange - get what you like better!

I have a Sunburst Impex Assateague
I have an Impex Assateague in the Sunburst “orange”. I really like the color. If you want to see what this looks like on a kayak, on the water, send an e-mail to me and I will attach a pict to the reply.

IMHO, deck color does not add as much to kayak visibility as you may think, unless you are looking down at a kayak from above, especially if you are looking at it from straight ahead. Life jacket and shirt color is seen better.

Years ago I read a study of motorcycle accidents. It didn’t seem to matter what the color of a motorcycle was, compared to the accident rate. What the study showed had the most effect on accident rate was the color of the shirt or jacket the rider was wearing. The people with bright color jackets on had less accidents than the people with dark colored jackets. From the front, a motorcycle presents a small image, so the rider with a bright jacket is what will be seen.

I have noticed this with COMPOSITE kayaks too. I have a picture of me in my orange deck kayak, pointed straight at the camera. All you see is my upturned white bow,and the mango paddle shirt and PFD I have on. With a low deck kayak, the side view isn’t much different either. If you have a Poly kayak, an all brite color might make more of a difference.

All this said, enjoy your Currituck. I think Impex makes a nice kayak. I really like their Sunburst with yellow trim, and a white hull.

Happy Paddling!

Go for racing green
I think that the thread is missing the impact of boat colour on boat speed, performance and stability.

Maine Island Kayak made a research on the issued and the results are pretty conclusive. Read an excerpt:

“Yellow Kayak: Nigel Dennis has told us that “Yellow is the heaviest colour that our boats are made of”-or whatever This kayak is about the heaviest and sluggish of all of the boats on the market. It is the hardest to lift on and off roof bars; it takes extra strength to get up to speed, and tends to sink itself through waves. This boat has been the one attributed to the most amount of paddling related hernia injuries. Athletes use it when training for races to increase their strength and endurance.”




If you are going to be doing a lot…
of off shore paddling or any other place where you could possibly get lost and have a search party out looking for you get yellow.



Congratulations on your Impex!
My Mystic is orange/red and I find the colors cheerful. Regardless, you’re going to love the way your Currituk handles!

light Seattle grey, my favorite
If i need visibility then I can wear a flourescent orange hunting cap or highway safety vest. It stands out better than a yellow kayak.

Also Grey
It’s easy on the eyes.

I go with bright colors on the pfd and shirt. I don’t have to look at 'em all day.

your Impex kayaks
good day, eh? i have the Ass as well in the sunburst. awesome looking boat. just as an FYI i have taken off the carry handles, poured epoxy into the ends, drilled holes and attached toggles. i feel that this is a substantial improvement over the handles for all potential uses, including carrying, in water rescues, cartopping tie downs, beach hauls, etc. it even enhances the profile of this striking kayak. i have not decided yet if i will do anything about the recess in the deck where the handles were set down. cheers.

RustyDuck Just Got The Sunbrust
I was paddling with RustyDuck on Saturday. He just got that exact boat in Sunbrust…


Ass in sunburst?
I dont know… but when I read that I think it would be painful to sit down for a while…



Not sunburst

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It's waaay overdone. :)
Yellow or lime green.

On this board…

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asking color is akin to asking skeg or rudder....

But what the heck... We have 'Traffic Yellow' decks for visibility. (We also have orange PFDs, red and yellow hats, and reflective tape on our paddles.)

From our own observation, from photos taken, and from the word of others on the water, our kayaks are notably more visible in haze and fog than many others of nuetral, blue, white or dark color.

We have frequently paddled by Bald Eagles and Osprey with neither seeming to take particular notice nor being disturbed about the color of our boats.

Color? Which Is Cheaper? :slight_smile:
I’ll take the ugly one they can’t sell.